December 16th – Now to Sell Sell Sell

1999: In to mum’s at 5,30 – soaked, but not the bed somehow!  Quick change and snuggled up to mum who woke me at gone seven with my milk.  Went to Deedons and then off to the child minders Christmas party.  Another one!  I saw Father Christmas again and today I got 48 crayons and a crayon holder.  I somehow managed to get my hand caught in a door but as I later told mummy “cold water, alright”. Mummy arrived to pick me up with presents for all the kids at Deedons and I gave them all out.  We went home via the “lights” in yet another borrowed car as mummy’s dent is being repaired.  Very tired and mischievous tonight.  Didn’t want a bath so threw a strop and ended up in bed.  When mum came back with my milk I’d changed my mind about the bath.  Had a quick one but was still in bed by 5.30 and asleep by 5.32.

2019:  Spoke to Zof about house idea and she is really up for it. Looking on rightmove and sending houses to mum every few minutes. Sen a couple of houses we really like and are within budget. Have completed mortgage calculator on line and with mums deposit we could borrow £250,000. Over 35 years this works out at between £439 and £610 a month which is less than our mortgage and half of mums and Marks current one. Now to sell their bungalow which is going back on the market on 2nd January as apparently is the busiest day for estate agents.

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