December 5th – Cold Winter Days

1999:  My feet were very cold this morning so Father Christmas came early and gave me a new pair of Dennis the Menace slippers.  I thought they were great.  We had Scottish shortbread for breakfast (Mummy’s present from Nanny and Pa) and then headed off to Maldon – swimming.  Yes.  We eventually made it.  I splashed and jumped around in the baby pool, even diving under the water – mummy was very impressed.  We drove down to the promenade and went to the park and then to look at the water and the boats.  We didn’t stay too long as Mummy had forgotten her coat and was very cold.  I don’t know, what’s the matter with her? – I had ice cream!  When we got home mummy climbed into the loft and got the Christmas tree down.  We put tinsel, baubles and beads on it and tinsel up the stairs.  It looks lovely.  We went to Nanny and Pa’s and Uncle Terry came round for Nanny’s belated birthday tea (as she had been away).  Several bouts of diarrhoea tonight and as if my bum isn’t content with running my nose has also started continually streaming.

2019: Yes. Have completed my course and passed all the exams so bring on my future. Now just need to wait for my licence. Mums put her tree up now but had to put it in the conservatory as Fergie kept scaling it in the lounge. We have all decided to do a secret Santa for Christmas so we only need to buy one present between the 8 of us (although I know mum has already got mine and Zofs so bonus!) Zof and I aren’t buying each other this year – we are putting the money in our £1 start-up help to buy ISA for our next home.

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December 4th – When You’re in a Good Place

1999:  This morning  I went to play with my toys in my bedroom but the mattress was in the way of the wardrobes where all my toys were.  Mum said to play with my fire engines instead – but they were all downstairs so down we went. She had put a hanging Christmas tree on the wall and I said, “Oh mummy, I love it!”  She’d even hung my tree decoration on it.  We had scrambled eggs on toast for brekkie and then I had a bath due to a poo accident in my pyjamas, which once again I’d tried to sort out.  Oops!  We packed the swimming bags and headed for Nan’s to feed the cat but Nanny and Pa were there!  We stayed for a quick cuppa and pressies – I got Edinburgh rock.  Just as we were about to leave the neighbours knocked to say they had driven into Mummy’s car.  Oops again!   We called in to the garage to book the car for an MOT, which they can do today.  We drove to Wickford to see if the pool was open – it wasn’t, so we had a wander around the town, bought doughnuts and chomped them on the way to the MOT.  The car passed its test and we were finally on our way to Maldon and swimming.  We got to the pool, got out, and then mummy realised she’d forgotten her costume!  I don’t see the problem.  I thought she was very unfair making me get back in the car.  We went to Aunty Eesa’s just round the corner to borrow one of her costumes and we ended up staying until 4.30.  Mummy did ask if I wanted to go swimming but I kept saying “not yet”.  We didn’t end up going but we did go to Donals drive through for tea and then on to Aunty Karen’s where we had more dinner!  We left at eight and I was gracefully transferred from car to bed whilst pushing out the zzzzz’s.

2019: Mum kept that Christmas tree decoration, and many others, for 14 years until one of her exes decided to take it and dispose of it along with all the decorations we collected each year on our travels. I cannot possibly write here what I think of him!

Not such a busy day today but just as enjoyable. Lovely to get out of the office and learn new stuff and I go 19/20 on my exam. Have been accepted onto Regency door staff and am buzzing to get started (as long as I pass the course tomorrow!). Also considering a progression to protection training in the future. Think I may have found my future career and am feeling in a really good place right now. Mental health and Crohn’s stable and good.

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December 3rd – All Things Made and Found

1999:  We got up for milk and marmite sandwiches (although mummy had started to cook toast for us both – so she ended up with it all).  Playschool today and I made a lovely decoration for the tree. Mummy thought it was wonderful.  Have been a bit tired and tearful this afternoon, but apart from the diarrhoea thing this morning – no more runs since.  We had to feed Nanny’s cat on the way home and then mum made fishcakes and beans for tea.  I was quite excited by the prospect of cakes, especially as I had been declined sweets, chocolate and biscuits!  However, they didn’t look much like cakes to me – but I ate them anyway. 

2019:  Second day of door supervisor training including searches and I was well pleased as am the first person to find a knife stored behind the instructors belt in 6 months. Also passed todays written test and am pleased to report mum has found her passport

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December 2nd – Its All A Bit Messy

1999:  up at seven – mum was already up.  What a miracle – she’d even had a bath and so I jumped in the water.  Went to feed the cat and then on to Deedons.  I had diarrhoea today but I did go into the toilet and try and clean it up myself but I seemed to make a bit more of a mess. Mum was sympathetic when she heard as she’d spent a lot of time in the toilet today too.  When we got home, after feeding the cat, I spied my advent calendar, which I hadn’t opened this morning.  Mum showed me which door to open, which I did, and then tipped it up to get more chocolates out.  Well ones a bit boring isn’t it?!  Shortly after this I had to run to the toilet but I didn’t quite make it.  Worse still it had gone on the bathroom floor.  And then I trod in it.  It was everywhere.  I had a bath and got nice and clean, had a lie on the settee watching telly and then off to bed.  

