March 1st – Cutting Teeth

1999: Spent the day at Edon’s until five when mum took me to Nan’s for tea.  I was really pleased as mum said we were going but I didn’t quite believe her until we rounded the corner of her road and then I got really excited shouting ‘Nan, Nan, Nan’.  Uncle Eddy and Pa were there too!  After 20 minutes mum disappeared.  Charming – more quality time!  She returned an hour later in a new shiny red car – I was very excited and had a little go in the driver’s seat. We went home in the NEW car, which is actually 3 years old, but it’s all ours!  I had a bath, complete with hair wash (I have managed to avoid it for a week now) and I wasn’t too impressed with Mother pouring all that water over my head.  Afterwards I found the lion cake and decided to demolish it.  Mum discovered another tooth coming = 10 at the bottom and eight on top.

2019:  Home alone today and tonight as Mum and Mark have gone to the theatre and Zof is out with friends. Low, low, low day – mum always knows – she text me to check I was in a good place before buggering off out as she put it. I’m ok. Well ok to be left on my own. She rang and faced timed me a couple of times too. I sometimes feel as if I’m cutting teeth all over again in this adult world, but wonder if it was actually any less painful back then …..

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February 28th Job Hope Brightens the Mood

1999:  Couldn’t be bothered to get up this morning I lay in bed calling ‘Mum, Mum’ but she did not answer.  Then I called ‘Nan’ and I heard movement and a figure entered my room saying ‘no, you were right the first time!’  I was sooo pleased to see her and we had big hugs and cuddles.  We went downstairs for milk and juice and made ‘bix’ for ‘fast’ and sat eating and drinking at the table.  At 10.30 Granddad came to fetch me to see daddy.  I had a lovely day, my cousins came round in the morning and we all played.  I had so much fun that I didn’t sleep all day and fell asleep on the way home. Tonight Nan and Pa came round with peaches and jelly and cake.  I kept putting the candles on and blowing them out – mum didn’t seem to blow out any – perhaps you don’t like that sort of thing when you get older.  

2019:  Went out to meet a friend who is back on site over this way as caravan sales manager. Was great to catch up and have breakfast and he has also told me of a sales job going on a nearby site. Went to Zof’s tonight to update my CV and do covering letter which I have now sent over to him. That has given me a bit of hope again, as the agency I keep ringing about factory work just isn’t getting anywhere in a hurry. At least we’re not actually in the flat yet and my current landlord is Mum! 

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February 27th Birthday Celebrations

1999:  Up at 6.30 – come on mum – it’s the weekend – let’s party.  She doesn’t seem too enthusiastic.  I guess she is getting on a bit now – 34 today.  She sang happy birthday to herself, but I wanted it to be to ‘me’.  We had a cup of tea, got dressed and then went to Nanny and Pa’s.  Mum had lots of pressies and I wanted to open them all.  I had bought her a lovely green purse and she had Lion cake (which I blew the candles out on several times).  Mummy went home to get ready and then she went off to London for the day and I stayed with Nanny and Pa.  I went to the shops with Pa and we bought some yummy cakes. We made peaches and jelly for mum’s tea tomorrow (well it is mine and Pa’s favourite!)  Pa bought me a Thomas the Tank Engine magazine and I had a generally spoilt and pampered day.  Well I do have to work hard living with my mum, so it’s nice to have a break every now and again.  Nanny and Pa took me home and although mummy’s, Bim’s and Eesa’s cars were there, there was no sign of anyone.  I went to bed and I presume Nanny and Pa stayed with me. 

2019: Mum always takes her birthday off from work and I met her for a Pizza Hut buffet at  lunch time which is one advantage of being unemployed. This afternoon we got the fire going and watched the films I wanted to watch on Sky Cinema (20 years may have passed but I still seem to have a handle on things!) Zof came over tonight and we gave mum her all her pressies – lots of organic stuff (as she’s gone organic mad) and a companion set for fire place. Indian take away for tea which was lush. Oh. And I had to trouble mum to fill out a form for guarantor for flat ……

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February 26th Fun times and Depression

1999: – Mum got up 15 minutes before the alarm was due. Was this a miracle?  No, it was me pulling the covers off of her and shouting ‘up, up, up’!  Went to Edon’s for a while this morning and then to Nan’s.  Great Grandad Bomper was there.  Nan called us for our lunch and before I helped Bomper to the table, I cleared all my toys out of his path.  Bomper and Nanny were astounded; they obviously aren’t used to such chivalry.  Nan was trying to keep me up today as mum was coming home early to take me swimming – for a treat.  I was very, very tired though and eventually Nan had to give in and put me to bed.  Ten minutes later mum rang to say she was home!  She let me sleep for a while and then the meanie woke me up for cuddles.  Mum took me downstairs and Pa was there too.  Later I helped Pa make some bread in the machine.  I didn’t really eat any tea, but I did get a party hat out for everyone and made them wear it! If only they knew how silly they looked. 

