December 28th – The Demise of Woolies

1999:  In to mums at 7.30 but didn’t stay for long as wanted juice and milk.  So up we got and mum put Toy Story on the video, which I watched with milk, juice and the last of the cookies.  I found my tractor and trailer under the breakfast bar in the kitchen and managed to put it together.  Mum says it has to go outside after today as it’s too big for the house.  I don’t see why it fits nicely under the breakfast bar.  We had a bath, called in to mums work for a while and then went to the slowest Donals in the world.  After 10 minutes of queuing, and only one person in front of us, we sat down for a happy meal.  Smile mum, smile.  Next we drove to Aunty Bim’s to be greeted by Jarvis the dog dressed up as Father Christmas!  Father Christmas (the real one) had dropped one of my presents at Bim’s by mistake – it’s lucky she knows me.  It was a Rug Rats camera.  Wicked.  I took a photo of Jarvis, a photo of mummy and mum took one of Bim, me and Jarvis – but we forgot to turn the flash on.  At least it had film in it I suppose – some progress has been made.  Next we drove to Chelmsford to spend my money but we couldn’t get parked.  We posted Agal’s present through her letterbox and then headed to Maldon, by which time I was very bored and went to sleep.  I awoke just in time to find myself being lowered into a Tesco’s trolley – oh joy!  It wasn’t too bad though, mum picked up a bag of Satsuma’s and by the time we got to the checkout we had ½ a bag!  Next we parked up the town and went into Woolies.  At last we’re going to spend my Christmas money, I took my big bag of sweets with me.  I chose a guitar, a policeman’s helmet and a Bob the Builder video.  Amongst all this I lost my sweets and mum sent me back to find them but I wanted chocolate footballs from the pick n mix instead.  Meanie wouldn’t let me so I decided to whack a few shelves on the way to the tills.  Next I know, the guitar, helmet and video were all back on the shelves and I was being marched out of the shop.  I was a “good boy” now and “I want my guitar” and I sobbed this all the way home.  Mum quit those sticks again a few days ago (it’s such a common occurrence I didn’t bother to mention it before) and although she’s grumpy she doesn’t seem so guilty so decisions are made and there’s no going back.  I was okay, just about; by the time we got home.  We had liver and bacon for tea and then I played with my new printing book.  What a lovely mess.  Tonight mum took the Christmas tree down so that she could set her computer up on the table where the tree had been.  I put the decorations and tree in my tractor and drove them away.  Went to bed at eight but didn’t sleep until 3 wet trousers later and nine on the clock.

2019:  Mum has told me the ‘putting everything back on the shelf’ story several times over the years so I suspect it still gets to her more than me. Id forgotten all about it (and cannot actually remember the event – just the retelling). As for ‘Woolies’ I don’t even remember it. Apparently it went into administration 11 years ago owing £385m. How does that happen? I go £3.85 overdrawn and my banks chasing me!

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I may do stupid things and make light of them but deep down there’s a reason and I love exploration, even if I cannot fully understand the outcome!

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