July 7th – Impromptu days and Nights

1999: I’m slipping. I slept for  12 hours!  Went straight to Nanny’s as Edon is away and mummy has to go to Cambridge.  Uncle Teddy was still there when we arrived with his “poor mouth”.  I played most of the day in the garden with buckets of water and used my travel pot all day.  Nan didn’t ask if anything went into the buckets and I didn’t tell.  When mummy got home we all had tea at Nanny’s and I had a shower and washed my own hair.  We got home at seven and I was asleep within ten minutes.

2019:  Well I only planed to stay for a bit with Kiegan yesterday as had gym planned but BBQ chilled me, Zof came over and we all ended up staying the night at mum and Marks who are still in Ireland. We looked a tad better than the photo taken 5 years ago – morning after the night before. Mum got used to coming down in the morning and filing lots of us in a heap or strewn around!

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July 6th – BBQ Weather

1999: Slept until seven when the alarm went off.  Didn’t sleep at all at Edons today and when mum picked me up it was reported that we had all been very hyper for the past hour and a half.  I was very excitable.  I played in the garden and distributed my sand everywhere but the sandpit.  After tea I decide to paint the kitchen window with my bottle brush and soapy water.  I think it looks lovely but mum reckons it might not look quite so lovely once it’s dried.  Had a bath and fell asleep cuddled up to mum at 6.30

2019: Mum and Mark are still in Ireland. Kiegan is at theirs looking after the cat – Prince Eric Catona (How embarrassing). I went over for the day and we decided on a BBQ and were not going to let the rain stop us. My Aquarian mind put the double line up with the bbq cover pegged to it and stayed perfectly dry whilst the food sizzled

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July 5th – Teeth Work Outs

1999:  I didn’t wake up until 5.40 this morning – I’d slept right through!  I had a bath while Nanny had a shower and I was very good and told Nanny when I wanted to do a poo.  I can’t have her believing all the accidents everyone else tells her about.  We went to Edon’s and everything was fine until I ran into the wall and then I clung onto nanny in tears.  I eventually let Nan go and later mum picked me up and we had a lovely evening.  Mum said she had missed me and she certainly made up for deserting me yesterday.  We had to go  to Nanny and Pa’s for a while, to look after Uncle Teddy, who’s 29 but poorly, as Nanny had to go to the chemist to get him some medicine. Apparently some doctor has pulled out his wisdom teeth.  I thought he was supposed to pass all his wisdom on to me, but he’s not offering his teeth and I’m definitely not asking! 

2019: Funny this should be about teeth, as I was just talking to Zof about one of my childhood memories.  I was in the bath at nan’s and Pa was sitting on the top of the toilet seat reading me a story. All of a sudden he sneezed and next I knew his teeth landed in my bath and on my lap! I was horrified that this could happen with a sneeze, until he explained his false nashers to me.

2 /12 hour gym session tonight getting ready for my big run. Mum face timed from Ireland and I had a wee chat with Karen, Mark, Kate and Finley too

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July 4th – Parties and Vegan Cakes

1999: Up bright and early at 6.30.  Mummy took me to Nanny’s at 7.45 as she’s going to a party in the park in London.  I don’t think it’s at all fair.  Everyone knows parties are for children and my mummy is leaving me behind!  I did get to spend the day with daddy though; Grandma picked me up from Nan’s at 11.30.  I fell asleep before we left, but apparently daddy took me back to Nanny’s

2019: Rang mum yesterday to ask her to make some lactose and gluten free cakes for todays cake sale and also through a vegan challenge into the mix. She actually succeed to make banana muffins which went down a treat and I got the recipe from her below.

Absolutely smashed the cake sale today raising £115 towards Crohn’s and Colitis and my Mountain time trial and Aviva have matched this! With 3 weeks to go I need to stop eating cake and get to the gym.

Banana Vegan Muffins – Lactose, and Gluten Free:

Mix 1 1/4 cups of gluten free flour with teaspoon xanthan gum (check vegan), and sodium biocarb, sprinkle of salt and 2/3 cup of sugar (or substitute).

