February 1st – When Things Aren’t Going The Right Way

1999:  I slept right the way through in my own bed again.  Mummy says that this is hopefully the continuing start of the new month.  I say there’s nothing like lulling somebody into a false sense of security.  After all who’s she trying to kid?  Mummy went into the bathroom upon getting up, rather than going straight downstairs for my milk.  How dare she keep me waiting?  I threw myself on the floor in protest and cried as though I had fallen and hurt myself.  However, mother continued to sit on the throne, so for that I have decided that she will not be able to do anything right for the rest of the morning.  I decided to take my football with me to Edons this morning.  Mummy thought I was going to cry as she went to leave, I made sure there was a moment of doubt, but then decided that playing ball with the other kids was far more fun, so I let her go – minus the usual kiss of course.  When mum came to pick me up I was asleep. She pushed me in the buggy to the car and as she started to get me out I awoke, and greeted her with a smack in the face.  How dare she rudely awaken me from my 4-hour slumber?  I gave in a bit when mum fed me stew, which Aunty Bim had brought round last night.  I got very sticky though and mum fetched a wet wipe to which I responded with a resounding ‘no’ and walked out to the kitchen reaching for the tap.  Honestly, when will she realise I’m not a baby anymore, I’m quite capable of washing my own hands – well, when it suits me anyway. 

2019:  I have no fuel or money for the van and there is nothing forward coming from the company  who are now also docking me £70 a week for the fender bender. Mum offered to lend me £20  for fuel but I don’t want to keep borrowing so declined. The firm then told me not to bother today so I’m £85 down and then rang me at 4pm asking me to go to Yarmouth to put right someone else’s bodge jobs from the day. And I did. Well it was on my way to Zofs ……….

January 31st – A Balanced Diet

1999: What’s going on?  I awoke in my own bed!  I decided to have a packet of love hearts for breakfast, but I didn’t like the purple ones, as mum discovered when I kept placing a purple gooey mess in her hands.  It wasn’t all bad though; I did have some of mummy’s cereal too, but refused to have any of my own.  We went over the town and bought chocolate muffins for the rest of our breakfast.  Mummy said that we could pretend we were in America and then it wouldn’t seem such a bad breakfast – that’s fine by me, I don’t care where we are just give me my cake!  I asked mummy to open mine right away, which she did and said ‘don’t drop it’.  What a ridiculous thing to say to a two year old, I did manage to eat about half before it was on the floor though.  We had another lazy day, eating junk and watching videos as both of us are feeling a bit poorly.  Mum says I can go to Edons tomorrow even if she stays home, just so that I can get some decent play and conversation! Although Uncle Terry did come round tonight 😀

2019: Zof came over and stayed last night so was nice to briefly wake up with her until we then had to go our separate ways to work. Mum messaged to say she is hoping to fly over to Ireland and see Karen in July and did I want to go? Stupid question. Of course I do! Relief –  I actually remembered to take my lunch today rather than leaving it on the kitchen side or in the outside porch!


January 30th – Getting Mum up

1999:  It’s the weekend! Tried to wake mum by putting the silk roses on her head.  This didn’t quite do the trick so I proceeded with the pulling back the covers and shouting ‘up’ and ‘tea’ routine.  This was followed by the sweet ‘Pease’ request and she could resist no more.  As she swung her legs over the edge of the bed, I ran forwards with her slippers, what a little angel I am.  We went to Nanny and Pa’s this morning to feed the cat as they have gone on their holidays.  I carried the food through from the kitchen to the back room and ended up dropping most of it in Pa’s trainer.  Well I’m sure the cat won’t mind a bit of cheese flavour with it.  Aunty Eesa came round this morning with Dandell and Dessica.  I was a bit grumpy today though and told mummy that my throat was sore which has obviously affected my ability to play and share my toys.  Everything Dandell picked up, I wanted and then later I fell over and grazed my chin and then poked mummy in the eye with my sword.  Mummy was not happy, but I was defiant – I’m ill after all.  On the way back from feeding the cat tonight mummy asked me if I thought we should do the lottery.  I said ‘yes’ and as this was a change from the last 2 days of ‘no’, she thought she’d take a gamble.  Another waste of money.  Why she has to do three lines I don’t know, it’s about time someone told her that you only need one line to win.

