October 15th – Overseas

1999:  Al got my milk this morning but forgot to put to put Sesame Street on.  Mum was very pleased about this as I went back upstairs and got into bed with her for a 15 minute cuddle.   We actually didn’t have to rush this morning and I had a banana and bread and butter for brekkie which ended up as a nana hot dog!  Arrived at Edons on time and happily went off to play with Dan.  Mum didn’t even get a wave.  Apparently Nanny’s picking me up tonight which I have mixed feelings about – I’m happy to see Nanny and Pa, but where’s mum  going without me?

2019: Not seen mum for a few days now as they are in Madeira where the sun has apparently now come out. Anyhow, I headed to Heathrow (at 4am) to collect my pal who is heading back from Australia. Long day and now exhausted. Mum is doing her usual thing when she is away – sending house details of properties abroad. Todays is a bungalow in Spain.

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