Add 1/2 cup of warmed olive oil, two very ripe mash bananas and teaspoon apple cider vinegar with mum and mix well.

Dissolve teaspoon coffee in 1/4 cup boiling water and add to the mix gradually until at consistency. I actually weighed these today to get them even – 34g = 19 cakes. Cook for 15 minutes in pre-heated oven at 180c

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July 3rd – Crohn’s can Feel like Tackling a Mountain Every Day

1999:  It was very hot and sunny yesterday but today there is no sun, but it is still warm so we had some garden play. I have felt a bit miserable and told mummy I was poorly. I had some medicine and at 11.15 I laid on the settee with juice and my blanket and fell asleep. Today I received my first appointment reminder for the dentist. Oooh, I hope I’m braver than mummy! I woke up at two and mum and I got our togs on and walked to the park. After a while we went to the shop for ice-cream which ended up on the slide and most other areas around the park. We had fish cakes and chips, with loads of sauce and made a picnic of it in the garden.

2019: Today I am fundraising at work for Crohns and Colitis with my mountain trek less than a month away now. This time last year I was having 28 cm of my ileum removed and re-sectioned. I was very excited about this due to the amount of pain, grief, anxiety and depression it had caused. Unfortunately I didn’t get the outcome I had been anticipating BUT, I am on the road to recovery and hopefully will soon have colonoscopy and Barium to clear the way for 8 weekly infusions. Meanwhile, I have a mountain to run up and down. To read more of my story or to support or cheer me on, you can contact me on Instagram chronically_livingcd or http://www.justgiving.com/Mountaintimetrial

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July 2nd – Bedtime Stories

1999:  Tonight Mummy told me a story about a lovely little boy called Jack, who lives with his mummy and has his very own bedroom but he spends most nights in his mummy’s bed, so he’s really got two!  Jacks mummy goes to work and so Jack spends most of his days with a lady he calls Edon.  Jacks mummy misses him and she can’t wait to get home at the end of the day to give him a big hug hello.  One day his mummy came to collect him and he sat on the toilet and did a wee.  His mummy put his pants on him and then they set off to the park.  Mummy had brought ham, cheese, chicken and cracker Luncheables and two cans of fizz.  Jack munched on these while he played and later they went for a walk.  They crossed a field and walked up a big hill and when they got to the top they found a big lake and sat and watched the ducks swimming.  They went back to the car and Jack drove it around the car park.  When they got home mummy decided to start cutting down the conifer trees in the garden and Jack helped.  They were both very grubby and had to have a big soapy bath to get clean.  Then they went to bed.  I thought it was a lovely story.  Can we do that one day mum?!

2019:  Mum used to make up all sorts of stories about our days and fantasy too.  She even made up a story to my Moonbeams projector when I was a baby, which she wold tell me every night, as the pictures went across the ceiling. She still has paper stories which have been in the draws for 20 years and will one day try to get these published. At least I acted today and went to the gym before work. My fundraising days at Aviva have changed and start tomorrow, which is slightly spooky as a year ago tomorrow I was having 28cm of my bowel removed.

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July 1st – At Least the World isn’t Lost

1999:  Nostradamus was wrong.  The world still appears to be here, unless it really did end and now we’re all in the twighlight zone.  Mum awoke to find me in her bed again this morning.  Flaming cheek – she slept on my side in the night which confused me in the early hours.  Mum shaved my head this morning which meant I got to jump in her bath to wash off all the itchy hair.   I was feeling a bit grumpy when Mum picked me up from Edons, but soon cheered up once I got home and into my new sandpit.  We went to have a bath while dinner was cooking, but we only managed to wash the sand off my feet and then I wanted out.  We went downstairs and mum left me in the lounge while she popped into the kitchen to sort out tea.  I don’t remember her coming out again 5 minutes later because I was soundo.

2019:  Sounds like Zof and I last night. We left mums at 7 am, with every intention of going to the gym before our late shift, but that’s where that prediction ended. There’s always tomorrow (hopefully not for Nostradamus). After work we took Mums phone to her as she left it at ours yesterday and ,picked up mine that I had left there this morning. We could never deny each other

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