October 23rd – Putting Things into Perspective

1999:  Swimming this morning and on the way there I asked mummy to bib her hooter.  She said she couldn’t because it was broken and I said “oh.  What a shame” which she seemed to find highly amusing.  When we got to the pool Al was there with his little boy and I was very pleased to see him.  Mum and I went to see Aunty Eesa; Dessica was asleep so I played with Dandell.  Afterwards we went to Asda where, I chomped my way around, but half way I needed to do a wee.  We had to run, crash and bump the trolley and me all the way through the shop and out into the foyer but we made it just in time.  Pot noodle for tea followed by milk.  Fell asleep on the settee with mummy and Pat.

2019: Mum text to say she was making an extra big lasagne for tea if we wanted swing by on the way home. We didn’t finish until 8pm so this was great. Ate lasagne and watched the tasks and bakes on The Great British Bake Off whilst catching up with cat cuddles.  Caught the news and horrified to hear that 39 bodies have been found in the back of a lorry in England. The driver, who is only a couple of years older than me, has been arrested on suspicion of murder. Kinda puts life into perspective.

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July 6th – BBQ Weather

1999: Slept until seven when the alarm went off.  Didn’t sleep at all at Edons today and when mum picked me up it was reported that we had all been very hyper for the past hour and a half.  I was very excitable.  I played in the garden and distributed my sand everywhere but the sandpit.  After tea I decide to paint the kitchen window with my bottle brush and soapy water.  I think it looks lovely but mum reckons it might not look quite so lovely once it’s dried.  Had a bath and fell asleep cuddled up to mum at 6.30

2019: Mum and Mark are still in Ireland. Kiegan is at theirs looking after the cat – Prince Eric Catona (How embarrassing). I went over for the day and we decided on a BBQ and were not going to let the rain stop us. My Aquarian mind put the double line up with the bbq cover pegged to it and stayed perfectly dry whilst the food sizzled

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