September 9th – A Spoonful of Sugar Helps the Medicine go Downstairs

1999: All the nines this morning – not so with the time though – up at 6.30 bright and breezy.  Off to Edons.  Went to toddlers this morning and proudly told everyone I’m going to “playschool tomorrow”.  Mum collected me from the swimming pool where Hayley and Dan were having their lessons.  We had cold chicken for tea; I had my hair cut and a bath and was asleep by six on the settee

2019: Got in from the airport at 4.30am. Had a few hours sleep at mms and then off to James Paget Hospital for Barium.  Had to keep going back in for more x-ray. Not sure if bad pictures or more bad news but nothing was said. Then onto see the IBD nurse who has advised I should be in for Infliximab in the next few weeks. Meanwhile mum was at home with Zof giving a teaching session on Crohn’s, autoimmune, immunosuppressants and sepsis! Mum has also heard of stem cell treatment for Crohn’s but they need to obliterate the immune system with chemo first and then reset it with stem cells. Mums not too optimistic about this but to be honest Id be happy to do any trials if there is a hope of a cure. For more info on Crohn’s and Colitis and Infliximab go to

And when I got back to mums ……. I fell asleep on the settee with Zof. Well mum was subjecting me to the ruturn of Mary Poppins (but I will take the DVD home 😊)

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July 25th -It’s Great to Eat Again

1999:  Agal and I woke the whole household this morning with our apparently “loud” conversations.  How rude!  It’s just as well I don’t accuse mummy of this when she’s ‘natter, natter, natter’ with her friends!  We stayed for toast and milk and then we drove home.  Once there it was a case of antibiotics, wash, inhalers, teeth, pack bag and off to daddy’s.  All my cousins were there and we had great fun in the garden and the pool.  Grandma brought me home – sound asleep as usual, whereupon mummy must have transferred me to bed.

2019: Well there’s nothing like being at mums after a day of starvation and a colonoscopy. She went shopping and bought me heaps of treats yesterday, we had chinese for tea and I chilled with movies and ex box. Home today to tidy and get packing for our trip to Wales tomorrow and my mountain run for crohn’s and colitis. Have so far raised £345 on just giving and £230 at work.  Thank you every one who is supporting me. If you want to keep up to date with my run up and down Snowdon on Saturday then follow me on Instagram @ chronically_livingcd

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April 10th – Entertaining Conversations

1999:  Mum’s feeling a bit worse for wear this morning, so she lay on the settee and I let rip in the lounge. She let me have my last Easter egg for breakfast – well it is Saturday, and mine lasted longer than hers did!  I got dressed and went to play in the garden and oops! – made a mess of my pants.  I ended up in the bath, which I didn’t consider very fair as I’d only just got dressed, and needed an afternoon nap.  We had a joint dinner and lunch at 3.00 and then walked to town to buy some milk and ‘duice’.  I also got a packet of wine gums (named after me apparently) and we sat on the wall watching the boys on their skateboards.  I walked nearly all the way back but had to have a piggy back some of the way (which I thought was great fun but mum didn’t seem so keen). I played in the garden and I got extremely muddy as mum was washing all my garden toys and I was helping.  Our nicely mown grass is now a mudslide.  Yippee!  Watched Lion King again tonight – the things I have to do to keep mum amused

2019:  Mum came round for dinner tonight but I forgot that the sausages weren’t gluten free so I cooked the chops she had to pop to the shops to buy. Made the mistake of telling her my Crohn’s is really playing up (like she didn’t know anyway) and so ensued the “make sure you go to your appointment”/ “I will if I’m not working”/”Well you wont be working if your back in hospital”  conversation! My bad ………. Still. I ended it b putting Ant-Man on. Still having to entertain her.

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