Dcember 23rd – More Secure

1999:  Awake at six, Mum joined me in bed with milk for half an hour and then I went off to watch Sesame Street.  Mum went back to bed until 7.15 when she had to get up as I’d made a mess with poo.  Have a cough and was a bit poorly at Deedons this morning and when mummy came to collect me at 4.30 I was sound asleep.  Luckily Al had given mummy a lift and so I cuddled up to her on the back seat whilst we had a chauffeur service home.  I managed to wake up enough to eat my tea and a bath with mum.  Pa arrived to baby-sit as mummy is going out on her works Christmas party.  I wonder if she’ll get to see Father Christmas too?  Pa put me to bed with milk, quite late and then I heard Nanny come in.  I called out and asked her for more milk which she duly fetched.  When she went to leave the bedroom I said “Nanny.  Pa gave me milk cold!”

2019: What a grass! Always say it as it is me. Should have listened to my tummy last night – have been so sick overnight and had to take the day off. Felt better this evening though and was able to work a door last minute in Norwich, but mum had to come over first with my earpiece that Id left at hers and then I had to go to zofs parents to get my black trousers from the back of her car. Luckily I managed to buy my stab vest today so mum feels a bit calmer.

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December 21st – Counting the Days

1999: Up for a wee and a drink at half five and settled back down until seven when I discovered mum was in the bath.  I jumped in after her.  Mummy said it was 1,2,3,4 days until Father Christmas.  I got some more presents at Deedons though, but I didn’t unwrap them – well until mummy came to get me anyway.  Then I opened two but stopped at the tube of sweets and then I munched instead.  Home via the lights and Sabre and I was so tired I didn’t want any tea and was a bit horrible to mummy.  I refused to say sorry which resulted in me going to bed at 6.  I decided to say sorry then but apparently it was too late.

2019: Well it’s still 4 days to Christmas and not a thing done yet! Security at Norwich football ground today which was a pleasure apart from one elderly ‘gent’ who gave us a lot of abuse just for being there – in front of his grandkids!) Quick nap this evening and then off to work another door in Norwich.

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December 20th – Hot and Cold Christmas

1999: Up at six with my trousers only slightly “wet”.  Quick change and into bed with mum for half an hour.  Had milk, Marmite on toast and Sesame Street for breakfast.  No play bus this morning – Telletubs were on instead.  But I want Play bus.  Had to have Calpol and inhalers today at Deedons due to my stinking cold.  We drove a very long way home tonight, driving down several roads to look at all the lights, Father Christmas, Snowmen and of course – my friend Dennis/Sabre the fire engine.  It was “great” – my latest catchphrase along with “it will be fun it will”.  I was so tired when we got home that mummy had to feed me my tea.  Nanny rang and I asked for Pa, I spoke to him and asked him to come round and a little while later he arrived.  We had a play and then I waved him off and went to bed shortly afterwards.  A while later mummy shouted up “what are you doing?”  I shouted back “getting my books to read a story” – to Po, buzzing bee and Rachel if he’s here!

2019:  Mum has been staying with Joy this week and messaged to say she is now on her way home with a homemade Christmas pressie for me. I guessed straight away – Joy makes the BEST banana cake in the world. At work today I got a new green Lanyard with sunflowers for people with invisible illness. Not sure its going to always work on the desk front but at least it’s a beacon for when people see me running to the disabled loo! My door license is all sorted now – just need to await delivery – but was able to work a door tonight in Norwich. Scrap with 6 lads inside which led to me being slogged in the face, deep breaths, no retaliation – just threw him out.

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December 18th – These Boots are Made for Working

1999: .Had a restless night with wee’s and nightmares.  Dragged mummy up at seven and at 20 past told her I was hungry.  I chose beans on toast, which was duly dished up, and then I decided I wanted marmalade on my toast too.  Mum thought I was weird, but I ate it all.  We called in to see Bomper this morning and then on to Aunty Eesa’s.  We all went to Chelmsford shopping – nightmare – stuck in the buggy for hours on end.  At least I got a Donals out of it.  We got back to Eesa’s and had beans on toast again!  After tea I put my soldier pyjamas on and mummy had remembered my bottle so I drank that on the way home and was asleep within minutes.

