August 17th -Props in Wrong Places

1999: Mum awoke at half four to find me lying next to her and the bed and me soaking wet!  It’s not entirely my fault this time though as she’s had to buy different nappies as the shop had run out of my usual ones and all they seem to do is leak! I snuggled back into my bed with dry, clean pyjamas, and as for mummy?  Well I don’t actually know.  I got into mums bath this morning and ended up staying there for half an hour.  Nanny came round this morning, closely followed by the washing machine man (surprise, surprise).   It looks like we might actually be getting a replacement machine – at last.    Nanny took me to see Aunty June and I was on my best behaviour yet again.  In the kitchen I spied a door to the outside, I opened it but got more than I bargained for as discovered it was actually just a door propped up against the wall!  Luckily it missed me but I was in shock and cried for about 5 minutes (I like the fuss)

2019: A good motivator today – a birthday get together in Essex. Zof and I picked up Mum and Mark and we went to look at Motorhomes on the way – Mums latest pipe dream. We got back in the car and I thought we were going to watch Barking play rugby but it turned out we were watching Wales/England on TV at the party house! Fairly disappointed as was looking forward to a good throw/kick around but not surprised that mum got all the party plan information wrong. It was a good day but I went to bed early as shattered and my sociable side fluctuated

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