June 21st – What a Gentleman

1999:  We had a slice of Pa’s homemade fruit loaf for breakfast and I took mine to Edons to finish it off.  I really wish Pa would give mum some lessons in home cooking.  Mum came down in a dress this morning (the one with the zip at the back).  She didn’t have to say anything, I said “oh”, jumped up and told mum to sit down so I could reach to do her dress up for her!  I think she was suitably impressed.  I got to reverse the car down the drive this morning but let mum finish the rest of the journey to Edons.  When mum picked me up I insisted on sitting in the back with no seat or booster and mum discovered that the seat belt actually fitted me much better this way and so off we set.  We had finger food for tea – chicken fingers and Alphabites, with ketchup of course.  I got sauce on mums arm and I ran off to get the kitchen roll and wiped it all clean.  Mum is beginning to wonder where all this grovelling is leading!

2019: Glad I got my cooking skills from Pa, although I’ve not quite developed into home baking yet (Unless packet cake counts?!) Last day at work and hapy to get home for the weekend. Had a great evening with Zofs Aunt and Uncle who are staying with my new best friend Esme. Gotta love a kids movie

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June 19th – Insomnia and Snores to move Mountains

1999: Got put back in my own bed 3 times tonight, but I won in the end.  She’s just far too drowsy for a showdown in the middle of the night.  It’s lovely and hot today.  I played in the garden while mum made sandwiches and off we went to Marsh Farm.  We arrived so early that I got to drive round the car park twice sat on mums lap.  We spent 3 hours at the farm and had our photo taken on a cool postcard Machine. Once home, I played in the garden – shouting at Emma through our peep holes in the fence. We went to see Nanny and Pa and  Pa has bought a cricket set for our holiday and a new bedtime story book for me (if I can get it off mum that is).  We played in the garden and I shouted really loudly at a barking dog – “shut up dog”.  Nanny says now she really knows how I get spoken to at home (although I must say mum has never called me ‘dog’). Mum assured her that it is only during times of severe trauma, but I would like to point out that this is her trauma and not mine – I’m absolutely fine

2019: Never was a good sleeper. Still struggle now. Mind whizzing at 100 mile an hour, or stomach cramps from wind and crohns! But once I’m asleep – it can be like waking a rock and apparently my snores are loud enough to shake a mountain. Talking of which, meeting at work today to discuss my fundraising event in support of my mount Snowdon run in July for @crohnsandcolitis.uk.  Aviva are being very supportive and we are going to fund raise for 3 days at beginning of July including a cake sale. Mum offered to make some gluten and lactose free muffins but Mark pointed out I needed to sell these not give them away!

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June 18th -20 Years? 20 Minutes of Diversity!

1999: Into mum’s bed in the early hours – soaked.  Mum thinks I’m storing, she could be right.  Makes a change from her accusing me of snoring I guess.  Mum was up before me this morning and she bought me milk in bed at seven.  We had an “uddle” in bed whilst I had my milk and mum had her tea.  Spent the day with Edon and mum fetched me at five.  It’s been lovely and hot today and I’ve got a bit of a tan.  Played in the garden tonight and went for a bath at 6.15.  Drank milk on the settee and fell asleep there again at seven.

2019: Late shifts all this week (yawn) but at least  have a party to look forward to on Saturday (mum just text to remind me) Yeah! Love a little party, love my car and driving too but am also taken with Giethoorn Village in the Netherlands which I have just stumbled upon on Facebook. It has no roads, only canals with 176 bridges. You have to leave cars outside of the village and get to it by foot or boat. Must be really peaceful but shopping must be a nightmare.  Meanwhile, I’ve just seen KFC are doing 20 hot wings for £5.99 until the 14th July …. that’s the diversity of me!

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June 17th – From Birthdays to Life’s Cruel Ways

1999: Same old routine this morning although I did grace mum with a small cuddle on the settee. Mummy picked me up at four from Edons and off we went to Agal’s party in Chelmsford. We had lots of yummy food and she had some wicked presents and lots of friends. I soaked everyone with a water pistol, opened one of Agal’s presents when no one was looking and blew out the candle on the cake. Well, it is my birthday, they just don’t realise. Mum didn’t seem very supportive of my theory. Agal didn’t seem to mind though – she was having a good time too. Mummy and I got home at eight and off to bed. It took me half an hour to fall asleep as I was busy planning my next birthday party.

