November 27th – Eat Ins and Eat Outs

1999:  It’s Saturday!  The day to be wide-awake at 6 a.m.  Mummy wouldn’t get up though, even when the phone rang at seven – it was Bomper.  I told him mummy was sleeping and then I heard her thuds on the stairs and told him “she’s coming down now”.  She soon snuck off to bed for another half hour though.  When she got up we had fried egg, baked beans and toast, which was delicious, and I ate it all up.  Mummy’s nail lady came round and handed mum her door and car keys, which she’d, left in the front door all night.  So much for security!  She didn’t do mummy’s nails today, instead she spread all this gooey stuff over her legs, and then took it all off again with bits of material.  Very odd.  Afterwards we went swimming where I did big dives, swam with armbands and finished in the baby pool without armbands.  Next stop Donals for ish ingers, chips and of course the toy that turned out to be a car.  Cool!  I ate it meals on wheels style – in the shopping trolley round Tesco’s where mummy was buying lunch for her and Bomper, which was our next stop.  We stayed for a couple of hours – me being a “cheeky monkey” as Bomper calls me – boisterous but cute!  Next we headed for Aunty Eesa’s where we stayed for tea – wow two Donals in one day!  I do have a varied diet though – loodaloo tonight, but the car was the same.  We all had a mad half hour playing with the cars around the kitchen then lying on the floor and kicking our legs in the air.  We know why.  We had our bath and then piled in the car and headed for home and that was the end of my day.

2019: Not a good morning. Feeling tired, anxious and stomach playing up. Went to work on my late shift though and had a moan about no notice for overtime cancellation. We went out on a date night tonight to try and lighten me up; Nandos and cinema – perfect.

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November 24th – Where’s the Meat Gone?!

1999: I called mum at five, who came in to discover me and my bed soaked through.  After a quick change round and milk, I settled back down until half six when I got up to do a wee.  Had a quick bath and got down just in time for Playbus.  Postman Pat came this morning with a registered letter for me!  Mummy let me open it and it was my very first individual passport.  I was really excited, as there was a photo of me in it! Went to Deedons, then nanny’s and the devil has remained within me.  It wouldn’t be me; I’m usually so angelic.  Pa bathed me and mummy took me home at half seven, when I went to bed with Po and slept.

2019: Work again today and then Zof and I went to mum and Marks for an Indian. My third takeaway this week which really isn’t helping the weight situation (I had to actually buy size 36” waist the other day). On Friday night Zof’s mum made Chinese for tea and, as I wasn’t there, some was saved for my lunch on Saturday. I was really looking forward to my chicken satay until I discovered it was vegetable! I had to ring mum and tell her as about  10 years ago, I was upstairs and the delights of chicken curry were wafting up.  When mum called me down I came running and then sulked the whole way through as she had decided to make a vegetarian one. I mean who does that to a meat lover?! Its been a standing joke ever since. 

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September 18th – No Spills in MY New House

1999:  Very husky this morning, mummy and Nanny thought my tonsils were swollen so off to the doctors for medicine that goes in your mouth this time.  The whole house is in mummy’s bedroom and the kitchen – what a mess.  I helped Pa build my house with slide which is absolutely brilliant (and tidy).  Dev came just after lunch to lay my bedroom carpet and replace the lounge one.  I fell asleep in the garden on my beanbag whilst the work carried on around me.  I woke up just as Dev was finishing and I waved him goodbye.  Mum and Nan blitzed the place and moved the furniture back.  I felt grouchy though, everyone was so busy they hardly noticed me.  Don’t they love me anymore?  I’m always the centre of attention.  We had fish and chips for tea and I managed to drop my fork, covered in ketchup of course, on the new carpet.  That’s one way to direct the attention back to me I guess  Went to bed in my own bedroom complete with my new teddy bear carpet.

2019: I was always dropping things – still do. Dyspraxia or just not paying attention? Who knows. I think the best one was n Lincolnshire when we’d just renovated the lounge complete with new carpet. I was about 8 and carrying spaghetti bolognaise through to the lounge and watched in horrified slow motion as it just slipped off of my plate. Mum was pretty cool about it though. She was more upset for me losing my favourite dinner so I got to share hers.

