October 15th – Overseas

1999:  Al got my milk this morning but forgot to put to put Sesame Street on.  Mum was very pleased about this as I went back upstairs and got into bed with her for a 15 minute cuddle.   We actually didn’t have to rush this morning and I had a banana and bread and butter for brekkie which ended up as a nana hot dog!  Arrived at Edons on time and happily went off to play with Dan.  Mum didn’t even get a wave.  Apparently Nanny’s picking me up tonight which I have mixed feelings about – I’m happy to see Nanny and Pa, but where’s mum  going without me?

2019: Not seen mum for a few days now as they are in Madeira where the sun has apparently now come out. Anyhow, I headed to Heathrow (at 4am) to collect my pal who is heading back from Australia. Long day and now exhausted. Mum is doing her usual thing when she is away – sending house details of properties abroad. Todays is a bungalow in Spain.

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February 8th – Changing Plans with Potty Training and Crohns

1999:  I think it must be mum’s funny time of month again, she’s not been herself the past day or two, and today was no better.  Oh joy!  Another week of impatience, shouting and not being able to do anything right.  Mum had a shower whilst I drank my milk in her bed and when she came back in for cuddles realised that me and the bed were soaked for the second morning running.  We were a bit behind today and a bit rushed to get out the door.  I thought it was great fun to avoid the shoes and coat, but mum didn’t hold out too well with that game.  We got to Edon’s just as they were about to leave for school, so I went straight in the buggy.  When mummy went I screamed and sobbed, I think I saw a tear in mummy’s eye as she walked away.  We went to the doctors tonight as I keep saying ‘I’m ‘ot’ and have a gooey nose and eyes.  Now got nasal drops and antibiotics.  We made dinner together, we had good fun, and I pricked the sausages and then pretended to peel a potato with my plastic knife and then threw it around the kitchen. 

2019: Over to Zof’s tonight after work as going to set up joint account tomorrow and speak to estate agents about rental property. How things change. This time last year I was recovering from a fungal infection in my blood and sepsis. I planned to go away for a year to Australia, had my visa and my flights booked for May. Crohns had other ideas as I was rushed in to hospital a week before my flight and had to stay here to have surgery in July. And then I met Zof. We cannot travel currently as still not medically fit but there’s always time.

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