July 22nd – Chicken Bone Broth Soup for Gut Health

1999:  Woke up feeling a bit grouchy and defiant with my favourite word of the day being “no”.  It seems to wind mum up nicely even if I don’t actually manage to get my own way.  Didn’t want to go to Edons but was okay once we’d established the fact that I was staying and mum was definitely going.  After a bad start I thought it would be good to reflect on my positive points – I can count from 1 -10, am now dry and clean most days and I can feed the fish with consideration; saying “mind your head” as I tip the food in. 

2019: Late shift today and for once, I was glad to be in an inside job with air conditioning,  as it was sweltering outside and forecast to get hotter midweek. I’ll be off then anyway, sedated and having a camera up my bum! Went home via mums to collect her homemade soup ready for bowel prep tomorrow (Recipe from Mum Below). I’m so glad she invested in a soup maker, things don’t get the chance to burn in there, although I sometimes miss the singed flavours of my childhood.

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Chicken and Vegetable  Bone Broth Soup (Great for digestion, inflammation and gut health):

I make my own bone broth my putting cooked chicken carcass in slow cooker with some celery, on low, for 48 hours (or you can simmer on stove for 24 hours but check fluid levels)

To make soup simply add broth to a pan (or soup maker) and add chopped onion, carrots, sweet potato, handful of fresh basil and handful of fresh coriander, salt, pepper and paprika to taste. If cooking on stove then just cook until veggies are soft, whizz up and enjoy. (If you need completely clear soup prior to your procedure then just remove the vegetables and enjoy the liquid). Better still add them all to the broth making process and just strain the broth.