November 29th – Head and Chest and Hands and Feet

1999: I didn’t get up until 6.55 and I was soaked. Once sorted I got into bed with mum who gave me a big cuddle and then we went down for milk and tea in time for Playbus.  Playschool today, which was wicked as we got to put our hands and feet in lots of paint and make pictures.  I usually do this in the garden; I’ve never done it anywhere else before and certainly not indoors!    We had to go to Nanny’s on the way home to feed her cat as she is now away.  Which is progress, as last time they went away for five days and mum remembered to feed the cat when Nan got home and rang her to say puss was very hungry!  We had scampi chips and peas for tea, albeit a bit cold due to me pooing and weeing my pants and being diverted for a quick shower.  We rang Nanny and sang happy birthday and I went up to bed at seven.  Mum said I could have a story but I pointed out that I couldn’t open my cupboard, under my cabin bed, to choose a book as the mattress is still on the floor.  She moved it, I chose a book and then I practiced walking up and down the steps.  I can do it mum, it’s just far more fun to jump down.  After my story I had to call mum back up to tell her Po was trapped in the draw (she does get into mischief).  Mum rescued her and tucked us both in for the night.

2019: Had to leave work early today as Dom has been taken into hospital. Sustained a head injury at rugby on Sunday and has been poorly all week. 111 sent an ambulance. Turned out to be bronchitis triggered by his asthma. Mum said a similar  thing happened to me once – I got hit on the head with a seesaw and a couple of days later was really listless with a headache. Deedon rang mum who advised to get an ambulance (she was in Cambridge) but they discovered a temperature and took me to the GP who diagnosed tonsillitis. Seems a bump on the head can cause all manner of ills!

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March 19th – Perceptions on Growing Up

1999:  Mum decided she wasn’t going into work today as she is poorly.  By 8.30 we had my new paints out.  I painted with my brushes, my hands and a potato. I think we should call the doctor I think she’s delirious.  Don’t we eat potatoes?  Anyway, I got in a wonderful mess – everywhere!  It was great fun.  I played in the garden this morning and this afternoon, with a nap and The Lion King in between.  It has turned quite cold again so I had to wrap up warm. It didn’t help when I kept wetting myself though, and mum gave up this afternoon and put nappies on.  Mum was cooking mushroom chicken and rice for tea when she noticed the apples she’d bought especially for me a couple of weeks ago which are now apparently on their way out.  She must have good eyesight because I can’t see them moving.  Ah well, mum knows best (are you sure this is true for all mums?)  Mum peeled them and stewed them, and I had them with ice cream.  The ice cream was lovely!  Didn’t have much of a bath tonight, as for the second night running I decided to play the pull the plug out whilst Mum’s not looking and paddle in the bubbles trick.  Far more fun.  But there’s no more hot water so I have to go to bed with red hair (of the painted variety).

2019: I used to love mum being poorly. Not because I wanted her to be ill but just because we had more time together doing crazy stuff. And then we both had to grow up (sort of!)

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