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July 24th – Crohn’s is a Pain in the Bum

1999:  We went dimming this morning and they had a tombola there.  I chose 6 tickets and won two prizes – a football for me and a key ring for mummy.  Mum said something about Lady Luck and perhaps I could send her to her, but I reckon I’ve enough women around me as it is.  We called into Aunty Eesas and I played with Dandell and Dessica whilst mummy attempted to paint Aunty Eesa’s toe nails. Personally I think I made a better job of my own the other day!  We played in the garden this afternoon and mummy made me my very own drum kit – out of buckets and wooden spoons.  We had Shepherds pie for tea and cleared our plates. I told mum she was a “good boy” and gave her a clap.  She said she was a “good girl” and that I was a “good boy”.  I wasn’t having any of that – I wanted to be a “good girl” like mummy – much to her amusement.  I had 2 pears and an apple but wasn’t allowed any more fruit as was staying at Aunty Karens tonight and mum thought it a bit unfair.  I don’t know why; it’s only nature.  Mummy went out tonight and Karen put me to bed at half nine.  She’d kept me up longer to allow Agal to get to sleep first and her plan had worked. She put me in the bed next to Agal’s cot  and then the phone rang.  She went off to answer it and when she came back upstairs she found me lying in bed playing a mouth organ and Agal stood up in her cot dancing!  She gave up at left us to it.

2019: No drums or fun today although lots of thunder and lighting watching in the early hours. Colonoscopy at 9am and the outcome was not what I was looking for. I had 28cm of my ileum removed a year ago and, since my last colonoscopy in September, the ulceration has now increased to 10cm and also the addition of haemorrhoids. I know I’m a pain in the bum but really?! Lets hope they get me on these infusions as soon as!!! On the plus side – mums treating me to Chinese for tea (but she’s also feeding me probiotics – I hate tablets)

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July 23rd – Food Glorious Food

1999: Up for the day at five a.m.  Mum snoozed on the settee, between requests for drinks, wees and videos! Had a sleep today at Edons, which wasn’t really surprising considering my early start and all my hard playing.  Once home again tonight I played in my car and painted it again, along with myself.  Ate all my tea, “ish ingers”, Alphabites, spaghetti and crisps.  I had to have a bath afterwards due to spaghetti sauce and paint!  Mum has continued with elocution lessons today; trying to get me to say “I am” instead of “ham” and I have now progressed to “high ham”. 

2019: What Id give for fish fingers and alphabites right now. Even the High Ham sounds good. Bowel prep today so all I have is soup and laxatives. Went to mums tonight and was very Hangry so a trip ensued to Tescos for Jellies and soda. Cant wait until tomorrow when I can stuff my face!

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July 21st – Meals Al Fresco

1999:  When mummy dropped me off at Edons she realised she had forgotten my medicine but she waved me goodbye regardless!  10 minutes later Edons phone rang and after this she went to the door to find my medicine had magicked onto her doorstep.  Wow!  Edon bought Jake and me a big balloon each at Asda today and we actually managed to get them home in one piece. Mummy picked me up at five – complete with a savaloy which I’d demolished before we got home.  When we got there we had chips and pickled onions too.  Think this is mums version of a posh two course meal!  No sorry it’s going to be three – we made gingerbread men – slightly singed ones.  Mum thought I was too busy washing up to notice but I’m not daft I know what that icing stuff is all about – disguise! 

2019: Met Mum and mark at nan and Pa’s today for a BBQ with Uncle Terry, Aunty Dee and cousin  Beau.  Dee likes her BBQ burnt and I voiced to all that she’d be alright round Mums. Beau, Zof and I played footy in the garden ….. until the ball went over the fence (in my defence it is a low one). On our way home we dropped Terry at Lattitude festival for a gig and then headed home to bed.

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July 6th – BBQ Weather

1999: Slept until seven when the alarm went off.  Didn’t sleep at all at Edons today and when mum picked me up it was reported that we had all been very hyper for the past hour and a half.  I was very excitable.  I played in the garden and distributed my sand everywhere but the sandpit.  After tea I decide to paint the kitchen window with my bottle brush and soapy water.  I think it looks lovely but mum reckons it might not look quite so lovely once it’s dried.  Had a bath and fell asleep cuddled up to mum at 6.30

2019: Mum and Mark are still in Ireland. Kiegan is at theirs looking after the cat – Prince Eric Catona (How embarrassing). I went over for the day and we decided on a BBQ and were not going to let the rain stop us. My Aquarian mind put the double line up with the bbq cover pegged to it and stayed perfectly dry whilst the food sizzled

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