2019:  Ah.  What fun we used to have with Abby. They moved to Ireland when I was 4 and we moved to Lincolnshire. Sadly we didn’t see Abby again as she died in 2005. Mum and Mark are off to see Karen and Mark and her siblings Kate and Finley in the next few weeks but money stops play for me. The last time I saw them was about 6 years ago when we went to the Abby Harding Memorial Foundation Ball in Tandragee and I also met up with John and Jacob from those 1999 years. For more information on theis wonderful foundation, supporting families of children with an acquired brain injury,  you can find the Abby Harding memorial Foundation on face book

If  you have suffered the loss of a child you can get support at https://www.lullabytrust.org.uk

Helpful books for children struggling with loss are:

Badgers Parting Gift (Mum and I read this when we lost Bomper)

Muddles, Puddles and Sunshine

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June 16th – Happy Fathers Day

1999: I got into mums bed at 3.30 saying “paint” and “dain”, only I know what I was dreaming about and I can’t remember now. I helped Mum hang the washing on the line and ended up playing in the mud which somehow landed on my trainers and on the lounge carpet.  Oops!  I forgot to take my trainers off.  Think mum was a bit upset with that move!  Nanny collected me from Edons, she made a picnic and we set off for Canvey with Bomper.  What fun we had, I went on all the rides, paddled in the sea, had ice-cream and a picnic and I stayed dry, using the toilet when Nanny did.  I fell asleep on the way home and slept for two hours.  I had my pull-ups on and they were still dry when I woke up.  I woke up just as mummy arrived and Pa and Teddy were there too.  I’ve seen everyone today and couldn’t sleep until 9.30 – it’s been such an exciting day.

2019: Work today and then called in to see Mum and Mark for Fathers day. I didn’t take a card but wrote one on Facebook:

Happy Fathers day to the man who stepped up and did what another man couldn’t, takes balls and respect to be able to be involved with another persons child, and you sir have done very well (especially with all the lifts you used to give me when mum said no) I mean, you’re a massive pain sometimes but aren’t we all? Couldn’t think of anything without you

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June 15th – Performing Arts

1999: We left home at eight but had to turn round and come back as we passed the washing machine repair man on the way (although he wasn’t actually due for 20 minutes).  We left him to get on with the repairs and mum took me to Edons.  Uncle Teddy came round tonight and fixed my football nets up properly for me and then we scored some goals.  I got muddy and we put the hose pipe on to wash down my wellies.  Oh what fun – I chased Uncle Teddy round the garden spraying him!  Mummy told him the Tigger story which he thought was very funny.  Not so funny for mum though who now has to go through the procedure morning and night to get me to wee.  Well she started it and anyway it’s her problem – I’m quite happy to wee in my nappy (which I am now back in).  We were eating our tea in the garden and I started playing with the rabbit hutch. Mum told me to stop it as I would hurt myself but I chose to ignore her and next we were on the way to the doctors where the nurse gave me a lollipop and removed the huge splinter which had gone down the side of my thumb nail.  I was very brave and very good and mum was very proud of me. 

2019:  Saturday and back to work in insurance. Saturday night used to be club performance nights at Mercy, Bished and  in Norwich. No more performing with Tigger, but getting paid to dress up and dance with a free tab was great fun.

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June 14th – Toilet Training with Tigger

1999:  Mummy came running upstairs this morning when, she heard me yelling and screaming and I said “mum, stuck” and she found me with my legs between the bed and the cot side.  I’m so used to waking up in her bed I’d tried swing me legs over the side instead of getting out the end of the bed.  We took my new Action Man bag to Edons which I had to put on my back – despite it being nearly as big as me.   Mum decided to take the last banana to work for her breakfast.  I saw it, said “ankoo” and took it.  How can she resist such sweetness?  I merrily munched it on the way to Edons and for some strange reasons mums’ stomach rumbled all the way.  On the way home tonight the barriers were down at the level crossing.  We sat there for 5 minutes, with baited breath with not a train in sight.  We ended up turning round and going home the long way round.  Not successful day training, I haven’t used the toilet or potty once, opting to do my business in whatever I was wearing.  Tonight mum sat my Tigger water squirter on the toilet, he weed and then asked me to do the same (does she think I’m that daft – it’s a plastic toy for Gods Sake!)  Anyway, I obliged but only because I thought it hysterical to wee on Tiggers head! 

2019:  Great night with Kiegan last night. Proper procrastination done to its finest today in our lovely cosy home. Did housework and shopping though and had dinner waiting for her royalty when she got home from work.

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