December 7th – Empty Tummy Days

1999: Was apparently into bed with mum in the ‘way too early hours’, but I was raring to go.  I did settle back down to sleep though until half 6.  Diarrhoea again this morning but made it to the loo on the five further occasions through the day.  Well I thought Mummy was weird last night scooping up my poo, but this morning she actually posted it through the doctor’s letterbox.  Has she fallen out with them or something?  Went to a Christmas party today and saw Father Christmas who gave me a book.  Haven’t eaten all day – not even the lovely party food.  Mummy came home from work to collect me (as she said she would) and brought a present for me.  I now have a miniature (finger) skateboard like all the other boys have.  Wow.  It went up to the bath with me tonight and I fell asleep holding it on the settee at six.

2019: Woke up on my settee this morning when mum got up from sleeping the night in my bed. I had a really bad day yesterday. Had been awake most of Thursday night with stomach cramps and couldn’t face work. Didn’t eat all day because I was stressy and depressy and didn’t wanna get up and make anything or go out anywhere. At 6pm I’m like “Right. Get up and cook because you need to eat”. I used every last ounce of my energy to cook pasta, dished it all up and dropped it all over the kitchen floor. I then sat on the floor with it and cried. Facetimed mum and she  insisted on coming  over and we got a Chinese. She promised we could just sit in silence and watch a movie. She sat there knitting and thought she was at knit and natter for at least 30 minutes before she realised her promise! Who needs superheroes when you have a mum!

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December 3rd – All Things Made and Found

1999:  We got up for milk and marmite sandwiches (although mummy had started to cook toast for us both – so she ended up with it all).  Playschool today and I made a lovely decoration for the tree. Mummy thought it was wonderful.  Have been a bit tired and tearful this afternoon, but apart from the diarrhoea thing this morning – no more runs since.  We had to feed Nanny’s cat on the way home and then mum made fishcakes and beans for tea.  I was quite excited by the prospect of cakes, especially as I had been declined sweets, chocolate and biscuits!  However, they didn’t look much like cakes to me – but I ate them anyway. 

2019:  Second day of door supervisor training including searches and I was well pleased as am the first person to find a knife stored behind the instructors belt in 6 months. Also passed todays written test and am pleased to report mum has found her passport

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October 24th – Rugby Muddy Bakes

1999:  I awoke in the early hours to find mummy asleep on the bathroom floor!  It frightened me a bit and I started to cry which woke her up.  She took me to her bed but I didn’t like that much either because Al was there and snoring very loudly, so mum and I ended up in my bed!  Al made me a bacon sandwich for breakfast.  When mummy got up we went to see Nanny and then mum went to see Bomper.  We had egg and bacon for lunch and when mummy came to collect me she had to wait while Pa and I made some bread.  Once home I played in the garden and got very very muddy and ended up in the bath before tea.

2019: Used to love baking with Pa. He had a bread maker and I used to sit on the kitchen side watching the mixture go round and round. Although I love cooking, I don’t really do much baking – unless you can count packet cake mix?! Belatedly watched the England v Australia highlights – Watts interception was insane  as was the grubber kick. Going to miss England v All Blacks on Saturday as have put down to work overtime.  Mum’s worried I’m going to tire myself out but my thinking is I’m tired either way, so might as well get paid for it

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October 20th – The Lions Lair

1999:  Edons first thing, then off to Nan’s – I was ready and waiting for her when she arrived.  I saw Pa, Nanny, Bomper and Uncle Telly – who painted a tiger on my face with Nan’s make up and printed me a picture from the Lion King from Pa’s computer.  We’d already had tea when mum came home and mum and I went up to the bathroom to “surprise” everyone with the new clean me.  Uncle Telly gave me £5 for some sweeties and Nanny has collected lots of ‘coloured bits’ for my sponsored yoghurt pot (and sponsored me too!)  Once back home I went to bed but told mummy she had “forgotten something” – a “wet wipe in my bed”.  She did laugh and was very impressed with my speech, but didn’t have a clue why I was requesting this!

2019: Not a good day. Completely exhausted when I got in from work. I just didn’t have the energy to cook anything and so asked Zof to do so. This ended up in a dispute and so I got some space and went to mums for a bit where I polished off the rest of the beef hotpot they had made for dinner. I had a chat with mum when she advised that cooking is only a life skill once you have learnt to do it. Just because I have always cooked and seem to have a natural flare, not everyone does. Point made, I headed back home.

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October 16th – Helicopters and Cars

1999:  Up bright and early – at least grandparents are more accommodating at this time of day.  Played with Pa in his workshop and was very reluctantly dragged away and returned home by Pa at 11.00a.m.  I was sulking so put my sulky face on to greet mum and refused to get out of the car once home.  Was eventually humoured by mum and let her lift me out but went straight to Pa when we got in.  That will teach her to leave me and then drag me away from my fun with Pa just because she’s home.  Mummy and I played in the garden and we made a helicopter out of my car, 2 pieces of wood and some masking tape.  Blue Peter eat your heart out!  Mum decided to cook Lasagne for tea which was great for me. I seized my moment whilst she was distracted and took the clothes horses up the stairs and got stuck.  I cried for help and was rescued by a very disgruntled mother – well how was I supposed to know the white sauce was at the point of thickening?!  Then we had to jump into the car and rush to Nanny and Pa’s and borrow a Lasagne dish!  As organised as ever. Eventually it was all sorted and whilst we were waiting for it to cook mummy and I flew to the moon and back a couple of times.  We had tea at nine o’clock!  Buy it from the shop, ready made, in future mum.

