November 1st – Gate Crashing

1999: Into mum’s bed at seven.  Mum got up and left Al and I snoring.  I eventually stirred at half seven.  Off to Edon’s and Playschool.  Took my yoghurt pot and sponsor money – £27.00!  Built a construction of 4 boxes which mum cruelly threw away (she did it when she thought I wasn’t looking, but I know these things).  Picked up Playschool photos but I don’t think mums going to have them as I look a bit stern and have my ‘playschool (scruffs) clothes’ on.  She’s such a snob at times.  When mum collected me I was very happy, despite no sleep today and I have been completely dry.  I went to the toilet all on my own before we left but made my pants damp – not wet, as my willy slipped!  Had egg and bacon pie, which mummy had actually made (and it was actually edible), followed by banana yoghurt and chocolate flakes.  Mummy let me have some sweets, as I have been such a good boy.  Then I pooed my pants.  Following a quick shower I had a lie down on the settee and was off in the land of nod.

2019: Back to work today. Got a text from cousin Beau saying he was at Nanny and Pa’s so Zof and I descended on them at 9.45 pm after work. Think everyone was ready for bed but we kept them up for some games and frolics and had a great time.


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October 31st – Halloween Birthday

1999:  We were up at 5.45, bumbled around and then got ready to go over the town.  We were delayed slightly when Al reminded mummy that the clocks went back last night and the shops wouldn’t actually be open yet.  So we bumbled around some more.  And then went shopping and I got my face painted and scared everyone on the way home. Had a couple of hours nap this afternoon so missed Nanny and Pa when they visited but they left me a Halloween mask and T shirt.  Mum and I got dressed up this evening to go to Uncle Telly’s birthday party but we couldn’t find my mask.  Mum found it eventually – behind my new house in the garden.  I took my microphone to sing happy birthday and as a birthday bonus, I got the rr’s and called him Uncle Terry.  I got to blow out the cake candles three times.  We all had a great time and we didn’t get in until 11.00!  Needless to say, it wasn’t long before I was asleep – nor mummy for that matter.

2019: No parties today but still Terrys birthday so messaged him to wish him a good one. Day off again today so time spent trying to get a loan to also do my SIA badge so I can work the doors in Norwich of a weekend. I can only get 49.9% with a guarantor! Back to the Sainsburys card then but mum needs to order another one as I misplaced her last one – in her car but she only found it once she cancelled it!

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October 30th – Chocolate Money

1999: Up at half five but persuaded back to bed with mum for an hour and then we got up and went downstairs.  Mummy fell asleep on the settee until eight which was great as I got to trash the lounge.  Mum awoke to find I had also helped myself to whole cup of neat orange squash.  We went swimming and ate in the pool cafe afterwards, but I decided to eat most of mine in the car.  Unfortunately my food hit the floor before we reached the car.  We went to Asda to look for Nanny who does in store demonstrating and I spied her easily and I tasted her chocolates.  What a great day to come to Asda! Mum didn’t think so though – was it the chocolate or my tiredness that caused me to knock everything off the shelves and rails?  Who knows, but either way I had fun. 

2019: Off today and booked my CITB for next Tuesday so I can earn extra money on site as ours just seems to disappear. Mum is worried about me over doing it and advising that we will always spend more than we earn. I told her that’s rich coming from her. I’ve seen her do a day shift into a night shift and back into a day many times before!

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October 29th – Cool Motors

1999:  Awoke at 6.30 with the alarm but mum and I both stayed in our own beds until she finished snoozing it.  I went in to see her and said “can I have dippy eggs, with soldiers” (whilst shrugging my shoulders)  Mum was surprised as I have hated eggs until now and especially when I said I didn’t want any milk.  Mum went to the kitchen to make egg and when she returned I was sat on the settee, cushion on lap, ready and waiting – and I ate the lot.  Went with Edon to see her sister today who has a really cool car – the roof disappears!  When mum came to collect me I ran off shouting “don’t like mummy” for all to hear (she’s such an ogre after all) but eventually I climbed into the car. I had a bowl of pear, apple and sweets for tea as I didn’t want any dinner. 

2019: Talking of cool cars, my VW is finally in for repair and I have a courteousy car – a bloomin Nissan Micra. Its that old it has a tape player and my head touches the roof, my knees hit the steering wheel and the gear stick. I feel like a sardine. After cramming myself in and out of it, once home I realised I’d left my flat keys  at the dealers with my car key. So I had to go back again. That’s my street cred out of the window. I’m hiding up for the rest of the day 

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October 28th – A Very Messy Business

1999: I slept until seven when I awoke in my own bed and ran in to give mum a quick hug and then dragged her up.  Not a very successful day at Edons; all my clothes got dirty and wet.  It didn’t get much better tonight – I wet the settee twice, 5 minutes after having wee’d on the toilet.  I was very consistent mind and protected mummy from the wet patch every time she went to sit down.

2019: Everything continues to be dirty and wet in the UK. The EU have given a Brexit Extension until the end of January and we are going to have a general election in-between. All very messy. Wish the politicians would just sort themselves out. Meanwhile, in my old stomping ground of Chelmsford, the 25 year old Lorry driver has appeared in court accused of murder and trafficking of 39 people

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October 27th – Football and Rugby

1999:  Nanny and Pa’s today and I was dry all day.  Nanny, Bomper and I piled in to the car and went to Southend Untied shop to buy Uncle Telly’s birthday presents and then we headed to the airport and I had great fun watching the planes and fell asleep on the way home.  Nanny later told me that she had put me on the settee intending to wake me up after an hour but her and Bomper had fallen asleep too!  Mummy arrived home after tea again, closely followed by Pa who had to eat his tea with me sat on his lap which was really cool coz I got to eat most of his pudding.   We didn’t get home until quite late and I eventually settled to sleep at half nine, snuggled up to mum in her bed.

2019: House cleaning and food shopping today and then over to mums or an Indian where I managed to catch up on the England v New Zealand – what a match. Gutted I’m working next Saturday for the World Cup final.

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October 26th From Breakdowns to Breakthroughs

1999: Five o clock start this morning but played in my room until mum got up at six.  We did really well for time this morning and it would have continued if mummy hadn’t been so silly.  We turned out of our road when I had to say “mummy, my belt not on”.  She pulled over, strapped me in, went to pull away and stalled the car.  She then tried to start it over and over until it stunk of petrol.  We had to walk back home, get Al up (who had been working all night) and eventually we were back on the road.  When mum picked me up tonight I looked for sweeties.  She said she hadn’t bought me any but that she had bought me a present to which I said “oh, thank you mummy” – until I saw it – it was a boring old coat and a pair of army pyjamas.  Didn’t want tea tonight as decided to convince myself it was horrible before I’d even tried it.  I wrapped up warm and played in the garden – mending, building and working.

2019: No overtime for me today after all, which was just as well as yesterday was pay day. Nice date night at Bella and then out for a few bevvies and dancing. Great night but feeling a bit tired today. Missed the rugby as ad to drop Zof off for a nail course but mum has recorded it. Not that I could avoid hearing we are through to the world cup final as its everywhere!

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