November 28th – Pigs aren’t Flying but there are Pink Elephants

1999: Got in with mum in the early hours and settled back to sleep until 7.15!  We went to see Nanny first thing this morning as it is her birthday tomorrow but she’s working today and in Scotland tomorrow and mummy is in London tonight.  Talk about gallivanting around the country!  We took Nanny’s present and card – which of course I helped Nanny unwrap.  I found my Halloween mask at Nanny’s and ran around being “scary”.  Unfortunately I tripped and hit the corner of the settee with my mouth and nose.  There was lots of blood, yelling and tears. I was very brave and didn’t cry for long and I even sucked on a pink elephant to stop the bleeding!  It wasn’t the real thing though, just a little plastic shape that had been in the freezer cooling in preparation for someone’s drink.  Mummy went to go and tried to take me with her.  I said “no, no.  You London.  Me wave”.  She let me stay with Pa for an hour and collected me mid-morning.  We went to Aunty Eesa’s for lunch and then they took the girls and me to the crèche at Safeway’s.  We had great fun and stayed for an hour and then they came to collect us.  Mummy went off to London and I stayed at Aunty Eesa’s for tea and a bath and then she took me home.  I wanted my mum but I soon settled to bed with juice and sent mum a text message via Aunty Eesa’s phone: ‘Have a good night.  Thinking of you.  I’m fine with Aunty Eesa.  Love you lots mummy.  B happy.  Jack xxx’

2019: Date night did me good. Watched Blue Story which hasn’t been banned at the Odeon but it has at Vue due to a gang fight with pre-teens and teens in one of their cinemas, complete with machetes! Spoke to mum – think I’m just stressed again at the moment due to money and worrying about Christmas. She has reassured me that a token present is fine, being together at Christmas and me being well is the important thing. I’ll try and chill.

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November 27th – Eat Ins and Eat Outs

1999:  It’s Saturday!  The day to be wide-awake at 6 a.m.  Mummy wouldn’t get up though, even when the phone rang at seven – it was Bomper.  I told him mummy was sleeping and then I heard her thuds on the stairs and told him “she’s coming down now”.  She soon snuck off to bed for another half hour though.  When she got up we had fried egg, baked beans and toast, which was delicious, and I ate it all up.  Mummy’s nail lady came round and handed mum her door and car keys, which she’d, left in the front door all night.  So much for security!  She didn’t do mummy’s nails today, instead she spread all this gooey stuff over her legs, and then took it all off again with bits of material.  Very odd.  Afterwards we went swimming where I did big dives, swam with armbands and finished in the baby pool without armbands.  Next stop Donals for ish ingers, chips and of course the toy that turned out to be a car.  Cool!  I ate it meals on wheels style – in the shopping trolley round Tesco’s where mummy was buying lunch for her and Bomper, which was our next stop.  We stayed for a couple of hours – me being a “cheeky monkey” as Bomper calls me – boisterous but cute!  Next we headed for Aunty Eesa’s where we stayed for tea – wow two Donals in one day!  I do have a varied diet though – loodaloo tonight, but the car was the same.  We all had a mad half hour playing with the cars around the kitchen then lying on the floor and kicking our legs in the air.  We know why.  We had our bath and then piled in the car and headed for home and that was the end of my day.

2019: Not a good morning. Feeling tired, anxious and stomach playing up. Went to work on my late shift though and had a moan about no notice for overtime cancellation. We went out on a date night tonight to try and lighten me up; Nandos and cinema – perfect.

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November 26th – Another Airport Run

1999:  wide-awake at 5.45.  Al was going to London so we got up to wave him off and then mummy went back to bed.  I watched TV until 7.00 when her alarm went off and continued to do so  whilst mummy snoozed until 7.30!  When we eventually got out of the house I noticed Al’s car parked on the drive.  I excitedly told mummy that Al had lost his car and I had found it “look”.  Apparently he’d taken the train.  Playschool today and when mum asked me what I’d done I responded with “Hmm. Don’t know”.  I do, but does she report her day to me?  A guys got to have some privacy.  We had pasta for tea followed by mummy’s Dorito’s which made me blow off leaving a skid!  Went to the toilet on my own to sort myself out and got in a right old mess!  Nothing that a bath couldn’t sort out. Watched some more telly and then went up the apple and pears with Po and milk.

2019:  Early start today taking Mark and Keigan to Heathrow. They’re flying to Kazakhstan to see Man Utd in the Europa League. Either truly dedicated or mad! Called in to see Pa on my way back, then to mums and then home to bed for some kip. Got into work for my 10pm overtime to be told it had been cancelled and emails had been sent to work addresses which I have not had access to today. Not happy.