2019: Facetimed mum today to inform her someone had bashed into my car this morning in the car park. They had left a note on my car but left the wrong number. Not happy. Mum tried to reassure me that this probably wasn’t done on purpose, they had probably just got two of the numbers back to front. I later found out he had written the number down fine, Zof had got the numbers mixed up when she stored it in my phone! Now contacted him, very nice chap and going through insurance.

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September 23rd – Ketchup Catastrophe with Barty and Jack

1999:  Wee’d, pooed, ate drank, slept and said “oh bloody hell”.

2019: Blood taken in prep for starting Infliximab infusion on Wednesday.  Went to see mum and chopped up some wood for her fire. Couldn’t do much due to tiredness – crohns and depression but did cook a lush keto lunch for me and mum – steak, lardons, mushrooms and eggs and I actually managed to forgo my ketchup and mayo. One of my favourite bools as a kid was ‘Barty’s Ketchup Catastrophe’ by Sally chambers. Poor Barty was addicted to ketchup but he goes to stay with a friends for tea and there is none. Perhaps I am now cured of my addiction but was Barty?!

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July 23rd – Food Glorious Food

1999: Up for the day at five a.m.  Mum snoozed on the settee, between requests for drinks, wees and videos! Had a sleep today at Edons, which wasn’t really surprising considering my early start and all my hard playing.  Once home again tonight I played in my car and painted it again, along with myself.  Ate all my tea, “ish ingers”, Alphabites, spaghetti and crisps.  I had to have a bath afterwards due to spaghetti sauce and paint!  Mum has continued with elocution lessons today; trying to get me to say “I am” instead of “ham” and I have now progressed to “high ham”. 

2019: What Id give for fish fingers and alphabites right now. Even the High Ham sounds good. Bowel prep today so all I have is soup and laxatives. Went to mums tonight and was very Hangry so a trip ensued to Tescos for Jellies and soda. Cant wait until tomorrow when I can stuff my face!

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July 22nd – Chicken Bone Broth Soup for Gut Health

1999:  Woke up feeling a bit grouchy and defiant with my favourite word of the day being “no”.  It seems to wind mum up nicely even if I don’t actually manage to get my own way.  Didn’t want to go to Edons but was okay once we’d established the fact that I was staying and mum was definitely going.  After a bad start I thought it would be good to reflect on my positive points – I can count from 1 -10, am now dry and clean most days and I can feed the fish with consideration; saying “mind your head” as I tip the food in. 

2019: Late shift today and for once, I was glad to be in an inside job with air conditioning,  as it was sweltering outside and forecast to get hotter midweek. I’ll be off then anyway, sedated and having a camera up my bum! Went home via mums to collect her homemade soup ready for bowel prep tomorrow (Recipe from Mum Below). I’m so glad she invested in a soup maker, things don’t get the chance to burn in there, although I sometimes miss the singed flavours of my childhood.

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Chicken and Vegetable  Bone Broth Soup (Great for digestion, inflammation and gut health):

I make my own bone broth my putting cooked chicken carcass in slow cooker with some celery, on low, for 48 hours (or you can simmer on stove for 24 hours but check fluid levels)

To make soup simply add broth to a pan (or soup maker) and add chopped onion, carrots, sweet potato, handful of fresh basil and handful of fresh coriander, salt, pepper and paprika to taste. If cooking on stove then just cook until veggies are soft, whizz up and enjoy. (If you need completely clear soup prior to your procedure then just remove the vegetables and enjoy the liquid). Better still add them all to the broth making process and just strain the broth.



July 21st – Meals Al Fresco

1999:  When mummy dropped me off at Edons she realised she had forgotten my medicine but she waved me goodbye regardless!  10 minutes later Edons phone rang and after this she went to the door to find my medicine had magicked onto her doorstep.  Wow!  Edon bought Jake and me a big balloon each at Asda today and we actually managed to get them home in one piece. Mummy picked me up at five – complete with a savaloy which I’d demolished before we got home.  When we got there we had chips and pickled onions too.  Think this is mums version of a posh two course meal!  No sorry it’s going to be three – we made gingerbread men – slightly singed ones.  Mum thought I was too busy washing up to notice but I’m not daft I know what that icing stuff is all about – disguise! 

2019: Met Mum and mark at nan and Pa’s today for a BBQ with Uncle Terry, Aunty Dee and cousin  Beau.  Dee likes her BBQ burnt and I voiced to all that she’d be alright round Mums. Beau, Zof and I played footy in the garden ….. until the ball went over the fence (in my defence it is a low one). On our way home we dropped Terry at Lattitude festival for a gig and then headed home to bed.

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July 6th – BBQ Weather

1999: Slept until seven when the alarm went off.  Didn’t sleep at all at Edons today and when mum picked me up it was reported that we had all been very hyper for the past hour and a half.  I was very excitable.  I played in the garden and distributed my sand everywhere but the sandpit.  After tea I decide to paint the kitchen window with my bottle brush and soapy water.  I think it looks lovely but mum reckons it might not look quite so lovely once it’s dried.  Had a bath and fell asleep cuddled up to mum at 6.30

2019: Mum and Mark are still in Ireland. Kiegan is at theirs looking after the cat – Prince Eric Catona (How embarrassing). I went over for the day and we decided on a BBQ and were not going to let the rain stop us. My Aquarian mind put the double line up with the bbq cover pegged to it and stayed perfectly dry whilst the food sizzled

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