July 3rd – Crohn’s can Feel like Tackling a Mountain Every Day

1999:  It was very hot and sunny yesterday but today there is no sun, but it is still warm so we had some garden play. I have felt a bit miserable and told mummy I was poorly. I had some medicine and at 11.15 I laid on the settee with juice and my blanket and fell asleep. Today I received my first appointment reminder for the dentist. Oooh, I hope I’m braver than mummy! I woke up at two and mum and I got our togs on and walked to the park. After a while we went to the shop for ice-cream which ended up on the slide and most other areas around the park. We had fish cakes and chips, with loads of sauce and made a picnic of it in the garden.

2019: Today I am fundraising at work for Crohns and Colitis with my mountain trek less than a month away now. This time last year I was having 28 cm of my ileum removed and re-sectioned. I was very excited about this due to the amount of pain, grief, anxiety and depression it had caused. Unfortunately I didn’t get the outcome I had been anticipating BUT, I am on the road to recovery and hopefully will soon have colonoscopy and Barium to clear the way for 8 weekly infusions. Meanwhile, I have a mountain to run up and down. To read more of my story or to support or cheer me on, you can contact me on Instagram chronically_livingcd or http://www.justgiving.com/Mountaintimetrial

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July 2nd – Bedtime Stories

1999:  Tonight Mummy told me a story about a lovely little boy called Jack, who lives with his mummy and has his very own bedroom but he spends most nights in his mummy’s bed, so he’s really got two!  Jacks mummy goes to work and so Jack spends most of his days with a lady he calls Edon.  Jacks mummy misses him and she can’t wait to get home at the end of the day to give him a big hug hello.  One day his mummy came to collect him and he sat on the toilet and did a wee.  His mummy put his pants on him and then they set off to the park.  Mummy had brought ham, cheese, chicken and cracker Luncheables and two cans of fizz.  Jack munched on these while he played and later they went for a walk.  They crossed a field and walked up a big hill and when they got to the top they found a big lake and sat and watched the ducks swimming.  They went back to the car and Jack drove it around the car park.  When they got home mummy decided to start cutting down the conifer trees in the garden and Jack helped.  They were both very grubby and had to have a big soapy bath to get clean.  Then they went to bed.  I thought it was a lovely story.  Can we do that one day mum?!

2019:  Mum used to make up all sorts of stories about our days and fantasy too.  She even made up a story to my Moonbeams projector when I was a baby, which she wold tell me every night, as the pictures went across the ceiling. She still has paper stories which have been in the draws for 20 years and will one day try to get these published. At least I acted today and went to the gym before work. My fundraising days at Aviva have changed and start tomorrow, which is slightly spooky as a year ago tomorrow I was having 28cm of my bowel removed.

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July 1st – At Least the World isn’t Lost

1999:  Nostradamus was wrong.  The world still appears to be here, unless it really did end and now we’re all in the twighlight zone.  Mum awoke to find me in her bed again this morning.  Flaming cheek – she slept on my side in the night which confused me in the early hours.  Mum shaved my head this morning which meant I got to jump in her bath to wash off all the itchy hair.   I was feeling a bit grumpy when Mum picked me up from Edons, but soon cheered up once I got home and into my new sandpit.  We went to have a bath while dinner was cooking, but we only managed to wash the sand off my feet and then I wanted out.  We went downstairs and mum left me in the lounge while she popped into the kitchen to sort out tea.  I don’t remember her coming out again 5 minutes later because I was soundo.

2019:  Sounds like Zof and I last night. We left mums at 7 am, with every intention of going to the gym before our late shift, but that’s where that prediction ended. There’s always tomorrow (hopefully not for Nostradamus). After work we took Mums phone to her as she left it at ours yesterday and ,picked up mine that I had left there this morning. We could never deny each other

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June 30th – Explosions

1999:  Went to Edons and Nanny picked me up mid morning.  Had an accident at Edons (with the training thing) but was good as gold with Nanny. Well I am her angel, I don’t like to disappoint.  We walked over to the town and back with Bomper and Nanny bought me some blowing bubbles.  Mummy came home at 5.30, with a “thumping head” – whatever that may be.  Had a shower at Nan’s and Pa came home just in time for me to say goodbye.        

