December 15th – A Housing Solution?

1999:  Deedons today and then to Playschool for another Christmas party.  I saw Father Christmas (again) and he gave me another present.  I’m sure he looked a bit different to the last one though.  Nanny came after lunch and I was very pleased to see her showing her all my playschool things.  Once in the car nanny told me we had to go home to my house as mummy was there poorly and the doctor apparently liked my package as it had cryptosporidium and so do we, but Bomper definitely doesn’t want it.  I told nanny “no home, go to your house”.  When Nanny continued on I said, “you go!”  So I won the battle and went to Nanny’s for a while.  I rang mummy and told her all about my party and Nanny’s Christmas tree with Father Christmas on top.  We went home after a while complete with Mummy’s piece of Christmas cake that I had saved from my party and which I promptly dropped all over the floor.  I had  2 cards waiting for me at home – one from Mummy and one from Daddy.  I didn’t want any tea and went to bed with milk, Po and my new buzzing bee from Father Christmas.

2019: So mum has had notification that she is being medically retired. They need to sell their house and downsize as can no longer afford the mortgage. Zof and I are giving up our rented flat in April to try and save for a mortgage. Mum has offered a solution. They pay  a third deposit, Zof and I get a mortgage and we get a house with a granny flat  (although she prefers nanny) or a house that can be converted. I have said it is something I’ll definitely consider as would be to have her closer and know how she is safe as she keeps falling  I just have to discuss with Zof and mum needs to discuss with Mark …….

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