December 13th – Conservative Play

1999:  In with mum in the early hours following a wee wee.  The third successful night!  It was very cold this morning so mum wrapped me up in a big quilt while I watched TV.  Am back into the Tubbies now, mainly my Christmas video.  Back to Deedons and playschool today where we sang songs and had milk and biscuits.  When I got back to Deedons I felt a bit poorly and laid watching TV and fell asleep.  When mum  collected me  I told her Josh had got me a present from Father Christmas but I haven’t got it yet.  On the way home we saw lots of lovely lights on the houses.  Cheese on toast for tea but I didn’t eat much.  Mum admired her presents that I’d brought home from playschool – a lovely picture of a reindeer and a wonderful calendar with a photo of me on! (Oh, and a bill for January £60.80).  I settled to bed but was up and soaked by 11.30 but soon settled again in dry pyjamas and sheets.

2019:  Friday 13th and Britain is waking up to a huge conservative winning election. Brexit has spoken. I cant comment as didn’t vote.   Ill just carry on working and paying my taxes like the rest of us. Work was a struggle though – stomach and head pain. Been going on for a while now but at least my poo is no longer green and mud coloured!

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