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November 25th – More Money

1999:  I slept right through and then complained that mummy hadn’t let me turn off the alarm.  So we snoozed and I got it the next time!  Got up to watch Playbus and then Taz, whilst getting dressed.  Decided to take Po with me today and I kept her close by all day, as I didn’t want the others getting their grubby paws on her.  Was grumpy when mum collected me as Dan had just knocked all my building over.  I wasn’t happy – I had found it far more fun to knock everyone else’s building over – in fact I did it for most of the afternoon. I chose beans on toast for tea but then decided to only eat the beans. I was too tired for my bath tonight so mummy dressed Po and I in pyjamas and we went straight to bed instead.

2019: Stayed at mums last night as early car drop off to VW for service and Cam belt. Mum and I went to visit our old neighbour Gemma and baby Hunter this morning and then Mum took me into work. She is collecting my car later as I’m working until 8pm. Another shell out just shy of £500. So glad I’ve got the credit card of mum (not the bank as she’s skint too) I also have my car to tax. Bonus is they are offering 4 hours overtime at work from 10pm until 2am for computer updates so I’m all booked in from tomorrow.

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November 24th – Where’s the Meat Gone?!

1999: I called mum at five, who came in to discover me and my bed soaked through.  After a quick change round and milk, I settled back down until half six when I got up to do a wee.  Had a quick bath and got down just in time for Playbus.  Postman Pat came this morning with a registered letter for me!  Mummy let me open it and it was my very first individual passport.  I was really excited, as there was a photo of me in it! Went to Deedons, then nanny’s and the devil has remained within me.  It wouldn’t be me; I’m usually so angelic.  Pa bathed me and mummy took me home at half seven, when I went to bed with Po and slept.

2019: Work again today and then Zof and I went to mum and Marks for an Indian. My third takeaway this week which really isn’t helping the weight situation (I had to actually buy size 36” waist the other day). On Friday night Zof’s mum made Chinese for tea and, as I wasn’t there, some was saved for my lunch on Saturday. I was really looking forward to my chicken satay until I discovered it was vegetable! I had to ring mum and tell her as about  10 years ago, I was upstairs and the delights of chicken curry were wafting up.  When mum called me down I came running and then sulked the whole way through as she had decided to make a vegetarian one. I mean who does that to a meat lover?! Its been a standing joke ever since. 

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November 23rd – Travel Insurance and Crohns

1999: Up again at seven and found mummy in the bath, drinking tea and eating toast – so I pinched her last bit.  Had a little sleep this afternoon and woke up with the devil in me!  I punched Alex (another child minded by Deedon) in the eye three times and she cried.  She’s new, and playing with my things, perhaps we’ve seen the last of her now and I can play in peace.  Mum met me at the swimming pool car park tonight, I didn’t really want her but I had to give in and get in the car eventually.  We munched ham sandwiches on the way home but I gave up eating when I got distracted by mum’s sunglasses and decided to put them on instead.  Who turned out the lights?  When we got home mummy and I made pizza for tea (made fresh – not frozen!!) and we eventually ate at seven, following a break for a bath due to a poo incident that occurred.

2019:  Back to work today and trying to sort out holiday insurance for Cape Verde which mum booked this morning! We are off to Boa Vista on 10th January in a hotel that looks a bit like a sandcastle. We should have thought about my Crohns and insurance before booking. Have to go to a specialist agent for £230 for just one week! Tonight we went to B&M and bought our first Christmas Tree together and lots of lights and baubles.

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‘November 22nd – Bananas are Good for Crohns

1999:  When I woke up I discovered all my pictures had fallen off the wall.  I took my moon picture into the bathroom to show mummy and promptly dropped it in the bath where mum was having a soak.  Playschool and Deedons today.  Was very happy when mum picked me up tonight.  She asked what I had done at playschool and I said “I show you” and I ran off to get another 2 pictures for my wall.  Not a good day in the wee and poo department.  Got my jimjams on after my bath and 5 minutes later they were wet again, but I did get some clean trousers out.  Mum said that was very good but it would have been nicer if I hadn’t wet the other ones in the first place.  There’s no pleasing some people but I said, “Yes suppose so”.  I said sorry and said, “please don’t shout at me again” – although for once she actually hadn’t.  Fell asleep on the settee with strawberry shake.

2019: Kiegan came over last night after footy. Take away for tea and a chill out day together today watching Big Mouth and playing Apex Legends on the box. Mum sent me an article on bananas as this is apparently used as the dietry food against intestinal disorders. It does not effect the bowel in the way other raw fruit does and it reduces the acidity of the stomach reducing ulcers! Something I like that’s actualy good for me

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