December 22nd – Madness and Us

1999: Up bright and early but not unreasonable.  Mummy got me dressed early as it was cold but regretted it 15 minutes later when I wet myself – she wasn’t impressed.  Did some colouring in my new book that Josh had bought me, with my crayons from Father Christmas.  I told mummy that one of my crayons didn’t work and said, “look I show you”.  I came back with the offending crayon and drew on the book saying, “Look see”.  I throw it out”.  It seemed to make mummy smile and she said not to as it would work on coloured paper it was just because the crayon was white!  Deedons and Nanny’s today.  I took Bomper home with nanny and then Nanny took me home to bed.    Mummy has gone to that London place again – something to do with Madness.  Quite apt I think. 

2019: My first ever outdoor concert – Madness at Blickling Hall – loved it. Love Ska. Me and mum have been to see the Specials since also. Got to mums at 5.30 am after a hectic night and got a few hours sleep until lunch time when Geri and the girls came round for pizza and alphabites and Christmas pressies. Mum had bought us all Christmas Eve Pressies –  Pj’s with ‘Santa it’s a long story’ and ‘I’ll be good next year’ and, as I am now working Christmas  we opened and wore them today. Mum always likes to do something for Yule anyway as its more her pagan thing and today is winter solstice. Later Zof and I fancied a Chinese and, despite my tummy resisting at even the thought, that’s what we had. Went home late tonight as on an 8 – 4 tomorrow.      

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I may do stupid things and make light of them but deep down there’s a reason and I love exploration, even if I cannot fully understand the outcome!

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