July 18th – Life’s Not Always a Picnic!

1999:  Happy but croaky this morning – and so is mum (well the latter anyway!).  Calpol and milk all round then!  Aunty Eesa came round with Dandell and Dessica and we all piled in her camper van and headed for the Farm and a teddy bears picnic. We saw the animals, fed the hens crisps (they didn’t seem to keen but we had fun throwing them – the crisps that is).  We went on the roundabout, bouncy castle, pony rides, playground, went to the craft tent and had ice-cream and ice lollies and lots of fun.  When we got home we played in the garden.  Mummy got the paints out and we painted pictures ……and feet……and arms……and legs………and faces!  Later, Eesa and Dandell were in the paddling pool, I was washing my car with the hose when suddenly mummy had grabbed at the hose and aunty Eesa was throwing buckets of water at mummy.  There was a massive water fight and mummy lost badly – especially as I was still holding the hose!  

2019:  Life’s no picnic today; just one of those days with lots unhappy work phone calls – and then I get one from mum saying she has a letter for me – chasing up one of my parking fines! Marks paid it for now …. until pay day .. role on next week!

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July 17th – No Room at the Inn and no Chance to Swim

1999:  Mum packed the swimming bag this morning and when she came down she found me painting my toe nails (and toes) with her nail varnish.  I thought it looked nice, very colourful, but mum didn’t think it suited for some reason.  We headed for the pool – only to find it closed until next week.  I took it well though and we went to visit Aunty Eesa instead.  I played in the garden for a while with the girls and then we went home.  I’ve got a bad throat and am feeling a bit poorly so mummy gave me some Calpol and I lay on the settee watching Pat.  I didn’t sleep and spent the rest of the day whining – that’s mums professional diagnosis anyway.  My point of view is that Dandell and Dessica came round and I didn’t want them to play with my toys.  We went to the park, but things didn’t really improve there either as they kept playing on the equipment which all belongs to me, why doesn’t everyone else realise this?  I fell asleep on the settee at 5.30 – much to mine and mum’s relief.

2019:  So 21/2 weeks until my Snowdon run and mum discovers that the inn she’d booked through Air B&B can not accommodate us. Fortunately she booked another one at Bala. She was very pleased with herself, until I pointed out she’d booked for 1 adult and 5 children (and theres only 5 adults going!) Oh well. I’m sure she’ll sort it!

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July 15th -White Van Man

1999:  This morning mum found all marks over the TV. screen.  I told her I’d been painting, but she’s yet to find out what with, but hasn’t ruled out the candle!  Went to Edons and we went to my planned pre-school to collect starting times and then of to Nanny’s with Bomper.  Pa came home early and presented me with my very own, child size, wooden white van which he had made. It’s official – I’m an Essex white van man!  I thought it was Pats van and asked where the cat was, I looked but I couldn’t find him anywhere!  Then I decided it was an ice cream van and sold 99’s to everyone

2019: Now that would be a good job – driving a van all day, not to go work on site, but surrounded by ice cream. Think I’d probably eat all the profits though! Meanwhile I’ll continue with the day office job which, although restrictive, is much better on my body than the building work was. Although some days just getting out of bed is a mission.  I have had some interesting, non work, phone calls over the last few days which could lead to something interesting, so watch this space for further announcements

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July 14th – Get out of the Dog House Day

1999: Up bright and early at six.  I helped myself to two bags of crisps which mum happily opened from the depths of her bed and in a drowsy state.  It’s great being up at this time because mum really doesn’t know what she’s doing – I swear she’ll not remember when she wakes up (I hope not anyway).  Mum got up at 7.30 to a neat and tidy lounge and a potty full to the brim.  I jumped in her bath, then dressed and off to Edons.  Mum was really impressed when she picked me up as I haven’t had a nappy on today and I was still in the same clothes I left home in this morning.  I had quite a hyper day and when we got home I went straight to the settee and watched Pat.  I asked for my milk which I drank while mum cooked tea but I never did find out what was for tea as mum apparently lifted me to bed at 5.45!