2019: Into Norwich City this morning to show paperwork and pay for my door licence. Looking forward to that coming and getting started. Have bought a wicked pair of boots today in preparation. Zof and I are also  getting really excited about potential house move and babies.

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December 17th – Escape to The Country

1999: Up at 5.30, dry and wide awake.  Settled Po and buzzing bee in mummy’s bed and then went for juice, which I drank in her bed.  Up an hour later for Sesame Street and milk and mum followed 30 minutes later.  Deedons today but no playschool as it has closed for Christmas and no parties today.  When mum came to collect me she found me, the kids and two dogs shut in the lounge.  Deedons was having furniture delivered.  It was a free for all to find coat, shoes and bag amongst the pile on the hall floor.  We did it though and ran out to the car so we could follow the lorry as it left.  We had to take the hire car back to Chelmsford and when we got there Al was there to bring us back home.  That was a lucky coincidence.  I had a can of fizz to drink on the way home and once there we had pasta and milk.  Mummy and I sat and watched Tubbies and then ran out to see Father Christmas on his sleigh.  Very tired and soon fell asleep with promises that when I wake up in the morning my toenails and fingernails will be shorter (I hate having them done).  NO, not my hair next – please.

2019: Zof loves the house idea. Mark is considering it. Have been avidly looking on Rightmove today and sharing ideas.  Exciting times ahead.  Now just to sell  mum and Marks place and then go see the places for real. And mum has applied for Escape to The Country to help with the search! Would love to live in the country, provided there is a school close by as will be able to start our family sooner if this all goes ahead.

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December 16th – Now to Sell Sell Sell

1999: In to mum’s at 5,30 – soaked, but not the bed somehow!  Quick change and snuggled up to mum who woke me at gone seven with my milk.  Went to Deedons and then off to the child minders Christmas party.  Another one!  I saw Father Christmas again and today I got 48 crayons and a crayon holder.  I somehow managed to get my hand caught in a door but as I later told mummy “cold water, alright”. Mummy arrived to pick me up with presents for all the kids at Deedons and I gave them all out.  We went home via the “lights” in yet another borrowed car as mummy’s dent is being repaired.  Very tired and mischievous tonight.  Didn’t want a bath so threw a strop and ended up in bed.  When mum came back with my milk I’d changed my mind about the bath.  Had a quick one but was still in bed by 5.30 and asleep by 5.32.

2019:  Spoke to Zof about house idea and she is really up for it. Looking on rightmove and sending houses to mum every few minutes. Sen a couple of houses we really like and are within budget. Have completed mortgage calculator on line and with mums deposit we could borrow £250,000. Over 35 years this works out at between £439 and £610 a month which is less than our mortgage and half of mums and Marks current one. Now to sell their bungalow which is going back on the market on 2nd January as apparently is the busiest day for estate agents.

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December 15th – A Housing Solution?

1999:  Deedons today and then to Playschool for another Christmas party.  I saw Father Christmas (again) and he gave me another present.  I’m sure he looked a bit different to the last one though.  Nanny came after lunch and I was very pleased to see her showing her all my playschool things.  Once in the car nanny told me we had to go home to my house as mummy was there poorly and the doctor apparently liked my package as it had cryptosporidium and so do we, but Bomper definitely doesn’t want it.  I told nanny “no home, go to your house”.  When Nanny continued on I said, “you go!”  So I won the battle and went to Nanny’s for a while.  I rang mummy and told her all about my party and Nanny’s Christmas tree with Father Christmas on top.  We went home after a while complete with Mummy’s piece of Christmas cake that I had saved from my party and which I promptly dropped all over the floor.  I had  2 cards waiting for me at home – one from Mummy and one from Daddy.  I didn’t want any tea and went to bed with milk, Po and my new buzzing bee from Father Christmas.

2019: So mum has had notification that she is being medically retired. They need to sell their house and downsize as can no longer afford the mortgage. Zof and I are giving up our rented flat in April to try and save for a mortgage. Mum has offered a solution. They pay  a third deposit, Zof and I get a mortgage and we get a house with a granny flat  (although she prefers nanny) or a house that can be converted. I have said it is something I’ll definitely consider as would be to have her closer and know how she is safe as she keeps falling  I just have to discuss with Zof and mum needs to discuss with Mark …….

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