August 29th -Snacks and Weight gain

1999:  Snuggled up to mum until eight and then played until nine in my bedroom.  When we went downstairs Aunty Bim was there asleep on the settee.  Even better – there was a big bowl of left over sweeties in the middle of the floor.  Mmm.  I love breakfast.  This morning we drove to Burnham and spent the morning at the railway museum.  Poor mummy got into trouble as she had a dizzy moment and parked the car in the car park but in the way of the coach entrance!  We went for a ride on a train and saw buses, bikes, fire engines and tractors.   It was lovely and hot today and I played in the garden whilst mummy continued painting the fence with smelly brown stuff (nought to do with me this time).  Pa came round again and started building a play house for me and later Nanny came round too.  I got in the rabbit hutch and pretended to be a rabbit called snowy.  Nanny even bought me a carrot and a blanket to sleep on.  She’s far easier to entertain than my mum!  I had a lovely bubble bath – in the back garden, in my paddling pool, and then fell asleep on the settee.

2019: Back to work today. On a slow phased return which is good but still felt exhausted at the end of the day. Saw gastro consultant and he has agreed to me having immune infusions, just need to wait for a start date now! I’ve gone from 81 kilo before surgery last year to 91 kilo and have an overweight BMI for the first time ever in my life! Probably mirtazapine and sitting around eating snacks for the last month

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August 28th – Painting with Toddlers

1999:  Mum was home and in her bed this morning when I woke.  I drew a picture and we put it on the fridge.  Well, we tried to anyway – the magnets kept falling off!  I found it hysterical, mummy said “oh bloody hell” and so did I, only to be told that it was a naughty word!  There goes another piece of vocabulary to be scrubbed.  Eventually mum got the picture on the fridge and then I took all the magnets off and it fell to the floor -she laughed.  Phew!  Pa came round to cut the rest of the trees down with a very noisy machine called a chain saw.  I was very concerned so I just sat at the top of my slide supervising.  I had a nap this afternoon and when I woke up all the trees were gone and we had daylight in our garden at last.  The chair from the hall was in the garden and I went to sit on it.  Pa hollered – how was I supposed to know mum had painted it?  At least the cream paint design on my hand looks groovy.  Later I noticed mum had taken the letter box off the front door.  I put my head up to the door to peep outside through the hole.  Oh, God Mother!  There’s paint everywhere, even on my forehead!   We went for baths and had two separate ones as mum is covered in gloss paint, creosote and tree sap.  Me?  I’m covered in ice cream, gloss paint, sand, mud and wee!

2019:  Not much drawing or mess today. Getting myself ready for going back to work tomorrow after a month off and feeling a bit Meh about it. Will have to leave early tomorrow as have gastro appointment. Hopefully I will finally get a treatment plan

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August 24th – Working to Pay the Bills

1999: Restless night – in and out of mums bed.  Well, if she will keep putting me back in my bed what does she expect?  Snuck back in with mum five minutes before the alarm which made its usual sounds at seven – as did mum!  I jumped out, switched off the alarm before she could snooze it and just to make sure said “up now mummy”. Sliced  banana and grapes for breakfast and then to Edons. It was raining and miserable tonight so we had to stay in watching tots TV and after tea I helped mummy by doing the washing up.  Mum and I painted the bathroom.  She was just touching up and I actually got a real live paint brush and some paint and I was allowed to paint the walls.  Either I was very brave or she was very stupid.  But it went okay.  Later I talked to Nan on the phone and told her all about it.  I looked at my diary tonight and saw the photo of me with Dylan the Dinosaur which I thought was cool.  Mum and I lit some candles and cuddled up on the settee to watch TV.  I told mum Dylan was asleep on his chair so we had to be quiet.  Sshh.  At eight I blew out the candles and went up to bed.  Dylan was already there according to mum, but I couldn’t see him anywhere.


2019: Slept like a log last night when we eventually got in from seeing Ed. Today mum and Mark went  through our finances and bills to try and help get us straight. I love living with Zof but this world is so expensive. I hate my job but it pays a wage and my sick leave runs out next week so am psyching myself up to get back. On the plus side, Norfolk constabulary are recruiting. I completed the eligibility criteria and got through as no mention of grade c maths being needed. Just Level 3 diploma which I have in public services. Just need to wait for an email now……… Fingers crossed my Crohn’s doesn’t let me down. Hopefully will be more under control soon as now have Barium, Consultant and IBD Nurse appointment all in the next two weeks!

