August 6th – The Sweet Smell of Success in Rome

1999:  Awoke murmuring “sweets, sweets” (I had fallen asleep in the car on the way home last night holding a box of sweets and had been dreaming about them all night).  We went downstairs and found them but I was only rationed to three.  Did a war start overnight?  This was followed by a more stable, but boring, diet of Golden Nuggets and yoghurt.  We drove to Edons via the fire station so I could get my daily fix of ‘Denis’ the fire engine.  On arriving at Edons I spied mums supply of pear and grapes which she was taking for lunch.  I ended up taking the pear.  Not such a good move as later I ended up with a bottom explosion resulting in a bath and binned pants.  Tonight I found a balloon in the garden and discovered it belonged to Emma next door when it popped.  No problems; I posted the pieces back through the hole in the fence to her. 

2019: Off to Rome. On the way Zof realised she’d left her birthday euros at home. Luckily she has lots more in family cards stashed in my bag (along with the ring 😀) My name change has finally gone through but not the flight change. Tried to change at Ryan Air desk but they wanted nearly £500! On getting to Rome and our room this evening and, taking in the beauty, we have decided to pay the extra money for Sundays later flight but to Luton with EasyJet, not Stansted. Checked with Mum and they are ok to collect us from there at midnight! The room is amazing at Suite Sistina for Lovers. You can choose the room temperature, the music, there’s a jacuzzi, candles and rose petals everywhere! Lovin life right now.

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August 5th – We Will Get to Rome

1999:  We watched TV. had milk and bix (I pulled mummy’s chair out for her to sit down at the table).  I didn’t really want my bix, but mummy helped and I eventually ate it all just so we could find the Tubbie picture at the bottom of the bowl.  I jumped in mum’s bath and got dressed all ready to go to daddy’s. Ha, ha.  Mummy dressed me too early and I got covered in paint, sand and water in the garden.  One quick change later and I was ready to go. Arrived back home at half five, when  Grandmas apparently reported my busy day; played in the pool with my cousins, wasn’t too happy when I got soaked with the hose, but soon cheered up once I’d reeked my revenge!

 2019: Panic stations! Off to Rome tomorrow for Zofs birthday surprise. Have been trying to change my name for 3 weeks as got my r and o mixed up in my surname (dyslexia) and booked flight back at 6am on Sunday morning instead of Monday morning! Just as well as now have my barium at 8.30 am on Monday but would like a later flight Sunday giving us two full nights at the hotel and more time in Rome . Freaked out even more when hotel sent me an email offering extra services of Burlesque dancers and sex toys in the room! This is supposed to be romantic? I have booked rose petals and bubbly in the room for Saturday night and I couldn’t keep the destination a surprise anymore and told Zof where we are going. I gave her an early birthday card with 50 euros. Hopefully now my Crohns will settle down!

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September 3rd – Poo, Crohns and Antidepressants

1999: Woke up at half six, in my bed, I’m sure I was in a coach last time I looked.  Had a big cuddle with mum and had to drag her out of bed this morning.  We hung the washing on the line and I spied the moon. Mummy’s explanation as to why the moon and the sun were there only served to complicate things so she wound up saying that it the moon wasn’t tired enough to go to bed yet.  I shouldn’t think so; it’s not night time yet.  I think I might be missing the point somewhere.  Had a late lunch, and a nap on the sofa at Edons today so mum and I had lots of relaxing time to play this evening.  I climbed the ladder to my new, part built house, and then pretended to be a fireman and then a police man.  Mummy reckons they don’t have poo in their pants though.  But I was in a scary situation mum!

2019: Finally told mum that I was off sick from work still and my GP is in holiday. Encouraged me to ring and get appointment with any doctor or nurse practitioner which I did. Now on 30mg of Mirtazapine (as advised by mum, as 30mg is antidepressant dose and best for my stomach with Crohns – its handy having your own mental health nurse mum at times (but it can be very annoying at others!))

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September 2nd – Days at the Zoo

1999: Mum and I had a big 10 minute cuddle until the second alarm at seven.  I turned it off and helped the ol’ girl out of bed.  We were naughty and had a chocolate caramel wafer for breakfast.  We did follow it up with a pear though so it was semi healthy!  Went to the zoo today,  with Hayley, Dan and Edon. Mum had filled my wallet up with pennies which I used to go on the rides and buy a lizard and a seal.  I would have liked the real thing but unfortunately I had to make do with plastic.   I spent some time in the buggy and had to wear my wrist strap when I got out (think mummy must have told her of my last adventure here).  I wasn’t happy with this, so I got my own back by acting like a dog on a lead and running all over the show, dragging Edon behind.  I had a lovely day.  We had packed lunch, sweets, biscuits, ice cream and pop and I fell asleep, exhausted, as we neared home.