2019: Heatwave weekend.  Picked Mum up and took her to the Lido in Beccles for a sunbathe and swim. I didn’t give her any choice as decided she needed to get out of the house following surgery and back into the land of the living. She enjoyed the day and was even happier when she discovered gluten free hot dogs being sold. Is it an allergy asked the girl serving. “Yes” I replied ” she blows up and explodes” The girl looked startled and exclaimed “Really” When I followed up with “Yes. Its happened before and I had to pick up all the pieces” the penny dropped. This triggered Mum to AGAIN tell me the story on my first football match at Southend with Uncle terry. I asked when the match would be finished and he told me “when the ref blows up”. Apparently my face was a picture. Cooked BBQ at Mums  tonight and watched Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone.   Zof and I fell asleep and so decided to watch Chamber of Secrets …. fell asleep again and ended up staying the night

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June 29th – Fetching Informant

1999:  Mum awoke at 1.30 to find me in her bed.  I don’t know how I got there, I reckon she sneaked me in!  Either that or teletransportation is no longer a thing seen just in the movies.    Jumped in to mums bath water as she says I stink.  I know I missed my bath last night but there’s no need to be quite so rude.  Could you imagine if I told her she stunk?!  At Edons today I hit Jake in the face, for reasons known only to me. I’m not telling, and I refused to apologise.  This was duly reported to mum when she collected me and she was not best pleased.  (I wonder if Edon’s a super grass for the FBI?)  It has rained all day today and tonight mum and I watched videos as the garden was out of bounds.   Mum read 2 stories of Peepo and then I read it and amazed mum with how much I know. 

2019: No stories tonight but performing back in Norwich. Dressed up in my boxers, Sunny’s, boots, lots of glitter and a unicorn rubber ring. Yep. It was a gay gig in Fetch and I lost count of the times I got my bum groped. Was great to be back though. I’ve missed it.

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June 28th – Something to Hold Onto

1999:  Up at 5.30, mum got me my milk, but that’s about as far as it went.  I played in my room for an hour when I decided enough was enough, and would let mum rest no more.   I’ve woken up with two huge lumps on my leg and one on my arm.  Mum has one too and says the gnats have been biting us which is a bit worrying because at this rate there won’t be much of me left to eat.  When mum picked me up from Edons  this evening she said I “whinged” and “whinged” for “dink” after “dink” and then for my pasta which ended up being served nearly cooked, but hot, because I refused to wait any longer.  I was hungry and thirsty, how else is a child to express his basic needs?  I refused to have a bath (well, I didn’t want one) and was eventually marched to bed at six, with milk and a story.  I shortly fell asleep cuddling mummy.

2019:  Last day of work before the weekend. As much as I want kids, I’m not sure about being greeted with the whinges after a long day! And I do wonder which on of us would strop more! If our child is as stubborn as me ….. Poor Zof. Mum has just tagged me on Facebook though with a film quote: Having a child gives you something to hold onto and love, no matter what. Don’t think she is quite so glad that I recommended the film though – Only the Brave –  apparently she hasn’t stopped sobbing

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June 26th – Gardens and Beetles

1999:  Slept in until eight o’clock, although I had been in mums bed at one point but was rapidly put back in mine due to wriggling.  I think mum must’ve been taking assertion classes.  It was a lovely sunny morning, so after a bath we ate marmite sarnies in the garden and I decided to stretch out and have a sunbathe.  Mum sat down for all of five minutes, and then decided we were to do something with the garden.  Two minutes later we were in the car and on our way to three nurseries to buy herbs and compost. Mum spent the day digging and I thought it great fun to keep weeing all over the garden but mum didn’t seem too impressed Well it saves getting the watering can out) Pa came round ad we played some football and Pa fixed my nets up (perhaps Uncle Teddy isn’t such a good handyman after all).  We had chicken fingers and chips for tea which we ate sat on beanbags and watching speedway.    Mum tickled me on the back, which made me laugh and I weed all over the bean bag.  At this point I was marched off to bed – in tears.  She was the one tickling me and making me laugh.  Life is so unfair.  Mum did give me a cuddle though and I fell asleep, with milk, within 5 minutes.

2019:  Facebook feed: 4 years ago Mum dropped Mark, Kiegan and me off in Benidorm for a booze up. We were staying 40 minutes south but wanted to go and see Marks go to holiday place. Mum went to the beaches and we went to the bars. She picked us up several hours later, complete with Benidorm Beetle tattoos. The best bit was watching Mark trying to be brave!

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