August 10th – Shopping Blues

1999:  Nanny came round to help mum choose a new lounge carpet from the samples we got in Allieds.  Personally I liked the bright gold but they opted for a duller (more boring) colour.  What the heck, it will look more colourful once I get to work on it.  Off we went to Allied to order the chosen carpet then to B & Q and finally we went to Pizza Hut for a buffet lunch.  Unfortunately mummy noticed MFI just as we were leaving.  Then she had the cheek to wake me up after only five minutes kip in the car to drag me round Macro’s!  Well, we’ll see about that.  I put paid to her plans and we left after 5 minutes.  Sounds fair to me, 5 minutes kip = 5 minutes shopping. We went to Kim and Barry’s tonight and he took lots of photos of me on his new computer camera. It’s great as you can see the pictures straight away and print them but I had to keep on posing until they were happy with the shot!

2019:  And to think …. now I buy a phone dependent on the camera! At least now mum cant forget to put the film n. No shopping today. Still struggling to go out but at least Zof is home today. We have been looking at houses to buy in Norwich though but tied in to renting here until March next year

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