2019:  Used to love the Zoo but the last time I went was for Dims (Now correctly known as Kim) 50th birthday at Whipsnade Zoo 4 years ago. Really should check out Africa Alive at Lowestoft as have only been there to help mum with car boot sales.

Not at work today as Well-being advisor sent me home with instructions to get GP appt but she is on leave. 4 days without medication and not good.

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September 1st – Good Behaviour = Cake

1999: Into mums at half three, lasted all of 20 minutes then I was banished back to my bed – for wriggling again.  You’d think she’d be used to it.  I slept until the alarm went off at half six and was in whinging form.  Soon cheered up and off to Edons, via the petrol station.  I wanted to help but mum wouldn’t let me.  Meanie.  Nanny collected me from Edons and when mum came home there was a house full – me, Nanny, Pa, Telly and Bomper.  People don’t seem so patient with me now though.  I got shouted at for playing with the paper (and uncle Telly was in it), Nanny was trying to take a business call, mum was trying to make one and I poured water over Telly’s feet whilst he was on the phone.  None of this really made us friends.  I also soaked Bomper with the hose earlier in the day.

2019: Much better behaved today. BBQ at Zofs parents. Love a BBQ. Also very excited to see Muller are doing Victoria Sponge and Battenburg flavoured yoghurts being sold at Iceland. Now on the hunt for the nearest one…….. 

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August 31st – From Potty Training Accidents to Real Life Ones

1999   I somehow managed to do a wee on the lounge carpet when I wasn’t looking this morning.  Following this I sat on my potty for 15 minutes trying to poo – no luck.  Soon made up for it at Edons though – I did 3 – some in my pants.  Oops.  Mum picked me up at five and she’s bought me a present – 2 little chairs for the garden with smiley faces on.  I wanted chips for tea so mum made some with fish fingers, but I’d gone off the idea by the time she dished up.  I watered the plants, painted my chairs, played in the sand and climbed the ladders to my house.  Mum eventually tempted me to have a bath at half six, with the promise of milk on the settee afterwards.  She came through with her promise and I was asleep by seven.

2019: Well I don’t think I had Crohns at the age of two but the story sounds familiar. No painting or playing today – Zofs at work and I’m home doing the cleaning (after going out in the early ours to collect her from Norwich due to a drunken night out). Mum text to say she has booked my flu jab for October. Just need to check this with infusions with IBD nurse when I see her next. Finally for August, I became a fully qualified life guard 5 years ago today gaining my National Lifeguard Pools Qualification and First Aid which I have used several times since. If an accidents gonna happen it usually happens in front of me! (or to me)

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August 30th – When Playing was More Fun Than Shopping

1999: Got in with mum at three and was transferred back to bed at half six.  Something to do with waking mummy with several kicks to the stomach and legs.  Why penalise me?  I was asleep!  I gave her half an hour to settle back down and then I snuck back in.  We both snuggled down until eight and when mum woke up I greeted her with “hello darling”.  What’s so funny?  She says it to me all the time.  I have suddenly decided I like eggs, so this morning I had a more conventional breakfast of boiled eggs and dippy soldiers.  It was so nice I requested another one.  This was granted after 3 minutes of boiling by which time I’d changed my mind. We went to Asda with Nan but I decided I don’t like this shopping game.  After being dragged up off the floor a couple of times and then chased around the foyer, I was firmly plonked in the trolley, but then – to keep total control – decided I wanted a wee! Afterwards Nanny let me sit in the back of the trolley but this eventually resulted in 3 broken yoghurt pots, mess everywhere and mummy seething.  That’ll teach her to drag me out shopping.  When we got home, Pa was there building my house.  I jumped in (well climbed up the ladder – chill mum, chill) to lend a helping hand.  I’ve been playing with the water most of the day.  I’m covered in tree sap, sawdust and I want a bath outside again.  The suns gone in and mum says it’s best to go in and have a nice hot bath to make me all warm again.  Great idea mum – except its 4.30 and the water doesn’t come on until five.  Oooh mum its cold.  Too late it’s just been poured all over me with a flannel.  She did rescue me though – once the truth dawned (it takes a while).

2019: I remember my ‘house’ that Pa built. It had two levels with wooden steps leading to the upper level which was complete with hand built, wooden table and chairs and a slide coming off of it. Many happy hours of play. We actually took it down and took it to Lincolnshire with us, but by the time it came round to being put up, I was too big for it. At least I got a good 2 ½ years of play out of it. Mum always reminds me of the time she was digging the garden and I found two worms. I decided to take them on my slide, one in each hand. Unfortunately I held them so tight to keep them safe, that they weren’t moving afterwards!

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