November 25th – More Money

1999:  I slept right through and then complained that mummy hadn’t let me turn off the alarm.  So we snoozed and I got it the next time!  Got up to watch Playbus and then Taz, whilst getting dressed.  Decided to take Po with me today and I kept her close by all day, as I didn’t want the others getting their grubby paws on her.  Was grumpy when mum collected me as Dan had just knocked all my building over.  I wasn’t happy – I had found it far more fun to knock everyone else’s building over – in fact I did it for most of the afternoon. I chose beans on toast for tea but then decided to only eat the beans. I was too tired for my bath tonight so mummy dressed Po and I in pyjamas and we went straight to bed instead.

2019: Stayed at mums last night as early car drop off to VW for service and Cam belt. Mum and I went to visit our old neighbour Gemma and baby Hunter this morning and then Mum took me into work. She is collecting my car later as I’m working until 8pm. Another shell out just shy of £500. So glad I’ve got the credit card of mum (not the bank as she’s skint too) I also have my car to tax. Bonus is they are offering 4 hours overtime at work from 10pm until 2am for computer updates so I’m all booked in from tomorrow.

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November 24th – Where’s the Meat Gone?!

1999: I called mum at five, who came in to discover me and my bed soaked through.  After a quick change round and milk, I settled back down until half six when I got up to do a wee.  Had a quick bath and got down just in time for Playbus.  Postman Pat came this morning with a registered letter for me!  Mummy let me open it and it was my very first individual passport.  I was really excited, as there was a photo of me in it! Went to Deedons, then nanny’s and the devil has remained within me.  It wouldn’t be me; I’m usually so angelic.  Pa bathed me and mummy took me home at half seven, when I went to bed with Po and slept.

2019: Work again today and then Zof and I went to mum and Marks for an Indian. My third takeaway this week which really isn’t helping the weight situation (I had to actually buy size 36” waist the other day). On Friday night Zof’s mum made Chinese for tea and, as I wasn’t there, some was saved for my lunch on Saturday. I was really looking forward to my chicken satay until I discovered it was vegetable! I had to ring mum and tell her as about  10 years ago, I was upstairs and the delights of chicken curry were wafting up.  When mum called me down I came running and then sulked the whole way through as she had decided to make a vegetarian one. I mean who does that to a meat lover?! Its been a standing joke ever since. 

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November 23rd – Travel Insurance and Crohns

1999: Up again at seven and found mummy in the bath, drinking tea and eating toast – so I pinched her last bit.  Had a little sleep this afternoon and woke up with the devil in me!  I punched Alex (another child minded by Deedon) in the eye three times and she cried.  She’s new, and playing with my things, perhaps we’ve seen the last of her now and I can play in peace.  Mum met me at the swimming pool car park tonight, I didn’t really want her but I had to give in and get in the car eventually.  We munched ham sandwiches on the way home but I gave up eating when I got distracted by mum’s sunglasses and decided to put them on instead.  Who turned out the lights?  When we got home mummy and I made pizza for tea (made fresh – not frozen!!) and we eventually ate at seven, following a break for a bath due to a poo incident that occurred.

2019:  Back to work today and trying to sort out holiday insurance for Cape Verde which mum booked this morning! We are off to Boa Vista on 10th January in a hotel that looks a bit like a sandcastle. We should have thought about my Crohns and insurance before booking. Have to go to a specialist agent for £230 for just one week! Tonight we went to B&M and bought our first Christmas Tree together and lots of lights and baubles.

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‘November 22nd – Bananas are Good for Crohns

1999:  When I woke up I discovered all my pictures had fallen off the wall.  I took my moon picture into the bathroom to show mummy and promptly dropped it in the bath where mum was having a soak.  Playschool and Deedons today.  Was very happy when mum picked me up tonight.  She asked what I had done at playschool and I said “I show you” and I ran off to get another 2 pictures for my wall.  Not a good day in the wee and poo department.  Got my jimjams on after my bath and 5 minutes later they were wet again, but I did get some clean trousers out.  Mum said that was very good but it would have been nicer if I hadn’t wet the other ones in the first place.  There’s no pleasing some people but I said, “Yes suppose so”.  I said sorry and said, “please don’t shout at me again” – although for once she actually hadn’t.  Fell asleep on the settee with strawberry shake.