2019:  Well I still run – most days. And since I’ve been old enough to open my own advent calendar …… I usually eat the lot in one go.   Had to be in Norwich for 8am today to start my 4 day door supervisor course. Was a bit nervous as have to do a written test each day but passed todays based on our learning of different laws and arrests. It was really interesting and went really well.

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December 1st – We Were All Disorganised Children (Once?!)

1999:  up at seven – absolutely drenched – big boys Drynites pants aren’t so dry after all.  Milk and marmite sarnies for breakfast whilst mum had a shower.  I answered the phone when it rang and took it upstairs to mummy telling her it was Nanny who was ringing from her holiday (I think she’d rung to check mum hadn’t forgotten the cat this time!)  Went to Deedons and when mum collected me I wanted her to buy me some sweets.  She said we had to go to Nan’s first to feed the cat. “No mummy.  Shops first”.  I was so cute that I won without a fight. Well that and the fact that she knows that it will keep me quiet.   We had to go to Pa’s van to get his ladders; I held the torch whilst mummy fiddled with the key.  Then mummy had to carry the ladders in and go up in the loft and I held them to make sure she didn’t fall and kept asking “all right mummy?”  She came down safely with a big box of photos, to find one that Nanny has asked mummy to send off somewhere of Uncle Terry and there were lots of her as a little girl.  “Where am I mummy”?  She tried to explain the principle but I couldn’t understand it.  I found it very funny though that she had actually been a child too. 

2019:  Working today and then panic stations tonight trying to find my passport for my course registration tomorrow. Rang mum to see if it was there but I eventually found it in the driver’s side door of my car. Mum again told me to get in the habit of filing to save time and stress. She suggested I take this from someone who has learnt – which I found hysterical as when she was looking for my passport at hers she realised hers isn’t where it’s supposed to be. Still its only 6 weeks to Cape verde ……….

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November 30th – Beanbag Chilling

1999: Up at seven, downstairs for Play bus.  Had bix for brekkie and then it was off to Deedons – via Nanny’s to feed the cat (mum’s doing well so far).  Aunty Karen picked me up tonight and when mummy got home she found the lounge totally trashed by Agal and me.  We were very proud of our handy work.  We had tea and then we both had a bath.  Mummy took a photo of Agal and I on the bean bags and then we waved them off and I went to bed with new ‘bedtime pants’, milk and Po.       

2019: Early start today. Off to see Terry and Beau in Chigwell. Had a game of crazy golf and then lunch at the Blue Boar. Afterwards Zof and I headed off to Heathrow again to pick up Mark and Keigan following their 5946 thousand mile round trip to watch Man Utd lose!  By the time Id dropped them home I needed that beanbag! Mum watched the new Dumbo today with pink flying elephants 🤣🤣

Another terror attack in London yesterday with stabbings on London Bridge. Luckily members of the public jumped and restrained him but sadly two people lost their life 😔

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November 29th – Head and Chest and Hands and Feet

1999: I didn’t get up until 6.55 and I was soaked. Once sorted I got into bed with mum who gave me a big cuddle and then we went down for milk and tea in time for Playbus.  Playschool today, which was wicked as we got to put our hands and feet in lots of paint and make pictures.  I usually do this in the garden; I’ve never done it anywhere else before and certainly not indoors!    We had to go to Nanny’s on the way home to feed her cat as she is now away.  Which is progress, as last time they went away for five days and mum remembered to feed the cat when Nan got home and rang her to say puss was very hungry!  We had scampi chips and peas for tea, albeit a bit cold due to me pooing and weeing my pants and being diverted for a quick shower.  We rang Nanny and sang happy birthday and I went up to bed at seven.  Mum said I could have a story but I pointed out that I couldn’t open my cupboard, under my cabin bed, to choose a book as the mattress is still on the floor.  She moved it, I chose a book and then I practiced walking up and down the steps.  I can do it mum, it’s just far more fun to jump down.  After my story I had to call mum back up to tell her Po was trapped in the draw (she does get into mischief).  Mum rescued her and tucked us both in for the night.

2019: Had to leave work early today as Dom has been taken into hospital. Sustained a head injury at rugby on Sunday and has been poorly all week. 111 sent an ambulance. Turned out to be bronchitis triggered by his asthma. Mum said a similar  thing happened to me once – I got hit on the head with a seesaw and a couple of days later was really listless with a headache. Deedon rang mum who advised to get an ambulance (she was in Cambridge) but they discovered a temperature and took me to the GP who diagnosed tonsillitis. Seems a bump on the head can cause all manner of ills!

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