2019: When life was fun. Another day of job hunting today although my motivaiton is going as is my mood. Managed to stir myself to get over to Zof’s tonight so I can pick up all mums pressies for tomorrow but left her birthday card on her pillow so she will find it tonight

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February 25th – Frost, Snow, Sun

1999:  I turned the alarm off onto radio after the second snooze and got shouted at for my trouble, coz mum didn’t ‘want to get up yet’.  Get real; she’s already been up – to get my milk.  I got shouted at a few times this morning!  On another occasion my ball went into mum’s bath and I tried to get it back but got a soaking wet sleeve instead.  What’s the problem?  She can just change it can’t she?  Later, when I had a marmite sandwich I showed mum the mess I had made on the settee and she said not to worry and that she’d sort it out later!  Life with mother is so very confusing.  The car was covered in frost this morning.  I poured some of my juice over the windows, but it didn’t have much effect.  Mum went in to get the kettle instead – at least I tried (and Mum thought my attempts very sweet).  On the way to Edon’s we picked Mark up, one of mums work colleagues and I was not impressed.  I looked down at the floor and occasionally out the corner of my eye at mum, and did not say a word.  This is my time with my mum and there is no room for intruders.  I soon cheered up though when mum told me that Nan would be picking me up and I’d be going to hers for tea.  Which she did – but ‘I COOKED THE PIES’, and very proud of it I was too.  I was merrily eating my tea with Nanny and Pa, when mum sneaked up behind me.  She made me laugh.  Mum joined us for tea and then Uncle Eddy came round too – full house!  I stood on my new stool that pa had made for me and did a big boys wee – standing up! 

2019: Busy day off today – painting the new fire pace, buying wood and getting the fire lit tonight (even if it has been the hottest February day on record – its new and we have to use it). Poor mum, last year she was unprepared for Beast from the East. Even though there was plenty of warning she decided to run down the fridge and freezer for a clean. We ended up with 4  x 20 year old lads, mums friend, mum and Mark snowed in for 3 days with 3 pork chops, oven chips and some mince. Fortunately we had the corner shop and lived on bread, cereal, eggs and bacon and loads of rubbish snacks.  She is completely prepared this year having the wood burner installed on Friday and sending me off shopping today. I picked up some sun screen just in case!

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February 24th Mishaps and Mischief

1999: This morning I sat on the toilet like a seat drinking my milk, whilst Mum had a shower.  I ended up having one too though as mum dropped the shower head and the water went everywhere.  Mum got the screwdriver out this morning to put batteries in my snort pig, and I haven’t stopped playing with the screwdriver since.  At least I didn’t go near the washing machine.  Mum says I’m a nightmare with tools! She wont be saying that when I’m older and wants me to fix everything though will she?  I also have a bit of a thing about keys and have to unlock the car every morning.  I also keep moving the surround to the Chubb lock around on the front door – it’s very funny watching mum trying to put the key in – until she realises who the culprit is.  When mum picked me up I showed her the games and the toys I’d been playing with, namely frustration.  What does she mean she knows it well? I’ve never seen her play it.  Pa called round tonight to drop off fence panels as the others have nearly gone

2019:  Could only get the fire going once today as mum moaned it was too hot.  I even had to hang washing on the line instead of just sticking it in the tumbler. Chore. Went into town and got tappas for lunch and enchiladas for tea. Even found gluten free tortillas for mum.

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February 23rd – Fun Days in and Out

1999:  This morning mum left me drinking and jumped in the shower.  5 minutes later I was stood in the shower, following mum having discovered my nappy.  How had she known to look so soon after getting up?  Oh dear I’d left tell tale signs all over her bedroom carpet.  She stayed remarkably calm.  I was full of energy and fun this morning so I went to Edons and mum went back to work. Mum dressed me in a new outfit that Uncle Eddy had bought me. I’m talking in very long sentences now, but no one can understand me.  If they could, I would have told them that my mum had left a plastic strip in my new top, from the label, and that it’s been itching me like mad all day.  After months of red cheeks and dribbling, one of my back teeth is nearly through.  We look every day in the mirror, which makes brushing my teeth far more exciting.  We went to the chippy tonight for sausage and chips, but when we got them home the chips were really awful.  We took them back to the chippy and got an exchange and I ate a grand total of 3!  Still the ride out was fun – mum and I sang really, really loudly all the way there and back

2019:  New wood burner was fitted yesterday so fell asleep to a lovely blaze last night and made it my first job again this morning as soon as I got up. Zof and I went out for a bike ride but weather was deceiving today and the wind had returned despite the very sunny outlook. We bought packet cake mix and ate lots of gooey naughty stuff and kebab for tea. Cozy, lazy, snacky day (I blame it on my childhood) But its ok, I mostly make it to the toilet in time now!