Setember 26th – From Wedding Days to RTA’s

1999: The big day has arrived – the social engagement of the year – Matt and Lou’s wedding.  I greeted mum at 7 by presenting her with a nappy full of poo.  Only thing was as I went to show her a lump of it fell in her bed.  We had a bath and got spruced up in our wedding clothes and set off mid-morning with Nanny and Pa.  I stayed in the church for 2 whole minutes and then mum took me out.  I don’t know why, I would have been quite happy to stay longer.  I played “runaway, runaway” and mum wasn’t too pleased.  Eventually we went for a walk down the road to get some sweeties and a drink from the shop.  We got back to the church just as everyone was coming out and off we headed to the reception.  There was music and I danced and pretended to play music with Pa and then went and shook hands with the musicians.  At the table where there was a present waiting for me of books, pens and bubbles.  I wandered off at one point, Pa followed and we wandered around.  When we got back to the hall we discovered that everyone else was running around hysterically hunting for something (or someone!)  I fell asleep at 9.45 following 5 whole tracks of dancing in mummy’s arms.

2019: Chilled day with Zof watching movies. Decided on Chinese for tea and, having spent £40 I did not want to pay £4 delivery so off we went to collect it. As I was driving, in my rear view mirror, I saw a horse and rider get knocked off behind me. I rapidly turned round and headed back to administer first aid and keep the 15 year old girl as calm and reassured as possible. Unfortunately, her horse had to be put down at the scene and fortunately there was an air ambulance in the skies. She was conscious but badly injured and am hoping that some of my actions helped reduce some of the impact. Got to Chinese 3 hours late but they now cooking us another one (Police said the constabulary could have paid for it if it hadn’t been £40 – think I deserve that much Chinese right now)

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July 24th – Crohn’s is a Pain in the Bum

1999:  We went dimming this morning and they had a tombola there.  I chose 6 tickets and won two prizes – a football for me and a key ring for mummy.  Mum said something about Lady Luck and perhaps I could send her to her, but I reckon I’ve enough women around me as it is.  We called into Aunty Eesas and I played with Dandell and Dessica whilst mummy attempted to paint Aunty Eesa’s toe nails. Personally I think I made a better job of my own the other day!  We played in the garden this afternoon and mummy made me my very own drum kit – out of buckets and wooden spoons.  We had Shepherds pie for tea and cleared our plates. I told mum she was a “good boy” and gave her a clap.  She said she was a “good girl” and that I was a “good boy”.  I wasn’t having any of that – I wanted to be a “good girl” like mummy – much to her amusement.  I had 2 pears and an apple but wasn’t allowed any more fruit as was staying at Aunty Karens tonight and mum thought it a bit unfair.  I don’t know why; it’s only nature.  Mummy went out tonight and Karen put me to bed at half nine.  She’d kept me up longer to allow Agal to get to sleep first and her plan had worked. She put me in the bed next to Agal’s cot  and then the phone rang.  She went off to answer it and when she came back upstairs she found me lying in bed playing a mouth organ and Agal stood up in her cot dancing!  She gave up at left us to it.

2019: No drums or fun today although lots of thunder and lighting watching in the early hours. Colonoscopy at 9am and the outcome was not what I was looking for. I had 28cm of my ileum removed a year ago and, since my last colonoscopy in September, the ulceration has now increased to 10cm and also the addition of haemorrhoids. I know I’m a pain in the bum but really?! Lets hope they get me on these infusions as soon as!!! On the plus side – mums treating me to Chinese for tea (but she’s also feeding me probiotics – I hate tablets)

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January 5th – The Responsibility of Parents

1999: Total repeat of yesterday, which is a bit worrying because that’s now two days running that mum’s awoken to find me in her bed and doesn’t know how I got there.  I’ll let you into a secret – I walked you daft cow.  Snooze, snooze, and snooze.  Eventually I had to take control and kick her out of bed.  Parents, they’re such a responsibility.  I recommend kids think very seriously before having them. All went well at Edon’s today, apparently I got the training thing wrong yesterday, and it’s actually about peeing in a pot.  I can do that, no trouble.  Not going to do it for mum though.  I think she has a bit of an easy time of it at that work thing all day so within 5 minutes of us getting home I spilt my milk all over the place and weed on the kitchen floor.  

2019: I’m not gonna lie. I probably still pee in inappropriate places when I’ve had a few too many bevvies. Not out tonight though – lured to stay in with night before holiday Chinese. Not my holiday unfortunately, but the Chinese was good! #toddlers #pottytraining #childhood #adulthood #humour #chinese