December 17th – Escape to The Country

1999: Up at 5.30, dry and wide awake.  Settled Po and buzzing bee in mummy‚Äôs bed and then went for juice, which I drank in her bed.  Up an hour later for Sesame Street and milk and mum followed 30 minutes later.  Deedons today but no playschool as it has closed for Christmas and no parties today.  When mum came to collect me she found me, the kids and two dogs shut in the lounge.  Deedons was having furniture delivered.  It was a free for all to find coat, shoes and bag amongst the pile on the hall floor.  We did it though and ran out to the car so we could follow the lorry as it left.  We had to take the hire car back to Chelmsford and when we got there Al was there to bring us back home.  That was a lucky coincidence.  I had a can of fizz to drink on the way home and once there we had pasta and milk.  Mummy and I sat and watched Tubbies and then ran out to see Father Christmas on his sleigh.  Very tired and soon fell asleep with promises that when I wake up in the morning my toenails and fingernails will be shorter (I hate having them done).  NO, not my hair next – please.

2019: Zof loves the house idea. Mark is considering it. Have been avidly looking on Rightmove today and sharing ideas.  Exciting times ahead.  Now just to sell  mum and Marks place and then go see the places for real. And mum has applied for Escape to The Country to help with the search! Would love to live in the country, provided there is a school close by as will be able to start our family sooner if this all goes ahead.

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