2019:  Apparently today is ‘Get out of the Dog House Day’. I know this as Argos have this blazoned everywhere and a single blow up mattresses on special offer. Asda on the other hand have free ice bucket with packs of Desperados and Sol Beer which are just £4. Some great bargains. But fortunately Zof and I can do our own thing whilst still being together or simply sit in our flat alone, eating snacks and minding our own business – both of which are sic. I’m just in from work, Zofs cooking tea and Mums booked the B&B for Snowdon,  so all is good. Well, so long as the Lion in Gwytherin confirms the booking

Adenum: England won the cricket World Cup for the first time ever! 241 runs each. 15 runs each super over. What were the odds?

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July 13th – Kids Have a Smashing Time

1999: We didn’t get up until 7.30 but we still managed to get out for eight.  I did well with training today (once I realised Edon was still not going to relent).  Edon managed to keep me awake all day so that mummy could spend time with me tonight but I was a bit tired.  A man came round to fix the smashed TV tonight (oops) and after this I had a bath and by 6.30 was soundo on the settee.

2019:  Jump forward 20 years – pretty much the same really – apart from I didn’t pee everywhere, I had to go to work and the TV didn’t need fixing. Our lounge window, however, is a different matter – due to a youth and a football. Fancy doing something like that? Haha

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July 12th -15 Days Until Snowdon Challenge

1999: Back to Edons today although it was all a bit of a rush.  I decided to poo and wee everywhere today in a bid to get my lazy nappies back – but Edon stuck with it.  When mum collected me we went to Aunty Karens and we all went over the park with Agal.  We had luncheables in the park and all went well until I weed all over the park equipment, and all over mum, and then for some strange reason, mum decided we were leaving which I thought was very mean because Agal and I were having a great time!  We went back to Karen’s and played in the garden, but I had to keep going in to use the toilet – lots!  Just as we were in the car and about to leave I said “wee”. Mum thought it was just a ploy to go back in and stay longer, but I managed to squeeze one out just to prove her wrong.

2019:  Had a major PT session yesterday so waddled into work today. Just under 2 weeks until my mountain run on the 27th. Mum and I looked at some rooms and cottages yesterday but need to confirm numbers before we book as Snowdonia is not cheap! Fortunately its on pay day as bank loan was not approved. If you would like to support me in raising money for crohns and colitis UK, follow my story or cheer me on  then please follow my link at http://www.justgiving.com/Mountaintimetrial or chronically_livingcd on insatgram

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July 11th – Empty Purses and Bank Accounts

1999:  Woke up when I heard Dandell and Dessica playing.  We all had great fun playing until the mum’s finally decided to emerge – to discover the upstairs totally trashed.  We all played outside in the sandpit and on the push bikes. Mum and I left at midday and so ensued the usual routine, the only difference being that I awoke on the settee to the sound of the ice cream man – it just doesn’t get better than that!  Only problem was mummy’s purse was empty!  Luckily mummy avoided tears by finding some pennies in our big whiskey bottle collection pot, and I chose a screwball minus the bubble gum (only because mummy would let me have it).  Once I had it I wouldn’t let go, even holding on to it whilst doing a wee on my pot – which is fairly tricky when you’re two (and even more impressively I was dry).  I ate my ice cream and the tears began when I realised the lack of ice cream man tune meant that there was also a lack of any more ice cream!  Mum tried to fob me off with ice cream from the freezer but I wasn’t having any of it.  Mummy then tried this thing called diversion and next I knew I was playing with my toy tools.  Nanny and Pa came round and mummy and Pa continued cutting down the trees and shredding them – I got to stay up until half eight watching the industry but still didn’t sleep until gone nine.

2019: Ice cream is still a weakness and mum is never going to win encouraging me to go dairy free when I love it all so much.  My white cells are probably loaded with the MAP bacteria (See June 12th for more information on this and Crohns). One thing that isn’t loaded is my bank account and I today applied for a bank loan to try and clear some debts. The bank agent text to confirm that my application had been received and I should hear in the next 24 hours. I went to Mums and Zof arranged to meet me there after work for tea. She text to ask me what it was and I informed the bank agent that it was mustardy chicken salad. Hope that doesn’t effect the loan application!

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