July 28th – Vocalising Celebrations

1999   Impressed mum as I came into her room this morning and said “can I have” but needed help with the “a drink please” bit.  Mum thought I was very clever and said it was far nicer than the “dink” I usually holler in her ear.  That’s as may be, but it’s much harder work if you ask me.  I mean, why use all those words when you can get the same result just using one?  Adults!  I’ll never understand them.  Found the camera on the lounge floor this morning and   took several photos of the telly, the carpet, the curtain, my foot etc.  Should look good when the films developed (nice surprise for mum anyhow). Went to Edons and then Nanny’s today.  The sun was shining and I played in the garden all day. Nanny gave me a new shirt from Uncle Teddy – a Southend United one!   I was very tired tonight which resulted in tantrums; largely because mummy pulled the plug out of the bath just because I slapped her!  I was back home and in bed by seven and asleep two minutes later.

2019: Long drive back from Wales to Beccles today, made worse by an hour and a half jam on the A14. Legs are pretty wobbly from yesterdays run but I’m happy I did the run and am also celebrating one year with Zof today! She has stuck by me (even holding my hand in hospital after surgery and looking after me when I was discharged at the beginning of July when we were just friends). She has inspired me, encouraged me, helped me,  filled me with confidence and let me be me. Looking forwards to many more years together.

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July 24th – Crohn’s is a Pain in the Bum

1999:  We went dimming this morning and they had a tombola there.  I chose 6 tickets and won two prizes – a football for me and a key ring for mummy.  Mum said something about Lady Luck and perhaps I could send her to her, but I reckon I’ve enough women around me as it is.  We called into Aunty Eesas and I played with Dandell and Dessica whilst mummy attempted to paint Aunty Eesa’s toe nails. Personally I think I made a better job of my own the other day!  We played in the garden this afternoon and mummy made me my very own drum kit – out of buckets and wooden spoons.  We had Shepherds pie for tea and cleared our plates. I told mum she was a “good boy” and gave her a clap.  She said she was a “good girl” and that I was a “good boy”.  I wasn’t having any of that – I wanted to be a “good girl” like mummy – much to her amusement.  I had 2 pears and an apple but wasn’t allowed any more fruit as was staying at Aunty Karens tonight and mum thought it a bit unfair.  I don’t know why; it’s only nature.  Mummy went out tonight and Karen put me to bed at half nine.  She’d kept me up longer to allow Agal to get to sleep first and her plan had worked. She put me in the bed next to Agal’s cot  and then the phone rang.  She went off to answer it and when she came back upstairs she found me lying in bed playing a mouth organ and Agal stood up in her cot dancing!  She gave up at left us to it.

2019: No drums or fun today although lots of thunder and lighting watching in the early hours. Colonoscopy at 9am and the outcome was not what I was looking for. I had 28cm of my ileum removed a year ago and, since my last colonoscopy in September, the ulceration has now increased to 10cm and also the addition of haemorrhoids. I know I’m a pain in the bum but really?! Lets hope they get me on these infusions as soon as!!! On the plus side – mums treating me to Chinese for tea (but she’s also feeding me probiotics – I hate tablets)

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July 23rd – Food Glorious Food

1999: Up for the day at five a.m.  Mum snoozed on the settee, between requests for drinks, wees and videos! Had a sleep today at Edons, which wasn’t really surprising considering my early start and all my hard playing.  Once home again tonight I played in my car and painted it again, along with myself.  Ate all my tea, “ish ingers”, Alphabites, spaghetti and crisps.  I had to have a bath afterwards due to spaghetti sauce and paint!  Mum has continued with elocution lessons today; trying to get me to say “I am” instead of “ham” and I have now progressed to “high ham”. 

2019: What Id give for fish fingers and alphabites right now. Even the High Ham sounds good. Bowel prep today so all I have is soup and laxatives. Went to mums tonight and was very Hangry so a trip ensued to Tescos for Jellies and soda. Cant wait until tomorrow when I can stuff my face!

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July 21st – Meals Al Fresco

1999:  When mummy dropped me off at Edons she realised she had forgotten my medicine but she waved me goodbye regardless!  10 minutes later Edons phone rang and after this she went to the door to find my medicine had magicked onto her doorstep.  Wow!  Edon bought Jake and me a big balloon each at Asda today and we actually managed to get them home in one piece. Mummy picked me up at five – complete with a savaloy which I’d demolished before we got home.  When we got there we had chips and pickled onions too.  Think this is mums version of a posh two course meal!  No sorry it’s going to be three – we made gingerbread men – slightly singed ones.  Mum thought I was too busy washing up to notice but I’m not daft I know what that icing stuff is all about – disguise! 

