November 8th – Baby Sleeps

1999  Slept right through until 8 o’clock.  In mums good books now – until mum asked me to go to the toilet 5 times but I had better things to do (even though mum says I was “messing around” – what does she know?) and ended up wetting myself.  This continued throughout most of the day at Edons.  I chose Alphabites, beans and ‘ish ‘ingers for tea and ate it all up.  Mummy and I played cake ladies, and then ice cream and sweet ladies.  I had a bath and when mum was drying me she told me she was a tired baby.  Well I put her straight – she’s “not a baby”.  She then asked me what she was then.  Surely she should know the answer at her age!  I told her anyway by saying “you little girl”.  Why she found this funny I don’t know.

2019: Oh the young days before political correctness. It would probably be cake, ice-cream and sweets persons nowadays! I have worn different hats today too but not had as much fun. Started labouring at 6 this morning, then went on to do my insurance job this afternoon and then drove Zof and her brother and sister to Coventry to see her Nan and Grandad. Now shattered. Think I will probably sleep straight through tonight and even later than  8am!

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