December 12th – Pre Christmas Election

1999: Boiled eggs with dippy soldiers for brunch.  When mummy was in the bath Grandma rang and I chatted away until mummy came downstairs.  Whilst she was talking I had another attach of diarrhoea and stood in the bathroom hysterically calling mum but she got there too late.  This was actually pretty cool coz I wheedled my way into her bath, which she had to give up.  We fell asleep on the settee at half 12 but mum apparently woke up 40 minutes later – something to do with hot wee everywhere all over her and all over me (and at her age too!).  I slept on and I awoke at two in different clothing and in a different location.  Pa was there mending our curtain pole and then he mended our letter box, which means the draughts and leaks have gone and the letter box wont keep falling off (she does try bless).  Next he helped mummy assemble my tall boy (it’s tall but it doesn’t look anything like me) and then mum and I had a complete revamp of my bedroom and “I love it”.  Talking of which, mummy and I now have a 50 times a day ditty ‘I love you, you love me, and that’s the way it will always be’. 

2019: Back to work today, got my desk back and it actually went quite well.  Meanwhile, General Election Fever has gripped the country. The canvassing is over and now the votes are coming in. First Christmas election since 1923. Basically people wanting Brexit will vote conservative, those wanting another referendum will vote Labour and those wanting to boycott Brexit completely will be voting Liberal. I, like 33% of the country, abstained.

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