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August 25th – Storm Chasing

1999: Slept right through in my own bed much to my disgust and mums relief.  Mum made milk and bix which I ended up eating in the car on the way to Edons.  Nanny collected me mid-morning and I was very excited to see Bomper in the car.  He was poorly though so we had to look after him and we took him home after lunch.  I spoke to Pa and mummy on the phone this afternoon.  When mummy came home I had already started eating my tea then there was a big bang of thunder and a flash of lightening.  My tea forgotten, I clung to mummy for the next hour incase the “thunder got me”.  Mummy drove Nan and I batty flicking from channel to channel to see the news.  Something to do with Uncle Terry being nominated for the Perrier award at Edinburgh Fringe.

2019:Cant believe I was afraid of storms. They completely fascinate me know and I will stay up all night to watch them. Would love to go storm chasing!  Back to the beer and cider festival today at the Norman Warrior in Lowestoft (although Zof did text Mum and asked if we wanted to go to the Norman Worrier!) This reminds me of the other day when we saw Sextuplets advertised on Netflix and she thought it was about sex! They say you marry your mum! Went to Lady of the Lake tonight, meanwhile Stormzy was at Chantry Park with Ed. We definitely got our nights wrong!

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August 27th – A Stable Diet

1999: Got into mum’s bed at 4 a.m.  I felt movement a few hours later and heard the bathroom being used.  When a figure appeared at the bedroom door I said “oh!  Where is mummy” as realised it was nanny.  When Nanny explained I wanted to go to Scotland too.  I didn’t want any breakfast just a custard cream – and got away with it.  Nanny took me to Edons and picked me up again tonight.  She took me to hers and Pa was already home. We had games with a new toy motorbike Pa had bought for me, ate dinner, had a bath and then set off for mine.  We stopped at the shop on the way and I ate my sweeties on the way home!  Pa thought I was still a little baby when I had my milk – he fed me!  I do have my grandparents on a piece of string.  Oh well, to bed, and nanny hopes to sleep!

2019:  Over to see mum today and we went out for lunch. Mum ordered sweet chicken chilli with rice salad. She was about to send her meal back as the rice was cold, but luckily realised it was rice SALAD before she did so. Payday today and relieved to see I have full pay despite being off with anxiety and depression for the last 3 weeks. Finances were all sorted as to what goes where for paying on Saturday with mum. That was until Zof got defrauded £600 in small payments as soon as her pay went in today. Just hoping the bank will re-reimburse whilst investigating.

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August 26th – Playing the Fame Game

1999:  Mummy has gone to Edinburgh to see Uncle Terry at the Fringe. Nanny picked me up from Edons today.  I didn’t want to get in the car but we had to get home for the man with the washing machine (he can wait can’t he?)  Perhaps not.  I decided not to speak to Nanny all the way home. Luckily for Nanny the man in the van turned up.  Hooray!  But Nanny needed to talk to the man and ignore me.  This resulted in me throwing myself on the kitchen floor, running out to the front door, throwing my saucepans on the floor and insisting on my baby bottle for my milk.  Nanny thought I’d swallowed a 666 pill.  Once the man went I played in the garden as good as gold and then my friend Pa arrived and we had our tea.  I ate all my pasta up and then I helped with the washing up, gave myself a bath, did my own inhalers and sang a few songs on stage (okay it was a rug).  Next Nan and Pa took their turns and I clapped when Pa bowed and on my next turn, not to be outdone, I did the same.  I spoke to mummy on the phone and then I went to bed insisting that Pa went with me and guess who went to sleep first? 

2019:  Long drive today from Beccles to Thorpe Park with friends for a birthday celebration. I drove and got the free ticket. Very Cohn’s friendly – just took my medical evidence and got fast track pass for all three of us. Great but tiring day. Always good to use up that anxiety provoking adrenaline in a good way. Not sure if Ed had any surprise guests tonight but it was reported that he gave all the pupils and teachers at his Framlingham school complimentary tickets. Great to see a famous person who’s down to earth.

