December 12th – Pre Christmas Election

1999: Boiled eggs with dippy soldiers for brunch.  When mummy was in the bath Grandma rang and I chatted away until mummy came downstairs.  Whilst she was talking I had another attach of diarrhoea and stood in the bathroom hysterically calling mum but she got there too late.  This was actually pretty cool coz I wheedled my way into her bath, which she had to give up.  We fell asleep on the settee at half 12 but mum apparently woke up 40 minutes later – something to do with hot wee everywhere all over her and all over me (and at her age too!).  I slept on and I awoke at two in different clothing and in a different location.  Pa was there mending our curtain pole and then he mended our letter box, which means the draughts and leaks have gone and the letter box wont keep falling off (she does try bless).  Next he helped mummy assemble my tall boy (it’s tall but it doesn’t look anything like me) and then mum and I had a complete revamp of my bedroom and “I love it”.  Talking of which, mummy and I now have a 50 times a day ditty ‘I love you, you love me, and that’s the way it will always be’. 

2019: Back to work today, got my desk back and it actually went quite well.  Meanwhile, General Election Fever has gripped the country. The canvassing is over and now the votes are coming in. First Christmas election since 1923. Basically people wanting Brexit will vote conservative, those wanting another referendum will vote Labour and those wanting to boycott Brexit completely will be voting Liberal. I, like 33% of the country, abstained.

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December 11th – Is It Really Father Christmas?

1999: Up once in the night to wee and then up at 6.15, dry bed and all!  Let mummy sleep until eight, only getting her up twice – once to wipe my bum and then to get me some dry Weetabix.  When mum got up I also had ½ a Bakewell, which I made a lovely mess of on the kitchen floor.  Oh dear – mum’s not happy.  It got worse – when she went to sit on the settee to drink her cup of tea she discovered it was covered in Weetabix (well it is hard to eat when dry).  The cushions went flying, the hoover came out, all sorted and then we had a cuddle.  Mummy’s nail lady came round this morning and this time the crisps went everywhere.  We left for swimming and got to the pool at the same time as Billy and Harry.  We had great fun jumping in the water and I had my armbands off for most of the time – except for in the deep pool. Next we were off to Aunty Eesa’s where we all played nicely (well sort of).  Beans and sausages on toast for lunch  but Dandell was the only one who ate hers.  We were all sitting nicely on the settee watching Noddy and drinking milk when mummy came running in shouting, “quick, Father Christmas is outside”.  Dandell ran out and so did mummy with Dessica on one hip and me on the other.  When we left Eesa’s tonight we followed Father Christmas all the way home; we saw the white lights of his sleigh in the sky and Rudolph’s red nose blinking.  Bless her.  I didn’t have the heart to tell her it was the stars and an aeroplane.  Half way home I was so tired I told mummy “I can’t talk properly”, she asked why and I said “coz, I can’t” and that was the end of my day.

2019: Stayed at Zofs parents last night and up at 6 for Dom’s birthday – now officially a teenager. Felt really bad though as could only get him a card. Went to mums today who said I could use the credit card to get Dom a pressie. Put Fergie’s new tower together (although this was regularly halted by him playing with everything!) Took mum food shopping and helped her get some bits and bobs done. Nando’s  tonight for Dom’s birthday tea. 

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December 10th – Christmas Shopping

1999:  Into bed with mum in the early hours again and awoke again later screaming “Mummy I in kitchen and fell over backwards and Al caught me”.  One nightmare over.   I asked for soup for breakfast – so soup it was, but my bums still running!  We had to take mummy’s car in for a service and they gave us a blue metro for the day.  We went to Macro where mummy bought me a big box of Milky Way magic stars (just the thing for my bum in it’s current state) and lots of Christmas presents.  We went to the park on the way home and then to ASDA to find Nanny.  We bought Pa a hot water bottle with a fluffy owl covering – all my own choice.  Mummy’s getting so excited about Christmas.  We went home and wrapped up lots of pressies but I got a bit bored after a while and went to the garden to play – even though it is very cold today.  Mummy said we had to go back to the garage to collect her car but I didn’t want to go – I want to keep the new one.  I told mummy that Father Christmas is going to come soon and he is going to bring me a fire engine, police car, train and train track and a big big lorry.  She said “oh, is that all?” and I said, “Well I want lots anyway!”   I  wanted to do a wee in my potty on my own so mum let me go in the kitchen (washable floor).  This went very well until I decided to move the potty.  The trail across the kitchen floor wasn’t too bad but the point where it spilt and wee went all under the kick boards wasn’t so good (as mum chose to constantly remind me, whilst on hands and knees, screwdriver and cloths in hand). 

2019:  Still need to get Christmas pressies for my secret santa and Zof and I have now decided to buy a little something for each other but it will have to wait until pay day which should come Christmas Eve. Ipswich today for Zof to look at a Mercedes she likes. It is nice but another £230 to find each month ……..

