August 14th – Getting out and About

1999:  I now have the knack of creeping into mum’s bed.  She kept on waking up and finding me next to her – no matter how many times she put me back in my own bed.  The bathrooms looking a bit better now, it appears to have had another darker coat.  Those elves have been busy lately.  We went to see mum’s friends Rita and Martin today and I had great fun playing on the rope swing with their kids Gareth and Ceryn. I had a chat to Dandell on the phone this afternoon which had me laughing, giggling and saying “again, again”.  Then Aunty Eesa came on the phone and told mum Dandell had been burping down the phone.  What else do they expect a 4 1/2 and 2 1/2 year old to talk about?  The country’s economy? We went to Donals for our tea and then called round to see Dev (mum went to see him, I went to see his bike) and then on to Aunty Eesa’s.  Dandell and Dessica were in bed so I had to play quietly (ha, ha) until I went to bed in Aunty Eesa’s bed at nine.  My latest catch phrases are: “what happened mummy?”, “Dear dear” and “I don’t know mummy, I don’t know”.  This kinda says a lot about what my mum gets up to. 

2019:  Mum has managed to sort out her Sainsburys credit card which means I can pay my phone and car insurance for this month and take over the payments of it. I went over to collect it and Mum took me to Pizza Hut for lunch. I coped fairly well with being out, although intolerant of the brats running around and jumping on seats. It felt good to be able to eat a whole pizza again. I’m mostly snacking on rubbish and cannot be arsed to cook. Mum took me to Tescos and bought lots of healthy snacks for me to munch on. Fruit, veg and humus.

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