October 27th – Football and Rugby

1999:  Nanny and Pa’s today and I was dry all day.  Nanny, Bomper and I piled in to the car and went to Southend Untied shop to buy Uncle Telly’s birthday presents and then we headed to the airport and I had great fun watching the planes and fell asleep on the way home.  Nanny later told me that she had put me on the settee intending to wake me up after an hour but her and Bomper had fallen asleep too!  Mummy arrived home after tea again, closely followed by Pa who had to eat his tea with me sat on his lap which was really cool coz I got to eat most of his pudding.   We didn’t get home until quite late and I eventually settled to sleep at half nine, snuggled up to mum in her bed.

2019: House cleaning and food shopping today and then over to mums or an Indian where I managed to catch up on the England v New Zealand – what a match. Gutted I’m working next Saturday for the World Cup final.

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October 19th – Brexit Rugby Lessons

1999:  Mummy made the tea and milk this morning but I jumped in Al’s bath water and I got out just in time to see ‘Playbus’ on TV.  Went to Open Door today and was given 3 photo proofs for mum to choose from, all of which were very cute of course.  Have had a runny nose all day and feeling a bit grouchy but perked up when mum picked me up.  We had a right laugh tonight; we did some acrobats – mummy knelt down, I ran at her and she threw me over her head onto the settee where I crash landed.  Great fun! We watched Pat, had soup and bread (and ate it all up) and then it was off to bed.

2019: Working today, unlike government that have now found another reason why they cannot vote on the deal Boris Johnson has agreed with the EU.  I hope they took the time to watch the England v Australia rugby match and learn something about working together instead of white line fever.  

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October 18th – Dreams and Nightmares

1999:  Got into bed with mum and told her I’d had a “nice dream” about “a dink”.  Mummy asked what kind of drink it was and I told her it was milk.  Al went down to get it and I went down to help then went running back to bed with mum and milk.  Playschool this morning where, just for a change, I had milk and chocolate biscuit.  I told mummy I had wet my pants and trousers today and there were lots of wet clothes as evidence.  Ate doughnut and pizza for tea and fell asleep at half six.

2019: Mums flying home today. In-between texting her “safe Flight” I was asking her which police station my driving licence is at. She text Aylsham and the number of the police station that rang her to inform her they had it. So ensued lots of phone calls, transferred calls, repeating myself and no-one seems to know where it is. I need it for my courteousy car for repairs next week! No nice dreams here – just a waking nightmare.

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October 14th – Wedding Cars

1999: Up at 6.15 chirpy and full of beans.  Had a “nice day” but had the usual tears and hysterics when mum came to collect me.  Marmite sarnies for tea as mum actually remembered to take my dinner to Edons again.  Played in my room for a while “building” while mum sorted out the washing and fell asleep to Pat.

2019: Not so chirpy this morning but dragged myself up and in to work. I do enjoy working where I do but everything is so tiring at the moment. The best bit is driving there in my Golf. I love it, but tbh I can’t wait to get an R and spend loads of money on it. 2 years to go and a wedding to plan and pay for first ……

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October 12th – Pubs, Boats and Trains

1999:  Mum had a lie in until 7.15 when I got up.  It’s just as well I did as her alarm clock didn’t go off so it was rush, rush, rush as usual, although I did get the chance to jump in mums bath.  Mum said she loved me and I replied with “I love Al.  Don’t like you”.  She didn’t seem to take it to heart though and I didn’t get the ‘I work bloody hard for you’ speech. Edons first thing and Nanny’s.  We went to the pub for lunch, the one with the cool play area and I played for a couple of hours as it is lovely and warm and sunny again this afternoon. Later, we had a picnic at the river watching the boats.  I wanted to see the train when we went over the level crossing.  I told nanny I didn’t want to go on it just to “look”.  So we drove to the station car park and  waited – fortunately only for a few minutes.  Mummy was home early tonight but I carried on with my usual routine with Pa.  After tea mum and Nan nattered and nattered and they were both surprised when I arrived on Pa’s shoulders bathed, dried and pyjama’d. I was soundo within 5 minutes of arriving home.

2019:  And work hard she did. Although she would have loved to be a stay at home mum but I’m not sure how that would have worked out. I loved my adventures out with others and I guess appreciated each other more when we did get together (although reading some of these diaries I’m not so sure!)  At least now I can understand adult stress, anxiety and depression (which was the reason she struggled to get up each morning)

Zof and I went to see nan and Pa today and stayed over

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October 11th – Playschool and School Children

1999:  Told mum I didn’t want to go to playschool today because miss doesn’t like me and shouts at me!  I went anyway and did some more pictures for mummy.  Fell asleep after playschool so was quite happy when mummy collected me this evening.  She had bought me a present of new gloves – complete with fingers!  I have progressed from mittens at last.  We played trains in the garden for a while then mummy and I went up for a bath.  I had boiled egg for tea (well mum cooked it for me anyway) as she had actually remembered to take my dinner to Edons today.  We flew up to bed over mountains and sea at seven and once there had a story of Peepo.


2019: Back to work today and my evening Facebook musings left me wondering:

Why Pepsi v Coke is even a debate when Dr Pepper is clearly far better than either  

Why people bother to separate colours from whites when I shove it all in and it comes out fine

How good the new chocolate Toblerone Ice cream sticks taste

When the government will stop behaving like school children and sort out Brexit

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October 10th – Recovery Days

1999: Let mummy have a bit of a lie in until 6.15 (although she didn’t actually get out of bed until seven).  We went to Aunty Eesa’s this morning and on the way there mummy asked if I would please use the toilet today instead of keep wetting my pants (amongst other things).  I responded with “sorry mummy, I wee my pants”.  I then proceeded to wet myself twice at Aunty Eesa’s.  I have my defiant head on today, so we left again after lunch.  We cut the grass and then I played in the garden with the hose as there has been another change in the weather and it’s quite warm today.  I got very wet and a bit cold so mummy stripped me off and wrapped me in my blanket and together we sat and watched the Lion King.  After tea mummy made me a tent from the table, table cloths, chairs and the clothes horse.  She said it was too small for her, but I eventually got her in.  I went in the garden and played my bucket drums.  I played very nicely.  So what if it’s 5.45 on Sunday?  At least it’s not morning.  I refused to stop, so following threats was frog marched to bed in tears.  I suppose at least I got milk and a kiss, but I’m not happy and mummy scurried off looking a bit heart wrenched.

2019:  Not much to report today. Recovery day from infusions so just chilled at home looking at past holiday photos and getting excited that our next holiday will probably be our honeymoon.

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