2019: Another hard day of loft insulating and now thinking of starting my own business doing this. Sometimes you have to take a leap to take a step forwards. Mum was back home when I got in and we now have an open fire place with a swept chimney. The liner is sound but too small for an open fire so now we have to wait to get a wood burner installed. Hopefully the forecast of snow will stay away until we can all get toasty. Mum was going to make spag bol tonight but I volunteered to do it – I prefer my cooking.

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January 29th – Potty Training and Rugby

1999:  Apparently mummy didn’t go to bed until midnight last night and awoke at 2 o’clock to hear me calling ‘Mum, Mum’.  She found me on the floor between her bed and her chest of drawers.  I’d sneaked in but then fallen out again!  I woke up at 8, in mummy’s bed, but no mum.  She must be up before me again.  I called her and she called back, I followed the sound of her voice only to find her tucked up in my bed.  Bonus!  Mum’s not going to work today as she’s not feeling well – she did have a late night after all.  We had a lazy, relaxing morning with lots of cups of tea.  Mum lay on the settee and I was really good, although I think she tended to find my continual ‘No’ a bit annoying.  Well she’s ill; I’m only giving her a bit of her own medicine.  Mum decided to go and have a relaxing bath, which she had, with one addition – me.  I thought I’d give mum a rest beings she’s poorly and had an afternoon nap.  I even got her out of the house this afternoon – I woke up soaked and so did the bed, and so we spent the rest of the afternoon at the launderette.

2019: Another day working whilst mum continues to rest in Lincolnshire.  Apparently today she bumped into the mum of an old school and football friend. Yes I played football but much preferred my rugby, playing wing and fullback for Boston for several years and training with Leicester Tigers  who mum follows to this day. We also had training with Southern Hemisphere coaches and learnt the Hacker which was awesome. Unfortunately, I had to give up rugby aged 15 due to two airlifts, hyper flexibility and no longer wanting the pain but it still calls me …….

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January 28th – Small Holdings

1999:  What’s going on?!  Mummy was up and dressed before me this morning. Is she getting organized or am I just getting lazy? At least she’s starting to get a bit of autonomy at last. Oh well, it will soon be the weekend! I had my milk and then a big cuddle, it wasn’t until she put me back down that she realised that I was wet and so were her work clothes.  Oops!  Well, I would have told her if only she’d asked. I don’t know why mum bothers with this work thing – she always looks so stressed by the time she goes.  We had pasta for tea tonight with bacon and tomato pasta sauce and mummy said we could be naughty and sit on the settee to eat.  I decided to put mine on my toy cooker and eat it.  Then I put it on the arm of the settee.  And then on the settee. And then on the floor.  Mummy didn’t seem to think this was such a good idea.  I don’t know, I think the orange patches add interest to the furnishings.  Later on I brought mummy a plastic plate from my cooker – she picked up pieces, put them in her mouth and said ‘Mm, tasty’.  I don’t know, she must be hallucinating or something – it was just an empty plate really, but I played along and did the same.  The things you have to do to keep these adults amused. 

2019: I love to cook pasta. Maybe to show mum how it should be done – al dente, not burnt but still like to leave my mark and mess around the house. Cooked tonight as mum has gone to visit her friend Joy in Lincolnshire. We lived there from when I was 4 – 13  in a really old bungalow with an acre of land – hence the motorbikes that I used to love to ride. We renovated the property and I remember having to jump form rug to mat over concrete floors. But my best memories, apart from the bikes, is collecting fresh eggs from the chucks, digging up fresh potatoes for dinner and our goats Molly and Golly which we never even attempted to milk!


