October 16th – Helicopters and Cars

1999:  Up bright and early – at least grandparents are more accommodating at this time of day.  Played with Pa in his workshop and was very reluctantly dragged away and returned home by Pa at 11.00a.m.  I was sulking so put my sulky face on to greet mum and refused to get out of the car once home.  Was eventually humoured by mum and let her lift me out but went straight to Pa when we got in.  That will teach her to leave me and then drag me away from my fun with Pa just because she’s home.  Mummy and I played in the garden and we made a helicopter out of my car, 2 pieces of wood and some masking tape.  Blue Peter eat your heart out!  Mum decided to cook Lasagne for tea which was great for me. I seized my moment whilst she was distracted and took the clothes horses up the stairs and got stuck.  I cried for help and was rescued by a very disgruntled mother – well how was I supposed to know the white sauce was at the point of thickening?!  Then we had to jump into the car and rush to Nanny and Pa’s and borrow a Lasagne dish!  As organised as ever. Eventually it was all sorted and whilst we were waiting for it to cook mummy and I flew to the moon and back a couple of times.  We had tea at nine o’clock!  Buy it from the shop, ready made, in future mum.

2019: Facetimed mum today to inform her someone had bashed into my car this morning in the car park. They had left a note on my car but left the wrong number. Not happy. Mum tried to reassure me that this probably wasn’t done on purpose, they had probably just got two of the numbers back to front. I later found out he had written the number down fine, Zof had got the numbers mixed up when she stored it in my phone! Now contacted him, very nice chap and going through insurance.

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