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August 21st – Toilet Training Potential

1999:  I’m going to stay with Nanny and Pa – mummy is going to some Virgin concert.  I told mum that I was going to play lots of little and big games with Nan and Pa, and play I did.  Pa made a helicopter and an aeroplane from my play paper and made them fly!  I was so impressed I did a huge wee (in the right place) and then we went to Tesco’s and I did a big wee in the big boys toilet (it’s great to be out with Pa again).  We looked at all the toys and Pa bought me a new lorry. We went to the horse sanctuary to find lots of real horses and their babies and I had a ride on an elephant (that wasn’t quite so real!)  I went on a big boy’s assault course – with Nanny’s help – and did another wee in the big boy’s toilet.  I’m so grown up today – if only mummy would realise my potential.  We caught a bus home – a big double decker and I sat at the top at the front.  We had fish and chips for tea – the most fun was getting the tomato sauce out of the sachet.   I had a bath and eventually slept at ten; cuddling my new lorry.


2019: Mum rang gastro secretary again yesterday but still no response to my colonoscopy and treatment plan but today I got letter for Barium Meal and follow through (!) in September. Lost my vape again today so am going nicotine crazy! Mum got letter back from the council – I have 4 parking fines so another £200 has now been put on the Sainsburys card to clear them

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August 20th – A More Motivated Day

1999:  Mummy and I made up last night before I went to sleep so we were okay this morning. Mum’s repaired the books as best she can and the water appears to have stopped pouring through the ceiling.  Edons today and I arrived dry as felt mum had enough stress yesterday.  Mum’s bought some ‘fish bits’ for the bathroom – soap dish, toilet roll holder etc. which I really like.  After my bath Pa arrived (he’s the laundry person today).  I showed him the newly painted bathroom.  He said “oh” long pause “that’s different”.  Now that’s diplomatic!  It did grow on him though.  I waved him off after ‘twinkle, twinkle’ and ‘half a pound of tuppeny’ and stories from mum to Pa of water, ceiling, book and tears. 

2019: More motivated today; took  Zof’s brother and sister  to Cromer for a walk around the beach, picnic and a bit of rugby fun.

Tonight I signed a petition to end single crewing of police officers and roll out tasers to all officers. So far 95,7521 have signed this via This used to be my wannabe job but that D grade Maths just does not help. That’s why I changed to army engineer but Crohn’s put paid to that as I think it would the fire brigade. So I’m focussing on repatriation and mortuary work now, but there is nothing advertised locally at the moment but Ill keep looking

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August 19th – This Mischievous Depressing Life

1999:  A day of mishaps. This morning I took my nappy off and pulled my pyjama bottoms back up again and mum found me in the hall with poo on the floor and my trousers. Whoops!  How was I supposed to know it was in my nappy? .  When we got to Edons  mum had to change me as I was wet.  While I was having a bath tonight Nanny called round with piles of clean washing as we are now completely without a machine.  Mummy went to see Nanny out only to find water pouring through the lounge ceiling from where I’ve been playing with the shower and sprayed it all out of the bath.  When mum came to check on me in bed tonight she found I’d torn all my pages out of my new book that Pa gave me the other day and ripped them into pretty strips.  Why’s she crying?  I’m the one who got shouted at!

2019:  This sums up my feelings from 3am Thoughts on FB. Adulthood is low key lonely af.  Everyone’s busy. Everyone sucks at texting. We all just work all day to come home and sleep to wake up and work again. On weekends you catch up on things you couldn’t do during the week. Its all stupid lol.

Although I’m still off sick with anxiety and depression. Mostly about adulthood. And I just played on my X-box today and recovered from the weekends adreanlaine suges due to socialising and the driving.

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August 18th – Staying Out and Catching Up

1999:  In mum’s bed at half one and actually got away with it!  Back to Edons today.  I was a bit reluctant at first but was okay eventually.  We went to her mummy’s for lunch and I fell asleep in the car for five whole minutes until Edon woke me up in time for mum’s arrival.  I chose pot noodle and biscuits for tea.  Nearly had a bath but protested by screeching “downstairs” at mother.  Needless to say, I didn’t go anywhere near the stairs but straight to bed. I was asleep by six.

2019:  Woke with Zof in Essex following yesterdays birthday BBQ. Today we went to catch up with more  of mums old school friends at The Travellers in Rayleigh. My shout. Gotta love a hungry horse. And as we passed Rayleigh Sweyne she told us AGAIN that she went to school there – like we really didn’t know! Drove everyone back to Lowestoft and then to Beccles. Good to get out but am now shattered

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