October 9th – Infusions and Allergies


1999 – I chose to go to the Farm today instead of swimming, but first we had to wait for mummy’s nails to be done (actually they’re not really hers but I wont tell).  I got very bored with all the hanging around lark and after showing off for a bit I fell asleep on the settee.  An hour later I woke up and as soon as I did I remembered the farm.  Unfortunately we had to go via Asda which didn’t turn out so bad as we saw Nanny and then Pa and I got to eat yoghurts, fruit and a whole bag of Jelly Babies.  Eventually we arrived at the farm and for once I went straight to the animals.  We saw 4 lambs which had just been born today and lots of piglets.  I had a horse ride, played in the park and showed off in the ball pit by diving head first into it – with a captive audience of course!  I played in the garden when we got home and I painted a blue stripe down my car and blue lights on top.  There – my very own police car.  I was also covered in paint and mum eventually conned me into having a bath by saying we would do some “magic” and make the paint disappear with water.  It worked – we can do magic!

2019: Hopefully the magic of Infliximab will start working soon. Second infusion today. Mark took me to the hospital so mum could have a lie in and she picked me up after. I decided to then go straight home to bed rather than sleep at theirs. For the first time ever I have developed an allergic reaction to the sticking plaster.

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September 2nd – Days at the Zoo

1999: Mum and I had a big 10 minute cuddle until the second alarm at seven.  I turned it off and helped the ol’ girl out of bed.  We were naughty and had a chocolate caramel wafer for breakfast.  We did follow it up with a pear though so it was semi healthy!  Went to the zoo today,  with Hayley, Dan and Edon. Mum had filled my wallet up with pennies which I used to go on the rides and buy a lizard and a seal.  I would have liked the real thing but unfortunately I had to make do with plastic.   I spent some time in the buggy and had to wear my wrist strap when I got out (think mummy must have told her of my last adventure here).  I wasn’t happy with this, so I got my own back by acting like a dog on a lead and running all over the show, dragging Edon behind.  I had a lovely day.  We had packed lunch, sweets, biscuits, ice cream and pop and I fell asleep, exhausted, as we neared home.

2019:  Used to love the Zoo but the last time I went was for Dims (Now correctly known as Kim) 50th birthday at Whipsnade Zoo 4 years ago. Really should check out Africa Alive at Lowestoft as have only been there to help mum with car boot sales.

Not at work today as Well-being advisor sent me home with instructions to get GP appt but she is on leave. 4 days without medication and not good.

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April 18th – Cow Pats and Face Packs

1999:   We went to make toast this morning, but the first lot of bread was mouldy, so I fed it to the birds.  Then mum burnt the next lot of toast.  Eventually we had toast, bacon and ketchup.  Mum went up to have a bath, I went up to join her and she had all this green stuff on her face.  She did look funny!  Something to do with making her look beautiful – I don’t know if I should tell her that she just looks very odd.  We went to the farm this morning; I sat on the play tractor for 15 minutes before we could go anywhere else.  We went to feed the sheep and I laughed because their tongues tickled my hands.  I got a bit frightened later though, when the big sheep bleated, and mum had to carry me, which was just in time for me to get a birds eye view of a cow doing the biggest poo ever.  I don’t envy her mummy having to clean that mess up.  My mummy doesn’t know how lucky she is!  We went to see the pigs and mum felt guilty about our bacon and toast this morning.  I don’t know why because they stink!  We spent time in the ball pit and soft play area and when we came out mum tried to get me to put my coat on.  Eventually she told me that I had to put it on as it had my sticker on for the farm.  Is she really that daft?  Look all you have to do is peel it off and stick it on my jumper!  What’s so funny about that then?  Tooth count up tonight – 10 top and bottom

2019:  Well trust me Crohn’s makes you poo just like that bloomin cow! I’m sure I love my bacon so much de to those smelly squealing pigs. I used to try and hold my nose and cover my ears when we went through the pigs bit of the farm. Pretty tricky with only two hands so I learnt to hold my breath. And as or face backs – Zof and I love a good charcoal one!