October 24th – Rugby Muddy Bakes

1999:  I awoke in the early hours to find mummy asleep on the bathroom floor!  It frightened me a bit and I started to cry which woke her up.  She took me to her bed but I didn’t like that much either because Al was there and snoring very loudly, so mum and I ended up in my bed!  Al made me a bacon sandwich for breakfast.  When mummy got up we went to see Nanny and then mum went to see Bomper.  We had egg and bacon for lunch and when mummy came to collect me she had to wait while Pa and I made some bread.  Once home I played in the garden and got very very muddy and ended up in the bath before tea.

2019: Used to love baking with Pa. He had a bread maker and I used to sit on the kitchen side watching the mixture go round and round. Although I love cooking, I don’t really do much baking – unless you can count packet cake mix?! Belatedly watched the England v Australia highlights – Watts interception was insane  as was the grubber kick. Going to miss England v All Blacks on Saturday as have put down to work overtime.  Mum’s worried I’m going to tire myself out but my thinking is I’m tired either way, so might as well get paid for it

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July 25th -It’s Great to Eat Again

1999:  Agal and I woke the whole household this morning with our apparently “loud” conversations.  How rude!  It’s just as well I don’t accuse mummy of this when she’s ‘natter, natter, natter’ with her friends!  We stayed for toast and milk and then we drove home.  Once there it was a case of antibiotics, wash, inhalers, teeth, pack bag and off to daddy’s.  All my cousins were there and we had great fun in the garden and the pool.  Grandma brought me home – sound asleep as usual, whereupon mummy must have transferred me to bed.

2019: Well there’s nothing like being at mums after a day of starvation and a colonoscopy. She went shopping and bought me heaps of treats yesterday, we had chinese for tea and I chilled with movies and ex box. Home today to tidy and get packing for our trip to Wales tomorrow and my mountain run for crohn’s and colitis. Have so far raised £345 on just giving and £230 at work.  Thank you every one who is supporting me. If you want to keep up to date with my run up and down Snowdon on Saturday then follow me on Instagram @ chronically_livingcd

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January 17th – Cuddles and Holding Hands

1999: We didn’t do an awful lot this morning, as I’m going to see daddy today.  We just had lots of cuddles, watched telly and played.  Mummy made me bacon sandwiches but I didn’t want them, I’d found the chocolate biscuits instead.  These were followed by two cups (bottles) of tea, one of which was just before Granddad arrived to take me to see daddy and when mummy looked I’d dribbled it all down my new aaron jumper, which had been knitted for me for Christmas.  Quick change and we were ready just in time.  Granddad delivered me back home at 5.00, fast asleep, and with reports of me being as “good as gold”.  I have brought back two cards with me, but mum won’t let me open them yet.  But I want it to be my Birthday now. I kept on calling mum “dad”; things can get so confusing at times.  Despite going to bed at eight, I couldn’t sleep and when I heard mum coming up to bed an hour later, I went to be with her, which I thought was great fun.  This was allowed as she’s going back to work tomorrow and we both feel sad after such a lovely week.

2019:  Day of working, then hair cut and mandala tattoo on the side of my head. Zof came to meet me and hold my hand to reassure herself more than me. It didn’t actually hurt that much but the holding hand part was good. And as for Dad – well I haven’t seen or had positive acknowledgement from him for about 5 years.

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