August 11th – Motorbike Freedom

1999:  We headed for the shops again today.  Mother Care first stop – to get the buggy temporarily repaired as for a full fixture they wanted 25 quid!  I thought it was great fun in there though, mum lost me several times, as I wandered around with my own little trolley looking at toys and wetting myself.  Once she caught up with me I was dragged out by a rather unhappy mummy.  Well how does she think I feel being dragged out from this paradise?  And what for?  To go to bloomin’ B & Q again, that’s what.  She’s changed her mind (again) overnight for the colour of the bathroom.   We had to stop mid shop, run outside and look around for some sort of legendry lunar eclipse. I don’t know what all the excitement was about – it just looked a bit dark to me.  Still, at least I got a break from the shop.  Back at home we  started dismantling the bathroom.  I was a bit worried when mum started taking the cabinet down off the wall.  I held her leg, whilst she stood on the chair, and said “mind head mummy”.  She said she would, but as soon as I let go of her leg the cabinet fell on her head!  Dev came round this afternoon on his bike, but we had to walk over to the park where I proceeded to wee myself twice (well if she’d only let me go on the bike……).

2019:  You’d think from my diaries I would have grown up to hate shopping but I actually love it. Especially clothes and shoes. No shopping today though as anxiety and low mood keeps me in. I loved motorbikes from a young age and would love to have a bike again now as that used to get me away from my low mood and let me feel free and turn my anxiety adrenaline into excitement

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