August 15th – Play Time was so Much Fun

1999: Awoke at six to find mum next to me. She managed to contain me until 6.45 when I went in to see Dandell. Soon we were all up making bedlam, mayhem and lots of mess and noise. Mum didn’t take too well to all this and got up with the right grumps at half eight when we all went down for breakfast. We didn’t stay long – mum looked like she’d wet herself after I’d dropped a whole cup of orange over us and then I swiped Dandell for no apparent reason. (I know the reason. They always say “what did you do that for? And just coz a guy can’t speak they think it was for no reason. Well, even when I can speak I’m not gonna tell. So there!) Once home we watched videos and generally dossed with a 2 hour afternoon nap. We were awoken by the ice cream man. We ran out and got there just in time to get screwballs with sweeties. I played in the garden for a while, shouting for Emma through the fence and decided to do a wee on the grass while her and her brother looked through the spy holes. We all thought it was really funny, except for the miserable old uns of course.

2019: Back to the doctors today for a further two week sick note. I’m feeling a little better but if I go back to work tomorrow on the phones (which is my biggest anxiety) and someone starts having a go at me then I might just lose the plot and my job. This is not the best job for me but its easier on my Crohn’s than manual work and I need a steady income. Triggers: Work and money!

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