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December 9th – Another Messy Day with Cryptosporidium, Stress and Crohn’s

1999:   In bed with mummy following a very upset tummy and bed!  We got up at half six to more diarrhoea and then mummy got it too (at least I might get a bit more sympathy now!)  Mummy stayed home today and Nanny came round with soup, lemonade, juice and water (I could get used to this).  I had a play in the garden for an hour, all wrapped up very warm.  I had some tomato soup and bread and then mummy and I had to go over to the launderette to wash my quilt.  We had a wander around and I saw lots of Father Christmas ornaments in the shop windows.  I helped mummy put some decorations up and I thought they looked very pretty.  I had a nap this afternoon and whilst I was sleeping mummy had another go at putting all my paintings on my bedroom wall – hopefully they’ll stay up this time.  Awoke briefly at 5.45 for a wee, a poo and a drink then fell asleep again until 7.45 when I had to get up to do another wee and poo!  Mum and I watched a bit of telly and then we went up to my bedroom to look at my pictures.  I was very pleased and of course had to show them all to Po – she was very impressed too.  We eventually went to bed at 10!

2019: Had a great night last night catching up although the food wasn’t great. Tummy troubles continue all these years on but I did make it into work. I got there an hour early in case someone was sitting at my desk – and they were. S0 ensued the moving all my stuff and cleaning down of another desk. Spoke to boss about having a fixed desk that is only mine and no-one else can use but this isn’t possible. He doesn’t realise that after cleaning down a desk each day leaves me exhausted before I’ve even started. I really couldn’t cope and came home sick. Went to mums this afternoon and slept on her settee for a couple of hours. Zof and Mark  joined us after work for another Chinese, Tipping Point, Cash Trapped, a movie and Gogglebox. Mum tried to apply for Gogglebox tonight but her email got rejected. 

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December 8th – Crohn’s and Colitis Awareness Week

1999:  Up at 6.15 and there was no way she was getting me to go back to sleep today so we had a bright and early start.  Lost my skateboard somewhere this morning so couldn’t take it to Deedons to show Dan.  Nanny collected me mid-morning and we took Bomper shopping and had lunch in ASDA restaurant.  When mummy came home tonight I had the same pants on that I had left home in this morning and she was impressed.  I actually did a proper poo this morning, not so tonight though when I did one in the bath.  Mummy wasn’t so impressed then, but I couldn’t help it, I thought it was wind!  Nanny calmed the situation.  We got home at seven, via the shops for sweeties (it’s great having an addicted mum) and off to the land of nod.

2019: It’s the end of Crohn’s and Colitis awareness week and have posted on insta each day with varied pictures at different stages and liked the fact that day two covered mental health issues.  I think this is one of the hardest things about crohn’s as this is the hardest thing to cope with and control.  I mean on Wednesday and Thursday this week I was positively buzzing and on Friday I came down with a bang. Was a bit better again Saturday and had the energy for food shopping which also helps. Today found me trailing round Beccles, Lowestoft and Norwich trying to find a Sunday barber for walk ins. Have a birthday bash tonight with H and Vee who I haven’t seen for ages so really looking forward to catching up and I cannot go out in a cap!.

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December 7th – Empty Tummy Days

1999: Was apparently into bed with mum in the ‘way too early hours’, but I was raring to go.  I did settle back down to sleep though until half 6.  Diarrhoea again this morning but made it to the loo on the five further occasions through the day.  Well I thought Mummy was weird last night scooping up my poo, but this morning she actually posted it through the doctor’s letterbox.  Has she fallen out with them or something?  Went to a Christmas party today and saw Father Christmas who gave me a book.  Haven’t eaten all day – not even the lovely party food.  Mummy came home from work to collect me (as she said she would) and brought a present for me.  I now have a miniature (finger) skateboard like all the other boys have.  Wow.  It went up to the bath with me tonight and I fell asleep holding it on the settee at six.

2019: Woke up on my settee this morning when mum got up from sleeping the night in my bed. I had a really bad day yesterday. Had been awake most of Thursday night with stomach cramps and couldn’t face work. Didn’t eat all day because I was stressy and depressy and didn’t wanna get up and make anything or go out anywhere. At 6pm I’m like “Right. Get up and cook because you need to eat”. I used every last ounce of my energy to cook pasta, dished it all up and dropped it all over the kitchen floor. I then sat on the floor with it and cried. Facetimed mum and she  insisted on coming  over and we got a Chinese. She promised we could just sit in silence and watch a movie. She sat there knitting and thought she was at knit and natter for at least 30 minutes before she realised her promise! Who needs superheroes when you have a mum!

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December 6th – Pooper Scooping

1999: Playschool this morning and lots more diarrhoea.  Aunty Karen told Mummy that Agal has Cryptosporidium (or words to that effect) so when I did a poo in my trousers tonight, for once mummy was pleased and proceeded to scoop it into a pot like some sort of trophy.  Didn’t eat any tea but had a lovely bath and milk.  I fell over and hurt my thumb and went up to mummy and said, “excuse me doctor, but I’ve hurt my thumb”.  Very cute.  I wanted Al tonight but mummy said he has gone away.  “But I want him”.  Oh well.  I was okay though.  I fell asleep with Po, milk and Postman Pat on the video.

1999: Little did we know the days of poop scooping would not be left behind forever unlike the days of video technology. Mum still says she is going to ‘tape’ things rather than record and refers to CDs as records! At least I can comprehend this unlike the wonder at how they ever coped without mobile phones, text, face book, insta ……Talking of which a memory has just popped up from 5 years ago when mum met me at the bike shop for an early Christmas present as my list included “money on your credit card for leathers” At least they protected me for a while but didn’t stop me blowing my bike up.

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