October 22nd -Think I need a Stress MOT

1999: Up at 6.30.  We went downstairs and got my milk and then snuggled up to mum until she got up at seven.  Playschool this morning and afterwards Edon took me to the Wimpy for lunch.  Had a very tiring day and fell asleep at five on the settee at home.

2019: STRESS! What an idyllic day that sounds. Today I had to nip out of work and juggle taking my car for an MOT. Rang mum “can I borrow £40 until pay day please? I need new windscreen wipers!” Also got advisories on tires and brake pads. If I had a little money …….

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September 20th – Naughty Boys Play!

1999:  Playschool today.  Had dinner at lunch time and haven’t slept all day.  Was on good form when mum collected me though.  No paintings today even though I told her this morning I would do her “just one”.  Mum asked me if I’d had a good day – I shook my head.  She asked if I’d had a horrible day – I nodded.  But no more detail followed.  What more details does she want?  She left me didn’t she?  I played in my new house and crashed down the slide into a bean bag.  I made mummy laugh with all my chatter tonight.  She says I’m so sweet and protective of her.  Well I am the man after all.  Mind you, I told her that I was a “really, really naughty person!”  Isn’t it bad enough to be told that without your mother interrogating you to find out who said it?  I’m one of the gang now though, no super grass here, luckily she didn’t resort to torture. 

2019: Still really protective of mum although she would probably say I’m bossy at times. Today hasn’t been such a ‘horrible day’ as medication is kicking in and am starting to feel a bit better. Picked Kiegan up tonight, cooked dinner and we played on x box in the flat. No slides or bean bags here – think my bum would get stuck now

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