2019: Kiegan came over last night after footy. Take away for tea and a chill out day together today watching Big Mouth and playing Apex Legends on the box. Mum sent me an article on bananas as this is apparently used as the dietry food against intestinal disorders. It does not effect the bowel in the way other raw fruit does and it reduces the acidity of the stomach reducing ulcers! Something I like that’s actualy good for me

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November 21st – Farms, Cars and Courses

1999: Awake at half five but went back to sleep, with milk, until seven.  Mum got up at eight, we called in at Nanny and Pa’s to collect some wellies for mummy, Nanny was working but Uncle Terry was there!  I was very pleased to see him.  Afterwards, mummy, Al and I went to the farm.  It was very cold but good fun.  I even had an ice cream.  Al bought me a toy tractor and I bought mummy a lovely candle.  Mummy let me drive through the car park – even with a policeman in the car!  We called at the shops to get some bits for tea and mum and I watched TV whilst Al cooked tea – which I ate all up.  Had a bath and then mummy and I put all my playschool pictures up on my bedroom wall.  Mum said I could have strawberry milk shake tonight – I couldn’t risk that one so I went up to bed and waited patiently for my bottle.

2019:  Dropped car at Kwikfit Lowestoft today for two new tyres and brake pads as slid on nothing round a roundabout the other day. £290 later …….. Anyway, whilst it was being done, I walked to mums and then we went out for a pub lunch. Meant to bring the washing over to do at mums but left it at home (which is a pain because I’m out of boxers and chaffing). Did do some of my course work though (when Fergie the Kitten wasn’t busy on the laptop) and passed a couple of the on line tests.

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November 20th – Swimming in Chores

1999:  Up at seven and played nicely in my room until 8.30 when mummy dragged herself from her pit.  Mummy’s nail lady came round and then we went swimming.  Billy was there (my regular diving pal) and we had great fun jumping between the shallow pool and bubble pool and watching the adults trying to keep up with us.  That is until I discovered two teenage girls I had my eye on.  Then I had mummy swimming all-round the pool, with me on her back, following them around.  When mummy finally managed to drag me from the pool we had a shower and went to the cafe where we had doughnut and cake.  I carried the tray nicely to the table but as I went to put it down the tray tipped and my cake went everywhere.  Mummy got me another one and then we joined Billy, his mum and dad and baby brother Harry at their table.  We went to Aunty Karen’s and I was very pleased to see Agal, giving her big kisses and cuddles and I looked after her – even finding her dummy when she lost it.  We headed home and on the way I spoke to Bim on the mobile and later, after tea, she came round to see us.  We played lots of games until she went home very tired.  And so was I.

2019:  Sounds like an ideal day. Meanwhile, back in the real world, I had work and have lots of course work to do before my SIA course. And of course cook tea, wash up, tidy up, do the washing …….. but then there is tomorrow!

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November 19th – Land of Make Believe

1999:  At playschool this morning I did some more drawings and I also brought home my “firework” picture and “moon” picture from the wall, which mummy says she will put on my bedroom wall.  We had fish and chips for tea and sat on the settee munching them and started to watch ‘Ants’ but I decided I don’t like ants (well mum spent most of summer pouring boiling hot water over them).  Had the biggest bath ever tonight and then watched Tubbies.  I went upstairs for a wee and to get Po and came down telling mum that Po was “poorly” and needed to go to the “hospital”.  She suggested I just give Po a big cuddle in bed and look after her.  Mummy got drinks and nappies for us both and we fell asleep at seven.

2019: No nappies needed today although coming to terms with the fact that Im always gonna be running to the loo with Crohn’s. At least the pain is much less since my surgery. Staying on the theme of mums and children – I loved this today on FB from @AuthorGaylord:

Me pre-kids: I’m never gonna lie to my kids ever.

Me with kids: I just got off the phone with santa, the firefighter dog from Paw Patrol, the Green Power Ranger, and they all agree, if you don’t put your shoes on they are gonna have o put another unicorn down.

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