July 27th – Like the Nike Goddess – I just Did It and was Victorious

1999:  Mum’s happy.  Something to do with pay day and me staying in bed until half six.  We sat on the settee for a while and then it was on with the routine.  Returned from Edons today with a bag full of wet clothes.  Luckily it happened on a ‘good day’.  I wish it could be pay day every day!  After mummy had tucked me in and gone downstairs tonight, I decided I wanted my Teddy bear down from his home in the wall hammock.  I thought it best not call mum, so I figured a way to get him by climbing on my chest of drawers.  Mum came running when she heard the ‘thump’ of me hitting the floor.  Fortunately both Teddy and I were fine and snuggled down to sleep.

2019: I started my Snowden run at 6.18 am and I absolutely smashed by 4 hour target with a time of 2:57!! Honestly, I am so happy, I literally broke down in tears, couldn’t believe what I have just achieved; surgery last year, still not in remission and a colonoscopy just 3 days ago. Thank you so much to all the donators and for the support I have had. @crohnsandcolitisuk I have done it not only for you but for all of our community. We are the strongest people and we will ALWAYS push on. Mount Snowden I have smashed you and I was not beaten.

Note to others: If you go early in the morning there is nowhere to get water at the top at this time of day and my camel back ran dry so make sure you pace the water or get an extra large camel back!


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July 3rd – Crohn’s can Feel like Tackling a Mountain Every Day

1999:  It was very hot and sunny yesterday but today there is no sun, but it is still warm so we had some garden play. I have felt a bit miserable and told mummy I was poorly. I had some medicine and at 11.15 I laid on the settee with juice and my blanket and fell asleep. Today I received my first appointment reminder for the dentist. Oooh, I hope I’m braver than mummy! I woke up at two and mum and I got our togs on and walked to the park. After a while we went to the shop for ice-cream which ended up on the slide and most other areas around the park. We had fish cakes and chips, with loads of sauce and made a picnic of it in the garden.

2019: Today I am fundraising at work for Crohns and Colitis with my mountain trek less than a month away now. This time last year I was having 28 cm of my ileum removed and re-sectioned. I was very excited about this due to the amount of pain, grief, anxiety and depression it had caused. Unfortunately I didn’t get the outcome I had been anticipating BUT, I am on the road to recovery and hopefully will soon have colonoscopy and Barium to clear the way for 8 weekly infusions. Meanwhile, I have a mountain to run up and down. To read more of my story or to support or cheer me on, you can contact me on Instagram chronically_livingcd or http://www.justgiving.com/Mountaintimetrial

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June 19th – Insomnia and Snores to move Mountains

1999: Got put back in my own bed 3 times tonight, but I won in the end.  She’s just far too drowsy for a showdown in the middle of the night.  It’s lovely and hot today.  I played in the garden while mum made sandwiches and off we went to Marsh Farm.  We arrived so early that I got to drive round the car park twice sat on mums lap.  We spent 3 hours at the farm and had our photo taken on a cool postcard Machine. Once home, I played in the garden – shouting at Emma through our peep holes in the fence. We went to see Nanny and Pa and  Pa has bought a cricket set for our holiday and a new bedtime story book for me (if I can get it off mum that is).  We played in the garden and I shouted really loudly at a barking dog – “shut up dog”.  Nanny says now she really knows how I get spoken to at home (although I must say mum has never called me ‘dog’). Mum assured her that it is only during times of severe trauma, but I would like to point out that this is her trauma and not mine – I’m absolutely fine

2019: Never was a good sleeper. Still struggle now. Mind whizzing at 100 mile an hour, or stomach cramps from wind and crohns! But once I’m asleep – it can be like waking a rock and apparently my snores are loud enough to shake a mountain. Talking of which, meeting at work today to discuss my fundraising event in support of my mount Snowdon run in July for @crohnsandcolitis.uk.  Aviva are being very supportive and we are going to fund raise for 3 days at beginning of July including a cake sale. Mum offered to make some gluten and lactose free muffins but Mark pointed out I needed to sell these not give them away!

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