October 25th – Pooey, Chaotic Behaviour

1999:  Up at 6.15 and full of smiles.  All went very well, behaviour, happiness and time wise until, that is, mum smelt the ominous waft from my pants.  I was very upset when mum collected me today as I was in the middle of playing.  How dare she arrive now!  I soon calmed down when mum mentioned there were sweeties in the car.  Didn’t eat much tea – a couple of mouthfuls of pasta and two yoghurts.  Didn’t want a bath just milk like a “baby”.  I had my bottle and fell asleep.

2019:  Well at least my pooey behaviour had less impact on the future of the country than today’s political news. Not only are they still squabbling over Brexit and asking for yet another extension, they now want to throw ANOTHER general election into the mix in December. Well that’s not going to cause more delays and chaos is it? Can it get any worse? I think people will be wanting to burn different effigies than Guy Fawkes this November 5th!

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October 21st – As Mischievous as Brexit (I shit you not)

1999:  Snuck into mum’s bed in the early hours and snuggled up until the alarm went off at half six.  We didn’t get up until the 3rd snooze though.  All was going well with the usual morning routine, that is until I pooed myself, which sent mummy hysterical and put us behind schedule.  It was then all a big rush but we didn’t quite make it and mum was 20 minutes late for work (apparently).  I lay on the settee watching cartoons at Edons and fell asleep so didn’t have lunch until two, which turned out to be a cooked dinner and I ate it all up.   Tomato soup for tea tonight and then mummy and I had a big big bath.  We sat downstairs watching Thomas as it is wet and cold today but I was feeling mischievous and after several warnings was marched to bed.

2019: What a change in a day 20 years make, no time to lay around watching tv now (although I still poo myself from time to time!)

Talking of time; this made me laugh today – posted on FB by @julianpopov:

The year is 2192. The British Prime Minister visits Brussels to ask for an extension of the Brexit deadline. No one remembers where this tradition originated, but every year it attracts many tourists from all over the world.

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