January 27th – I want Everything but I could do without the Crohn’s

1999:  Pa’s birthday today and Bompers too.  Mummy was already dressed before I got up this morning as I had a lie in until 7.45.  Why don’t I do this at weekends when mum could lie in?  Well there just wouldn’t be any fun in that, now would there? I do have some heart though; I found mums silk roses on her windowsill, picked them up and presented them to her.  She said they were lovely and that they smelt beautiful too.  They’re pretend mother, not real.  Honestly!  Oh well best not disappoint her, I’ll play along with her, let me smell ‘Mm.  Lovely’.  What a Wally!  A little later I called mummy into my bedroom and she came in to find me looking very pleased with myself.  I had stuck the remaining stickers for my potty training chart all over the wardrobe and they were stuck hard and fast.  She told me I was very clever but perhaps next time they should go on the chart.  Tip of the month – if you want to avoid getting in trouble with your mum always look proud and pleased with what you have done and they won’t have the heart to tell you off.  After Edons tonight, mummy and I went to the card shop to get birthday cards for Pa and Bomper, but I found it far more fun to wreck the joint whilst she was distracted rather than to look for cards. We arrived at Nanny and Pa’s and I gave Pa his present and then took it straight back off him and unwrapped it.  Mm, very nice, a new T-shirt, it looks a bit on the big side for me though mum.  What do you mean it’s for Pa; everyone knows presents are for kids.  Aren’t they?  Oh well, the cake then? Pa’s great, he let me sit on his lap and blow out the candles ‘again’ and ‘again’.

2019:  Great Grandad Bomper died when I was 6 at the age of 86.  He is still with me wherever I go and often flickers lights on and off around me! Zof and I were hanging in London this morning and called in to see Uncle Terry, Aunty Dee  and cousin Beau at Epping Ice rink and had a little skate eventually getting home at 7 pm.

Whilst we were away, with me permission, mum had changed my room round (due to a condensation and mould problem which is attacking the wallpaper and needing to get the bed off of said wall) and sorted all my draws etc out. Sprung – I have a full packet of immunosuppressants and a prescription in my draw! Thing is I am very reluctant to take them due to nearly dying of sepsis Christmas before last due to a fungi entering my blood through my sinuses as I was so immune supressed

January 26th – Boys Toys and Games

1999:  I got mum a cracker this morning – I fell over in my bedroom, mum asked if I was okay and I said ‘yes’, but she noticed my nose was running and went off to get some tissue.  I followed mummy into the bathroom and held out my hand and she thought I’d hurt it.  Mummy kissed it better not realising until that point that I was actually holding out my hand to show her that I’d been very grown up and wiped my own nose with it!  I found her facial contortions highly amusing and now keep giving her ‘presents’ but she hasn’t fallen for it again.  We went to Donals tonight as promised but it was a bit of a let-down as they had run out of boxes and decent toys.  So much for a happy meal – it didn’t make me very happy and I hardly touched any of my chicken nuggets (loodaloo) or chips.  Well it’s not the same without the box is it?!  On the way home we called in to see Dev who found me an excellent motorbike alarm clock.  I loved it so much he said I could keep it.  I was chuffed but mum didn’t seem so pleased.  I think it’s really cool – it revs up and makes real bike sounds and it’s really loud.  I played with it all night and on the way home I fell asleep with it on.  Every time mummy stopped the car and turned it off, I woke up and turned it back on again.  Mum, its soothing okay?

2019: Morning at the beauty parlour waiting for Zof to get her eyelash extensions done and then off to Cirque in London. A very messy night but a great post birthday celebration. I have since had 3 real motorbikes – one when I was 5 and one when I was 6. These faired far better than my first on road bike that I paid £1100 for and blew it up within a month. Got my car for now but one day ………

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