Dcember 23rd – More Secure

1999:  Awake at six, Mum joined me in bed with milk for half an hour and then I went off to watch Sesame Street.  Mum went back to bed until 7.15 when she had to get up as I’d made a mess with poo.  Have a cough and was a bit poorly at Deedons this morning and when mummy came to collect me at 4.30 I was sound asleep.  Luckily Al had given mummy a lift and so I cuddled up to her on the back seat whilst we had a chauffeur service home.  I managed to wake up enough to eat my tea and a bath with mum.  Pa arrived to baby-sit as mummy is going out on her works Christmas party.  I wonder if she’ll get to see Father Christmas too?  Pa put me to bed with milk, quite late and then I heard Nanny come in.  I called out and asked her for more milk which she duly fetched.  When she went to leave the bedroom I said “Nanny.  Pa gave me milk cold!”

2019: What a grass! Always say it as it is me. Should have listened to my tummy last night – have been so sick overnight and had to take the day off. Felt better this evening though and was able to work a door last minute in Norwich, but mum had to come over first with my earpiece that Id left at hers and then I had to go to zofs parents to get my black trousers from the back of her car. Luckily I managed to buy my stab vest today so mum feels a bit calmer.

#kids #mum #kidstv #toilettraining #christmas #milk #grandparents #babysitting #crohns #Norwhich #doorwork #stabvest


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I may do stupid things and make light of them but deep down there’s a reason and I love exploration, even if I cannot fully understand the outcome!

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