December 24th – Christmas Eve Wigilia

1999:  Slept right through until seven.  Mummy says it’s one day until Christmas and that Father Christmas will come tonight – but I like counting so I said it was 1,2,3 days.  Went to Deedons just for an hour this morning and then Nanny collected me to take me to the doctors about my cough.  He has increased my inhalers as thinks it’s part of this Cryptosporidium thing.  Why he thinks inhalers will help my bum I don’t know.  Back to Deedons until mum came for me at four thirty.  Mum is poorly too and has been in bed all day.  I looked after her and gave her lots of hugs and kisses especially when she got tearful (apparently Al has gone away again).  Mum let me open another present tonight from our neighbours – more sweeties and a wind up toy.  I didn’t want any tea, choosing to eat my sweets and I think mummy was very relieved, as she’s feeling very sick.  I managed to make her laugh though.  She reckons I haven’t quite got the hang of name-calling.  I don’t know why.  I kept saying things like “you a flower you are”, and a sweet and sugar!  We both had baths and put our pyjamas on and then mummy got my sack out ready for my pressies and I decided to leave it downstairs.  I went to bed at 8.30 and then decided to take my sack with me and put it in my bed. 

2019: Sleeping this morning after nights work. Went to B&M to get Christmas bits for mum and Mark. I tried to buy cherry screen wash to replace all Marks that Ive used throughout the year, but they wouldn’t sell it me as I did not have my ID (have lost my wallet yet again!) and it contains alcohol!  Anyway, I took their Christmas boxes to them and chilled with Mum whilst she got my clothes washed and dried ready for tonight and then I was off to work another door. Unfortunately I did not get to see Zof and her family for Wigilia today, as by the time I could have popped in they would have been feasting so went straight to work from mums.

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I may do stupid things and make light of them but deep down there’s a reason and I love exploration, even if I cannot fully understand the outcome!

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