September 1st – Good Behaviour = Cake

1999: Into mums at half three, lasted all of 20 minutes then I was banished back to my bed – for wriggling again.  You’d think she’d be used to it.  I slept until the alarm went off at half six and was in whinging form.  Soon cheered up and off to Edons, via the petrol station.  I wanted to help but mum wouldn’t let me.  Meanie.  Nanny collected me from Edons and when mum came home there was a house full – me, Nanny, Pa, Telly and Bomper.  People don’t seem so patient with me now though.  I got shouted at for playing with the paper (and uncle Telly was in it), Nanny was trying to take a business call, mum was trying to make one and I poured water over Telly’s feet whilst he was on the phone.  None of this really made us friends.  I also soaked Bomper with the hose earlier in the day.

2019: Much better behaved today. BBQ at Zofs parents. Love a BBQ. Also very excited to see Muller are doing Victoria Sponge and Battenburg flavoured yoghurts being sold at Iceland. Now on the hunt for the nearest one…….. 

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July 7th – Impromptu days and Nights

1999: I’m slipping. I slept for  12 hours!  Went straight to Nanny’s as Edon is away and mummy has to go to Cambridge.  Uncle Teddy was still there when we arrived with his “poor mouth”.  I played most of the day in the garden with buckets of water and used my travel pot all day.  Nan didn’t ask if anything went into the buckets and I didn’t tell.  When mummy got home we all had tea at Nanny’s and I had a shower and washed my own hair.  We got home at seven and I was asleep within ten minutes.

2019:  Well I only planed to stay for a bit with Kiegan yesterday as had gym planned but BBQ chilled me, Zof came over and we all ended up staying the night at mum and Marks who are still in Ireland. We looked a tad better than the photo taken 5 years ago – morning after the night before. Mum got used to coming down in the morning and filing lots of us in a heap or strewn around!

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July 6th – BBQ Weather

1999: Slept until seven when the alarm went off.  Didn’t sleep at all at Edons today and when mum picked me up it was reported that we had all been very hyper for the past hour and a half.  I was very excitable.  I played in the garden and distributed my sand everywhere but the sandpit.  After tea I decide to paint the kitchen window with my bottle brush and soapy water.  I think it looks lovely but mum reckons it might not look quite so lovely once it’s dried.  Had a bath and fell asleep cuddled up to mum at 6.30

2019: Mum and Mark are still in Ireland. Kiegan is at theirs looking after the cat – Prince Eric Catona (How embarrassing). I went over for the day and we decided on a BBQ and were not going to let the rain stop us. My Aquarian mind put the double line up with the bbq cover pegged to it and stayed perfectly dry whilst the food sizzled

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