October 6th – Stormy Weather

1999:  Into bed with mum at 5.45 then said “come on mummy, get up!”  We had milk and tea and watched Sesame Street and then mum went up to get ready for work.  Went to Edons and Nan collected me as usual.  Bomper was in the car and I ran to give him a big hug and kiss.  It was cold this morning, but very sunny this afternoon so I was able to play in the garden for a while. Nanny gave me a packet of 12 cherry tomatoes.  I gave one to Bomper and when Nanny next looked there was only one left.  What’s wrong with that then?  I liked them and I did share.  That and the lactulose should work well – and it did – not quiet in the right place – but it worked.  When mummy arrived Pa was already home, but for once I gave him a rest and had a dance with mummy.  I didn’t eat any tea but I had been stuffing all day. 

Now: Cold today too with relentless rain battering the country. Most of Suffolk and Norfolk roads were under water and turned to rivers, making for an eventful journey to get Kiegan back home. Lots of road closures and lots of detours but we made it. Mum is now talking about stem cell treatment from umbilical cords. They apparently collect this in England at a few hospitals, one of which is Norwich. Lots of information on how to donate but not any on how to receive this yet.

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