2019: Met Mum and mark at nan and Pa’s today for a BBQ with Uncle Terry, Aunty Dee and cousin  Beau.  Dee likes her BBQ burnt and I voiced to all that she’d be alright round Mums. Beau, Zof and I played footy in the garden ….. until the ball went over the fence (in my defence it is a low one). On our way home we dropped Terry at Lattitude festival for a gig and then headed home to bed.

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July 13th – Kids Have a Smashing Time

1999: We didn’t get up until 7.30 but we still managed to get out for eight.  I did well with training today (once I realised Edon was still not going to relent).  Edon managed to keep me awake all day so that mummy could spend time with me tonight but I was a bit tired.  A man came round to fix the smashed TV tonight (oops) and after this I had a bath and by 6.30 was soundo on the settee.

2019:  Jump forward 20 years – pretty much the same really – apart from I didn’t pee everywhere, I had to go to work and the TV didn’t need fixing. Our lounge window, however, is a different matter – due to a youth and a football. Fancy doing something like that? Haha

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July 11th – Empty Purses and Bank Accounts

1999:  Woke up when I heard Dandell and Dessica playing.  We all had great fun playing until the mum’s finally decided to emerge – to discover the upstairs totally trashed.  We all played outside in the sandpit and on the push bikes. Mum and I left at midday and so ensued the usual routine, the only difference being that I awoke on the settee to the sound of the ice cream man – it just doesn’t get better than that!  Only problem was mummy’s purse was empty!  Luckily mummy avoided tears by finding some pennies in our big whiskey bottle collection pot, and I chose a screwball minus the bubble gum (only because mummy would let me have it).  Once I had it I wouldn’t let go, even holding on to it whilst doing a wee on my pot – which is fairly tricky when you’re two (and even more impressively I was dry).  I ate my ice cream and the tears began when I realised the lack of ice cream man tune meant that there was also a lack of any more ice cream!  Mum tried to fob me off with ice cream from the freezer but I wasn’t having any of it.  Mummy then tried this thing called diversion and next I knew I was playing with my toy tools.  Nanny and Pa came round and mummy and Pa continued cutting down the trees and shredding them – I got to stay up until half eight watching the industry but still didn’t sleep until gone nine.

2019: Ice cream is still a weakness and mum is never going to win encouraging me to go dairy free when I love it all so much.  My white cells are probably loaded with the MAP bacteria (See June 12th for more information on this and Crohns). One thing that isn’t loaded is my bank account and I today applied for a bank loan to try and clear some debts. The bank agent text to confirm that my application had been received and I should hear in the next 24 hours. I went to Mums and Zof arranged to meet me there after work for tea. She text to ask me what it was and I informed the bank agent that it was mustardy chicken salad. Hope that doesn’t effect the loan application!

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July 5th – Teeth Work Outs

1999:  I didn’t wake up until 5.40 this morning – I’d slept right through!  I had a bath while Nanny had a shower and I was very good and told Nanny when I wanted to do a poo.  I can’t have her believing all the accidents everyone else tells her about.  We went to Edon’s and everything was fine until I ran into the wall and then I clung onto nanny in tears.  I eventually let Nan go and later mum picked me up and we had a lovely evening.  Mum said she had missed me and she certainly made up for deserting me yesterday.  We had to go  to Nanny and Pa’s for a while, to look after Uncle Teddy, who’s 29 but poorly, as Nanny had to go to the chemist to get him some medicine. Apparently some doctor has pulled out his wisdom teeth.  I thought he was supposed to pass all his wisdom on to me, but he’s not offering his teeth and I’m definitely not asking! 

2019: Funny this should be about teeth, as I was just talking to Zof about one of my childhood memories.  I was in the bath at nan’s and Pa was sitting on the top of the toilet seat reading me a story. All of a sudden he sneezed and next I knew his teeth landed in my bath and on my lap! I was horrified that this could happen with a sneeze, until he explained his false nashers to me.

2 /12 hour gym session tonight getting ready for my big run. Mum face timed from Ireland and I had a wee chat with Karen, Mark, Kate and Finley too

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