December 19th – Messages from the Other Side

1999: Another restless night as mum and I are now bunged up with cold. This morning we wrapped up very warm and walked to the shops for sweeties and then on to the park.  On the way we found a wheel trim, a shoelace, a big piece of wood and a baseball cap!  We had a lovely time at the park and walked back through the fields where we saw 4 dogs and a game of football.  We got home and warmed up with milk and Christmas Teletubbies.  Then I wrapped up again and played in the garden for an hour.  It’s very cold today.  In fact, another thing we saw on the way to the shops was puddles, but they didn’t have water in – they had ice!  This afternoon I have been all sorts – a baby, baby Jesus, Father Christmas, a dog and an elephant.  Tonight I told mummy I had a little boy sitting next to me.  She asked what his name was, I thought for a bit and then said “Rachel”.

2019: And I saw children for years. I don’t see things so much now but feel people looking and watching me – mostly Bomper who seems to have followed me from house to house. And it’s not just me – others will testify to hearing things where I lived. H used to freak out when we stayed in my downstairs den at Dussindale – we’d be laying there listening to the washing airers moving across the bathroom floor above. And often the kitchen cupboard and draws would be wide open. Another time, when I was living in a chalet in Sussex life guarding, me and my roommate actually filmed orbs around me when I opened the front door!

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I may do stupid things and make light of them but deep down there’s a reason and I love exploration, even if I cannot fully understand the outcome!

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