December 31st – The End of an Era

1999 – Last day of the year and last hand written diary – that is until the computer breaks down.  Got into mum’s bed in the early hours complete with big Po, little Po, buzzing Bee and a balloon.  Awoke at six for milk and up for the day at seven.  Mum put Tubbies on and gave me a bowl of chocolate buttons.   I looked at her and said “what about my juice then?”  She laughed and handed it to me.  She’d already put it on the side.  At eight I woke mummy for more juice and Tubbies.  I even got a marmite sandwich thrown in.  I let mum go back to bed until nine, at which point I’d gone to do a wee and realized it was daylight as there are no curtains in the bathroom.  I went into her room and said, “It’s not nighttime”, pulled back the curtains and said, “Look, see.  It’s time to wake up”.  I pulled back the covers.  Mum told me to go and do my wee and she would get up.  Wee done and mum was still in bed.  So I danced up and down the bathroom floorboards (no carpet here yet) shouting “mummy wake up, mummy wake up”.  That seemed to do the trick.  We went to Nanny and Pa’s, mummy wanted to go via ASDA but I won and she dropped me off and went back to ASDA alone.  She returned briefly and then left for work again and I really didn’t want her to go.  I was eventually cheered and persuaded to release mum from my clutches by a glass of fresh orange juice.  Who’s fickle?  We waved mum goodbye, I will see her tomorrow, but there are promises of a party at Nan’s tonight.  I was too hungry to wait for the party food so Nanny made me some tea and I ate it at the party table and then I had a lovely long bath in preparation for the fun.  I had a bottle of milk on the settee and a happy New Year to you all.  ZZZZZZZ.  Apparently the party still went ahead. 

2019: Well what a year its been. Have moved in with Zof, got engaged and started my infusions. Looking forward to more changes next year – as long as they are planned ones as then I can cope. Have been booked on door from 10 tonight until 4 am but at 3pm they called and made a change from 5 – midnight. Id planned to go over to Zofs parents before work for Hatties birthday but now cant go. Not happy. But at least I can start the New Year earlier with Zof and what a year its going to be


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I may do stupid things and make light of them but deep down there’s a reason and I love exploration, even if I cannot fully understand the outcome!

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