October 31st – Halloween Birthday

1999:  We were up at 5.45, bumbled around and then got ready to go over the town.  We were delayed slightly when Al reminded mummy that the clocks went back last night and the shops wouldn’t actually be open yet.  So we bumbled around some more.  And then went shopping and I got my face painted and scared everyone on the way home. Had a couple of hours nap this afternoon so missed Nanny and Pa when they visited but they left me a Halloween mask and T shirt.  Mum and I got dressed up this evening to go to Uncle Telly’s birthday party but we couldn’t find my mask.  Mum found it eventually – behind my new house in the garden.  I took my microphone to sing happy birthday and as a birthday bonus, I got the rr’s and called him Uncle Terry.  I got to blow out the cake candles three times.  We all had a great time and we didn’t get in until 11.00!  Needless to say, it wasn’t long before I was asleep – nor mummy for that matter.

2019: No parties today but still Terrys birthday so messaged him to wish him a good one. Day off again today so time spent trying to get a loan to also do my SIA badge so I can work the doors in Norwich of a weekend. I can only get 49.9% with a guarantor! Back to the Sainsburys card then but mum needs to order another one as I misplaced her last one – in her car but she only found it once she cancelled it!

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June 22nd – Garden Sunshine

1999: Tried to get into mums bed at ten last night, but I obviously hadn’t grovelled hard enough as I was promptly returned to my own bed!   I did manage to achieve my goal at three though.  The washing machine man came round again this morning.  I took my beanbag into the kitchen and sat watching him work and then we left him to it and mum took me to Edons.  I managed to have dry pants for 4 hours at Edons today and I used the toilet.  I played in the garden tonight, coming in for tea – yum, yum cannelloni, and back out in the garden before bed. Cant waste this lovely weather

2019: A glorious today too. Saturday sunshine. Off to my cousins 18th birthday party. I spied the hot tub as soon as I got there and lasted a two whole hours before borrowing some shorts and getting in. And that’s where I spent most of the day. The birthday girl got in briefly this evening – fully clothed for some reason (guilty as charged) but she took it in good humour. Had a brilliant day with my family and my bruv and I were the last to leave just before midnight.

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