December 3rd – All Things Made and Found

1999:  We got up for milk and marmite sandwiches (although mummy had started to cook toast for us both – so she ended up with it all).  Playschool today and I made a lovely decoration for the tree. Mummy thought it was wonderful.  Have been a bit tired and tearful this afternoon, but apart from the diarrhoea thing this morning – no more runs since.  We had to feed Nanny’s cat on the way home and then mum made fishcakes and beans for tea.  I was quite excited by the prospect of cakes, especially as I had been declined sweets, chocolate and biscuits!  However, they didn’t look much like cakes to me – but I ate them anyway. 

2019:  Second day of door supervisor training including searches and I was well pleased as am the first person to find a knife stored behind the instructors belt in 6 months. Also passed todays written test and am pleased to report mum has found her passport

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September 1st – Good Behaviour = Cake

1999: Into mums at half three, lasted all of 20 minutes then I was banished back to my bed – for wriggling again.  You’d think she’d be used to it.  I slept until the alarm went off at half six and was in whinging form.  Soon cheered up and off to Edons, via the petrol station.  I wanted to help but mum wouldn’t let me.  Meanie.  Nanny collected me from Edons and when mum came home there was a house full – me, Nanny, Pa, Telly and Bomper.  People don’t seem so patient with me now though.  I got shouted at for playing with the paper (and uncle Telly was in it), Nanny was trying to take a business call, mum was trying to make one and I poured water over Telly’s feet whilst he was on the phone.  None of this really made us friends.  I also soaked Bomper with the hose earlier in the day.

2019: Much better behaved today. BBQ at Zofs parents. Love a BBQ. Also very excited to see Muller are doing Victoria Sponge and Battenburg flavoured yoghurts being sold at Iceland. Now on the hunt for the nearest one…….. 

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July 4th – Parties and Vegan Cakes

1999: Up bright and early at 6.30.  Mummy took me to Nanny’s at 7.45 as she’s going to a party in the park in London.  I don’t think it’s at all fair.  Everyone knows parties are for children and my mummy is leaving me behind!  I did get to spend the day with daddy though; Grandma picked me up from Nan’s at 11.30.  I fell asleep before we left, but apparently daddy took me back to Nanny’s

2019: Rang mum yesterday to ask her to make some lactose and gluten free cakes for todays cake sale and also through a vegan challenge into the mix. She actually succeed to make banana muffins which went down a treat and I got the recipe from her below.

Absolutely smashed the cake sale today raising £115 towards Crohn’s and Colitis and my Mountain time trial and Aviva have matched this! With 3 weeks to go I need to stop eating cake and get to the gym.

Banana Vegan Muffins – Lactose, and Gluten Free:

Mix 1 1/4 cups of gluten free flour with teaspoon xanthan gum (check vegan), and sodium biocarb, sprinkle of salt and 2/3 cup of sugar (or substitute).

Add 1/2 cup of warmed olive oil, two very ripe mash bananas and teaspoon apple cider vinegar with mum and mix well.

Dissolve teaspoon coffee in 1/4 cup boiling water and add to the mix gradually until at consistency. I actually weighed these today to get them even – 34g = 19 cakes. Cook for 15 minutes in pre-heated oven at 180c

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